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Mary Mary Sister Tina Campbell Preaches First Sermon!

tina-campbell1Without a doubt it’s safe to say that Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell had a year she will never forget in 2014. Continue reading

YEAR END REVIEW: Path MEGAzine’s Top 20 Gospel Stories of 2014

Path_top-20It’s been an incredible year, and Path MEGAzine is glad to have kept you informed with everything Gospel and Christian. Below are the top 20 stories that impacted the Gospel community in 2014. Continue reading

Marvin Sapp Gives Inspiring New Years Message

Marvin_Sapp_MessagePastor Marvin Sapp was in the headlines quite a bit this year, and it wasn’t always for his preaching and powerful singing. On social media Sapp released a declaration for 2015, while giving us some idea how he dealt with a challenging 2014. Continue reading

Dave and Tamela Mann Reveal Show Title and Teaser of Upcoming Reality Show

Dave-and-Tamela-Manns_WorldAfter playing around with a few titles Dave and Tamela Mann have settled upon a new moniker for their first reality TV venture. Continue reading

Dr./Pastor Larry Patrick Unearths The Gap Theory of Science and Sheds Light on Several Christian Mysteries in New book “Workbook on the Plan of God”

Book_Cover_FrontThe events that are transpiring today – from extreme terrorism to extreme earth changes and more – are challenging our core beliefs. If there is a God, why did He allow man to fall? If God is omnipotent, why does He allow Satan to exist in his creation? Why can’t God just make everything alright? These are a few of the provocative questions which are currently asked of Christianity. Continue reading

First Look at Reality Show “Preachers of Detroit”

preachers-of-detroitPreachers of LA spinoff “Preachers of Detroit” showcases the unique perspective of men and women of God in their places of faith as well as throughout their lives outside of the church. From the challenges of being a woman bishop in a field that is dominated by men, to keeping faith alive in a city that has faced tremendous hardship; these pastors are strong and resilient individuals who are not afraid to push boundaries in their communities. Continue reading

Bishop Marvin Winans Speaks On Negative Story From Local TV Station

marvin-winans-carjacked-robbed450According Perfecting Church Facebook page, they have seen a preview of a negative news story that a local TV station in Detroit is planning to run regarding properties owned by the church, and they are not too happy about it. Continue reading

Dr. Myles Munroe and Wife Dead After Plane Crash in Bahamas

myles_munroe_t670Famed motivational speaker Dr.Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth are among several dead after a private plane crashed in the Bahamas. Continue reading

Overlooked Civil Rights Pioneer Charles Patrick Dies Leaving Behind 9 Children, 4 of Which Are Pastors

Patrick-Program-ObituaryCharles Patrick was known by many titles in his 96 years of life. Navy veteran, Army veteran, deacon, and to the Patrick family he was fittingly known as ‘the Old Goodie.’ What he wasn’t called by many is a civil rights pioneer…At least until recently, when in 2010 his story was meticulously told by his youngest daughter Mignette Patrick Dorsey in the book, Speak Truth to Power: The Story of Charles Patrick, a Civil Rights Pioneer (University of Alabama Press). Continue reading

Kurt Carr’s Identity Was Stolen in Elaborate Cyber Scam

kurt-carr-2012-2Award-winning Gospel recording artist Kurt Carr has become victim of a cyber hoax. Continue reading

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