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EDITORIAL: “Leaving the Chain Behind”

His-love-breaks-chainsLast night as I lay in bed with my husband, there was a “scene” that began to play in my mind.  This is nothing unusual because I experience this often.  This scene involved my husband causing me emotional, mental, and physical pain, and the end of the scene involved a rape.  Again, nothing unusual for me.  However, at the part where my husband was raping me, I realized this is not something I wanted to continue doing.  So, I prayed, “Lord, rewrite the script”.  Immediately upon saying those words, I heard myself praying, “Lord, remove the imprint from my brain”.  This is when I realized that my past experiences were continuing to live within my brain, my memory.  I continued to play the events of my life over and over again, nightly. Continue reading

EDITORIAL: “Everything In Time” Walk into Your Season!

TimeEcclesiastes 3 tells us that there is a time for everything. However, it seems we have been stuck in one time, “a time to die”. We have experienced death on so many levels that metaphorically speaking, when I look out, all I see is brown grass, dirt, and weeds. People are dying, dreams are dying, hopes are diminished, and futures are desolate. Much of the country is in a drought naturally, and it seems spiritually many are experiencing a drought as well. Continue reading

Dr. Myles Munroe Controversy Grows as He Says The Good News is The Kingdom Not Jesus [OPINION]

Myles-Munroe-2012-PhotoA video on the internet is starting to gain a head full of steam after ‘The Kingdom’ preacher Myles Munroe may have took his message of the Kingdom mindset a bit too far. Continue reading


AKINTUNDE_FILMMAKERBack in 2002, when comedian Akintunde notified his Agents and Management that he would be transitioning from Stand Up Comedy to Christian Comedy, his reps thought it wouldn’t be long before he would be forced to return. “How will you make money?”; “Where will you work?”, they all asked with genuine concern. Unsure himself, Akintunde had no response. But he’d accepted Christ in 1999, and 3 years later, the comedy club life had taken its spiritual toll on the husband and father of 5. However, leaving comedy clubs was still not an easy choice. Continue reading

The Story Of Pastor Wosheka Jefferson-Burriel: A Woman Healed On The Way

Wosheka_BurrielSome people’s lives are filled with twists and turns, a hodge-podge of experiences that seem to be random, un-orchestrated occurrences. But Pastor Wosheka Jefferson Burriel knows different. The Co-founder of Extreme Faith Ministries can attest to the fact that even through abuse, abandonment, infidelity and depression that God had a plan for her life. The singer, songwriter, preacher, pastor, author and entrepreneur overcame every single thing the enemy threw her way. Continue reading

In Seeking Allah Man Finds Jesus, and Chronicles it in New Book

seeking-allah-finding-jesus-bannerIn Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi describes his dramatic journey from Islam to Christianity, complete with friendships, investigations, and supernatural dreams along the way. Continue reading


Kara_Davis-MDBest-selling author of Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart: Uncovering the Roots of America’s Number One Killer (Siloam/Charisma House SRP: $14.99) and practicing physician, Dr. Kara Davis, shares five healthy New Year’s resolutions that anyone can follow. Continue reading

DEVOTIONAL: Where Will He Reside? Get Your House in Order

House-in-OrderAs I sit here in front of my computer, a thought came to me: I don’t think many of us, me included, really understand the sacrifice that Christ had to endure for our lives. I say this because if we did, we would not, could not, do some of the things we do. These questions enter my mind, “how much will you pay for your life? How badly do you want to live? What is your life worth to you?” Knowing that some people feel worthless and may not value their lives as high as Christ does, I thought about my mom, and how much would I have given to have her here with me again. Then, I thought about, if given the opportunity, would I have exchanged my life for hers. I would. Continue reading

The Truth About Surrendering

copy-of-the_cross_16Most times when we think of surrendering, it is viewed as a bad thing, a bitter taste in your mouth. However, when we consider surrendering in the eyes of God, our view should be changed. Continue reading

Gospel Artist Conrad Miller Encourages Believers To Hold On And “Keep Pressing”

Conrad_MillerWith the beginning of fall, 2013 is beginning its wind-down. Many of us had hopes and dreams for the year that haven’t come to pass yet. Maybe we received a word from God that hasn’t manifested yet and we’re tempted to give up and give in. Maybe it’s a New Year’s Resolution that we forgot about in February. Or maybe it’s something heartbreaking like the loss of someone special. Whatever it may be, Gospel artist Conrad Miller has a word for you: Keep Pressing. Continue reading

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