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Mali Music Leaves Gospel to Record Secular Music [INTERVIEW]

Mali_MusicI can’t really say I’m surprised. The writing has been on the wall for Mali Music to jump ship to secular music for years. In the exclusive Radio One interview, Mali is upbeat about his decision to go to secular music. Apparently he’s oblivious to all the people he’s hurt by this decision as well.

Maybe we should have taken his signing with Akon’s Konvict music a little more seriously a couple years ago, or maybe the signing to RCA Records secular division earlier this year was our greatest clue. Non-the-less it’s official.  Before reaching the height of his potential in Gospel, Mali has changed course.

The multi-instrument musician and singer is looking forward to the new opportunities mainstream will afford him; Opportunities that were illusive in recording Gospel music.

“There’s this unspoken ceiling on top of it. Like we only know that there’s so far that we can go,” Says Mali.

Many artists will agree and dis-agree with that statement, but Mali seems at peace with his decision. Lets hope his light will continue to shine in the secular world, as it has in Gospel.

Watch the interview below.

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  • Marsella Walker

    Lord, please help Mali find peace in his soul about being a Christian, and rep you no matter what opportunities await him.
    fame isn’t worth leaving your faith if you lose your soul in the process. I hope he isn’t going to stop bringing the christian message.

  • Ameen Butler

    I think you may be jumping to conclusions a little bit. I admit that I was concerned with the shift. But having seen Mali perform recently, I believe he is firmly rooted in Christ. We have to distinguishlleaving the label of gospel music (which his songs still have the gospel in them if you have heard the latest ones) and leaving the Faith. Just pray for him and the mission God has given him and let time tell of his impact for the Kingdom

    • Precious

      I agree. I saw him perform yesterday and I had the same impression. His music (including the new) is still very Christ centered. In his own words “ain’t nothing changed.”

  • network owner

    Why do people think that just because you sing secular music you don’t love God! I have worked in the music business most of my life and had the pleasure of meeting many spirit filled Christians…and not all of them sanfg or even worked in the “church” world…If we don’t go to the lost…who will?? The word says that Jesus sat, ate and fellowshipped with the sinners of the day…Don’t judge this man’s walk by his choice of a “job” (meaning he is basically looking for a new job….one that will enlarge his platform and bring him before a wider audience) where he can really reach people for the Lord…

    • izzy

      All well said. But the key issue remains, if Mali isn’t going to the lost with the message of the gospel and salvation then what message is he taking to them? Yes Jesus went to the lost, but He went and preached a spirit filled, true and unadulterated version of the gospel (which we now read today). So let us not use it as an excuse. Remember, God cannot be fooled or mocked, He will judge all we do, our motives etc. And for the spirit filled Christians, it can be clear when another christian departs from the way of the faith to doing what won’t please God, as Christians it is critical that we recognize when someone has done this. It helps us know what is of God and what isnt. we are in the world but not of the world. God bless.

    • lovepurple28

      You brought up a great point. Yes there are many secular artists who say they love God and they even go to church too. But it doesnt make a difference when your actions say something totally different. If you say oh I love God and I believe in him but 2 seconds later you sing about sex, money, and more wich are some of the idols God worns us about, it all means nothing. If Mali trully believed in God he would have had more faith in God that he would have taken him to that higher level. A person who believes in God shouldnt switch their titles of music or platform from christian to secular “mainstream” to get further in the business. I felt like,” he used God like a rag. Its like ok ima sing all about God right now and watch him bless for a while but once something bigger or greater is offered more than where God wants me to be, ima just jet, cuz now other people see me and I want to be where they are I want what they got. I just promted mostly God untill something bigger came along.”.” In the bible it says the grass will always look greener on the other side. The other side will offer more perks to catch your eye; but whats the point if it costs your salvation to heaven. If people really believe that you can go to heaven and sing secular music that promotes the opposite of what the bible says, then I just dont know what to tell thwm. People say well if it was bad it wouldnt feel so right. People are blinded but what appears to feell good that it seems right. If he feels that its ok to switch to mainstream music then to each their own. The blind will lead the blind.

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  • Martin Love


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