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Rapper Calls Out Prosperity Pastors by Name in New Song – Viral Song is Now Prompting Responses from Church Leaders

Shai LinneChristian rapper Shai Linne of Lamp Mode Recordings released a song Friday that calls out prosperity gospel preachers by name, including Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes, and the entire Trinity Broadcasting Network.

“I ain’t really trying to start beef, but some who claim to be part of his sheep got some sharp teeth,” he raps in “Fal$e Teacher$” (play below) before pointing to Matthew 7:16.

Go to 2:30 in song to hear the list

The song is on Linne’s upcoming album Lyrical Theology Part 1, and has riled up the Christian blogosphere, especially as the song names 12 pastors followed by “is a false teacher!” to a catchy beat.

In a video on Lamp Mode’s YouTube channel (see below), Linne explained he didn’t write the song to cause controversy, but to address an issue in the American church now spreading overseas. He said he addressed the issue with fellow rapper Timothy Brindle in a 2003 song called “Faulty Doctrine” and wanted to write another song as the movement has grown, especially in African countries like Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

The song has now prompted a response from Paula White’s son and manager Brad Knight, who said “The Bible instructs us Christians how to handle faults in Matthew 18:15-17. Telling us to go to one another with our grievances. Instead, you have chosen to air your grievances to an audience that will already agree with you. Are you really doing right and protecting the sheep?” Knight asked in what was a lengthy response to the song.

The rapper Linne goes on to explain,

“You have these rallies where literally over 100,000 people will come to hear these guys talk about prosperity,” Linne told Wade-O Radio. “The people who are coming are impoverished like crazy and they’re buying into it thinking that this false theology is going to be their way out of poverty. They figure, ‘Hey, it must work because it’s working for these guys in America.’”

Linne said he tried to be careful in his approach, as he realized many true believers follow these preachers, but at the same time, he wanted to speak the truth about men and women who are preaching a false gospel. He recognized that people would be upset with his lyrics of the song, but “God forbid that for the love of some fans, I keep quiet and watch them die with their blood on my hands.”

He calls out preachers who claim faith is an avenue to wealth, “treating Jesus like a lottery ticket,” and speak only of the blessings, rather than the need to suffer. He also raps that even if some of the things they preach are true “they’re only proof that Satan comes as an angel of light.”

Linne said in the video interview that while preparing to write the song, he listened to recent teachings from the pastors mentioned and found a pattern: The preachers would reference a bible passage, speak about the good things God wants for His people, which he noticed “always centered on self as though God existed for us, not the other way around.” Then they would work up the crowd to an emotional frenzy and ask them to donate money, claiming that by “sowing this seed” God would multiply their giving.

“Do you wanna know what all false teachers have in common? It’s called self-ism, the fastest growing religion / They just dress it up and call it Christian,” he raps in the song.

John Piper, who the Houston Chronicle calls “every reformed rapper’s favorite pastor,” tweeted a link to Linne’s video and wrote “My, my, Shai, this is good.”

Listen to the song above to hear Linne’s full list of False Teachers.  Do you agree with him?  Comments can be left below.

  • jus saying

    Wow, Shai Linne. I agree false teaching is and will always be apart of the church in general. But for him to name certain preachers is not wise Shai should have made the song and omitted names. Why do people believe countries other than America is naive to false teaching and preachers? They have a mind of their own and are not all desperate and stupid. Some have as much common sense if not more than some people from America.

  • Geeyah

    I disagree with “jus saying”. Names should be mentioned. God exposed demons by names, why can’t we. You become an accessory when you want only a part of the truth exposed. I’ve been in the “establishment” (church) for years and seem hyprocrisy such as what you say, still protecting the pastors. They use the scripture, “touch not my annointed, do my prophet no harm. That’s how they scare the congregation. By all means, call names and expose them what way to get the message across.

    • Queen


  • deltarazorback870 .

    Finally!!! Someone brave enough to speak out against these wolves. Let’s get one thing straight. Meyer. Osteen. and Hinn would turn their backs on Jesus in a split-second if they lost their mega-empire “ministries”. Instead of playing the lotto, they just used verses from scripture to make their fortune.

    • Geeyah

      Absolutely correct. when is the “so-called” body of Christ is going to wake up? Probably never. Where are the comments from these “mega-church crooks? Is it that they are “guilty” and afraid of the real truth? I never gave these crooks a dime, and never will. I don’t believe they “ever” loved JESUS from the beginning.


    Really so these guys are all false teachers !!!!!! First of all Christ died not only to save us from sin but to bring us back into relationship with God. The Gospel of reconciliation. Let me address this song for a minute. You know I wish there were some Christian rappers who had the same amount of finances as these false teachers maybe people would listen or respect a song like this. You know what makes Jesus and the Apostles more relevant than this song or the reason why people killed Jesus and the Apostles is because they operated in “Supernatural power”. I want to know does this same rapper heal the sick, and raise the dead cause this is what Christ said we can do to all those who believe and see the countries that are mention in this song that is the stuff that they are doing I have actually talked to a African brother yesterday and the issue wasn’t about finances it was the fact the American church as a whole has no POWER !!!!. Why don’t you do a song about laying hands on people and healing them from terminal diseases or restoring marriages and families. Fighting suicide bombers and alternative lifestyles stuff like that instead of jumping on these false teachers yeah I know Paul did address these issues however Paul operated in the “Supernatural Power of the Holy Spirit” He just didn’t come with doctrine but with power and demonstration and that is the problem I have with Christian rappers today a whole lot of doctrine and NO POWER! I have yet to be at a Christian rap concert and see somebody get healed from a disease or a marriage restored. Rap about that !!!!!

    • Geeyah

      How about “rapping” about something you know about, not what you heard or think. If you say you haven’t seen the power of the HolyGhost manifested in a Rap concert, where souls were set free from drugs and prostitution, then you are blind. Because you don’t see the “instant” manifestation of the HolyGhost DOES NOT MEAN no one has been delivered and set free. How can you judge whether the rapper have the power to heal the sick and raise the dead? If, dear heart the “money grubbing mega pastors focused on the world situation, travel to those improvished areas, like IRAN, IRAQ, AFGANISTAN and other non-believing countries instead lining their pockets with tithes and offerings, THINGS WOULD CHANGE. If the congregation stop supporting these MEGA pastors, maybe, just maybe they will do as GOD commissioned them to do, ‘PREACH THE WORD OF GOD”. In Matthews it tells us: Go into the WORLD and PREACH the GOSPEL, NOT JUST FROM THE PULPIT. As for the “pastors” a lot of their “doctrine has NO POWER. It’s all man-made as they go along. The “churches”, not just the American churches have lost God’s power. Instead of you talking down the “christian rappers” SUPPORT THEM! You don’t know what their “calling” is.

  • A9JRtMDO6qI