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DAMITA, Ex-Wife of Preacher’s of LA Star DEITRICK HADDON Breaks Silence on Affairs in Their Marriage – Says Deitrick Did Not Tell The Whole Truth

IMG_0706There were very few stories that shook the Christian community like the love triangle involving Gospel artists Deitrick Haddon, Damita, and Isaac Carree. Through it all Damita Remained silent for over two years while going through the divorce process and continued to stay silent far beyond that. Ridiculed by ex-husband Deitrick Haddon on social media, the singer hit rock bottom when all the drama took place closely after her mother’s death.

Now for the first time the newly remarried singer speaks exclusively to Path MEGAzine about what really happened during her 15 year relationship with the singer, actor and “Preachers of LA” reality TV star Deitrick Haddon.

Deitrick Haddon and Damita were both Co-Pastoring a church in Detroit when their lives would irrevocably be shifted by the scandal. Damita tells Path MEGAzine publisher Kris Patrick that half truths and inconsistencies in Deitrick’s statements wounded the ‘No looking back’ singer during the time she took the stones casted at her.

In the descriptive conversation Damita starts out by saying, “Truth with deception is not a whole truth.” In response to Deitrick’s public statement on social media Damita says, “It should have been handled behind closed doors.”

Damita stopped short of admitting or denying that she cheated, but she did give us a window into who did what. “If two people’s hands are dirty it behoves you not to throw stones.”

Elaborating, she goes on. “Honestly I think that he (Deitrick) had gotten himself in a situation, and he didn’t know how to get out of it, so the only thing he could do was play a blame game.”

Deitrick Haddon2-KSR-022096Deitrick has admitted openly on his TV show that he did have a baby out of wedlock, but insists the relationship began after parting with Damita.

The bombshell in the interview came when Path MEGAzine publisher Kris Patrick asked Damita if her relationship was over with Deitrick Haddon before he courted his new girl (now wife) Dominique Mctyer, eventually getting her pregnant. Damita was adamant that the timeline he shared with the world didn’t match up.

Damita insists that any issues that they had were reconciled after her Mom had passed in 2011. Under the impression that their problems had been reconciled in June of that year, Damita discloses that Deitrick left her two days after she buried her mom, only to find out in December of 2011 that someone was pregnant. Damita wasn’t surprised when hearing about the baby, saying her intuition told her that someone was pregnant after Deitrick abruptly left her and his church behind.

Damita described the two years of accusations and shame on social media as ‘hell.’ Hell that got a little hotter for her when she found out that Deitrick was having a baby. The singer shared that she had been pregnant multiple times by her ex-husband, but lost the babies and almost died during one of the pregnancies. Damita emotionally voiced, “That was the nail in the coffin.”

When asked could the marriage have been saved Damita says, “absolutely.”

After Deitrick stepped down from the church, Damita would run it solo for a brief stint before being inclined to step down. Damita left Detroit and moved to Atlanta, and Deitrick headed west to Los Angeles.

Expressing concern, Damita says that the church flock they were Pastoring were told by Deitrick that the reason for the break up was not because of infidelity. The singer points to these inconsistencies as the church would later read Deitrick’s claim of infidelity in a dear John later placed on Facebook. Damita insists that Deitrick was looking for a clean exit, and publicly invented controversy between the estranged couple that she maintains had been resolved.

Damita says that this is not to slight him saying, “She still chooses to use discretion when talking about the matter.” Even while coming out to Path MEGAzine she says, “There are just somethings she chooses not to reveal about her marriage with Deitrick.”

Later in the tell all interview Damita was asked what she thought about Deitrick Haddon’s role on the hit show “Preachers of LA?” “I really don’t feel anyway about the show.” “I only watched like two episodes, and outside of that I didn’t watch it.” “My attorneys watched it just to make sure we didn’t need to address anything.” The newlywed said shortly after that, “TV never is full reality.” “They make up stuff to make it juicy and get them ratings.”

Later in the exclusive, Damita spoke in depth for the first time about her new husband photographer Reuben Chandler. Detailing how they met 13 years ago only to re-unite when the two were both getting over divorces. After a romantic courting phase, Damita said her and Reuben put all their cards on the table and talked about everything. She was reassured that this was not a rebound relationship, and shortly after Reuben would ask Damita’s father for her hand in marriage. Donnie McClurkin would marry the couple. The singer said Pastor McClurkin had been a long time family friend who graciously married the couple in a small intimate ceremony.


[Reuben and Damita Chandler]

Damita explains that she’s a much smarter, wiser and loving woman today. She knows how to treat her new husband that’s in her life, and knows how to watch out for the warning signs.

After taking a hiatus from Gospel, Damita is back in the studio working with top producers. She intends on releasing a new CD soon, and is considering recording it LIVE. So much more was said in the 30 minute interview included in this article, but one things for sure Damita is not looking back.

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  • Sue

    Glad she is healed from the situation and finally telling her side without anger. Great testimony of how she moved on and God blessed her with a new husband.

    • J

      Indeed. God has blessed both of them to move on. It is so awesome that we serve a forgiving God. A God that does not keep our messiness in our faces. Prayers up for both of them on their new journeys.

  • Steven

    That interview could not have been easy for her to do but well done Damita Chandler. Can’t wait to hear your new cd!

  • hapy

    I do like the maturity it took and class, but even her ex-husband instability and he still has confusion and decption and a misconception through out the whole show. He really need to repent and find the real truth and come totally clean with his life for a full blessed life.

    • J

      I do not believe he is in denial of what his part in the matter was/is. Regardless of which one (he or his ex-wife) committed whatever, he did not have clean hands before he started his new journey with another woman. He is an intelligent man. He is just cocky and angry and determined to prove everyone else wrong. The bible does not change, Period! That’s not my word, that’s THE WORD. The words “shacking up” are not in the bible, however, Deitrick knows fully well what the Bible says about fornication, adultery, deception,,etc. No, he is not perfect nor expected to be…..HOWEVER, if you proclaim to be walking your calling by God, you are to be held at a higher level. So, again, he knows what he did. He is just angry that he got messy.

      • Truth

        Is this Dominique Haddon????

    • tutttul

      It is ever apparent why Christ chose his 12 disciples from among fishermen, sinners and the like. Reading these “Christian” comments that point fingers and accuse those they know nothing about of sin I’m almost certain His decision to bypass the delusional and self-righteous class of mindless hypocrits was a really really good one – otherwise “Christianity” wouldn’t have made it out of Jerusalem.

  • Pam

    Min. Deitrick’s side of the story had to be a lie to cover his tracks since he was a Pastor having an affair and getting a woman pregnant other than his then wife. Hope his new wife can tame him because he is her problem now. Just say no to married men it’s in the bible.

    • J

      When….when, not IF…it happens to her, she will clearly remember. She may suffer in silence by ignoring, because, if she addresses it, she will have to do something about it. Prayerfully, it won’t happen, but…….

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  • tammi

    I am praying that program stops I got so disgusted when I first saw pastor deitrick his way his talk also the spirit of lust rebellion defensiveness after watching the show I was thinking who can be saved who can really turn to Christ for salvation he has defended and excused away every sins he has or been commiting like fornication suppose to be standing against sex before marriage but condone it saying don’t jugde when he being confronted about his sin I dislike that show nothing about it is of God

    • J

      Wowwwwww. Such a long sentence (no periods, comma, etc.)

      • tutttul

        It’s what occurs when the mind is busily spinning making things up to justify hypocrisy and envy disguised as self-righteous indignation – kind of like constantly fake and judgmental Rat Boy and Snake Eyes Hazelips.

    • Gerri Ford

      I agree with you Tammi…and look at the way Deitrick dresses. He looks like a pimp.

  • Anita Smith

    I like the class that Damita had! She showed us what a strong Godly women does and how she acts when she’s faced with adversity! It’s not the multitudes of words or how religious you are that makes you a christian, it’s how you let the world see Christ through you and that’s what she did.

  • Trish42

    Haddon has such an immature defense to shacking up..
    just admit you shacked up with a baby that was conceived out of wedlock and was still married to Damita…Haddon screamed and jumped up and down like a baby defending his shacking up and he’s a minister! Damita has shown class but Dietrich is acting like a jackass!

    • Gerri Ford

      I never heard of either of them before this scandal. I watched the first episode of this horrible mess last night and developed an immediate dislike for Deitrick. What an arrogant, foolish, stupid idiot. All of them try to justify stealing from their congregation by saying God wants us to prosper… If so, why isn’t he giving us all private jets, mansions, yachts, and money to burn. They should all be thrown in jail with Apollo Nida..

    • tutttul

      Feel better? Obviously you wanted to vent either jealousy or spite and though you accomplished that you’re so far off-base the words you chose cancelled themselves out in ridiculousness. Detrick and Dominique did NOT “shack” – the beautiful new home they shared together was as man & wife after a private marriage ceremony – that was just as binding as the formal ceremony celebrated several weeks later. This is a “Christian” news reporting website so I’m sure you’re aware mean-spiritedness is vile in God’s sight right? Good – now go forth and sin no more.

      • Trish42

        Why do immature people always go to the “you must be jealous or have spite” ….so hysterically funny!!….and then try to act all holy by condemning someone for their opinions while throwing insults!….Jesus doesn’t like that either, all of the insults you just threw at me are mean spirited.,,what a joke and I’m not even upset about what you said because I consider the source… Anyway, I HAVE MY FACTS STRAIGHT and you need to re watch the show. I KNOW they had a private ceremony BUT they were TOGETHER with a baby out of wedlock BEFORE the private ceremony. Now having said all of that, I’m not condemning him for even doing everything I just mentioned, my issue is how Detrich responded to the other ministers when they gave the CORRECT definition of fornication and shacking up, then he went on FB and blasted Damita and the other gentleman…Damita never called him out, but Detrich was willing to throw anyone under the bus to hide what he really did. Detrich is representing the word of God and needs to not BLUR what God’s Word says about fornication and “shacking up”, especially in front of millions of people who don’t know the Word. I’ll say it again, Detrich reacted immaturely and try to cover his sin with word semantics…It’s the coverup thats more worse than the sin itself!…I do apologize for saying jackass because that was not right, but I’m definitely not sorry for saying how Detrich responded like a baby full of flesh he was and leaving a church because he got his mistress pregnant. Go and sin no more yourself and know that the same mote you tried to get out of my eye couldn’t come out by you because of the mote in your eye that caused you to be blinded by your own meanness…smh, Help us Jesus!

        • tutttul

          I am neither immature nor accusing you of anything you’re not familiar with. Your long-winded diatribe is so spiteful and jugmental you appear either jealous or mindless – take your pick. As far as “motes in eyes are concerned” you should look in the mirror – then grab your Bible – and practice being a Christian because obviously you haven’t the slightest idea what that means.
          If our Heavenly Father was so concerned about babies being made and born out of wedlock – our own Savior Christ would be so condemned – and apparently God has already spoken so what could you possibly add to the subject? Oh right – pseudo self-righteousness.
          While you’re removing that stye from your own eye remember this “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” – which also includes anonymous inbred hypocrisy because believe it or not the forest is as precious as the trees.

        • tutttul

          p.s. You like others can keep playing church until you play your salvation away – the “Word” is fruitless without a clean spirit and a clean spirit is neither accusatory, condemning, or judgmental however every other word you uttered was against the Haddon’s peace and happiness. I accuse you of jealousy because your intention is clear – an opportunity to tear someone else down to build yourself up.
          When you become an example before the world make sure you’re spiritually ready for a flood of pure spite – from the Christians.

  • betty

    To you, shameless Dominique, I guess your mama never told you – be careful how you got him, cause you might lose him the same way you got him. You destroyed someone else’s home and you can brag about it, so you think the two kids will save your marriage, you are in for a rude shock. God is not mocked, what you sow you will reap, sow a wind, reap a whirlwind

    • Name

      Well if she loses him, she has 3 beautiful babies unlike this ex here.

  • Shaw Sway

    The marriage was probably over at least for Detrick but he failed to communicate that to Damita. I am thinking that Damita and Detrick may have outgrown each other, cheating on either side or fell out of love with each other. It happens everyday with couples but these two are preachers so they felt compelled to stay together. Anytime a pastor marriage fails there is always a risk he or she may loose their congregation. We are talking about churches where reputation is crucial to ministry. I am thinking the shots may have been taken by either to restore their ministry. Damita statement that “any issues that they had were reconciled after her Mom had passed in 2011” tells me she was well aware the marriage wasn’t working.

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  • I’m Just Saying

    Bottom line, both did wrong. Neither one is better. Glad we don’t live by what man says about us but what God says. He throws our sins in the sea of forgiveness. Preachers are not perfect they are humans as we are. We fail and our mess is kept private. Thank God for grace and mercy!!! We all need GRACE and MERCY

    • Realtalktho!

      That’s part of the problem people use the excuse of not being perfect to committ sins, instead of relying on GRACE and MERCY why not try not to committ the sin to begin with. Preachers are humans just as we are but considering that they are supposed to be our teachers and leaders, they will be held at a higher standard and more accountanle than we are.

      • Anne

        preacher are suppose be holy without all the sinning God dont have no wicked sinful preachers doing his will manmade must be born again


      • tutttul

        Seriously – Grace and Mercy exist because of “sin” otherwise there would be no need for them. Also Christ was born and sacrificed His earthly life for the redemption of sin – and the human experience is in the concept of sin because that is our natural state of existence and to believe otherwise is in denial of the path of human existence.

  • keeping it real

    Deitrick Haddon is such a fake and so is his new wife. You were sleeping with a married man and now that your married your acting like an evangelist. Not buying it. Real saints are not perfect but stop playing with God before he strikes you down. I hate Preachers of LA. #randomthought

    • Gregory Davis

      Stop watching it and get over it. Why would you watch something that you would HATE? Watch The Kardashians. Lol

    • tutttul

      I don’t agree with your comment at all – and most reading it would tend to agree with me. Obviously you have either a personal axe to grind or need to express spite that has nothing to do with Detrick or Dominique Haddon – both of whom come across as sincere, devoted and loving people as well as parents. I can and do sympathesize with Damita – also once in a 10+ year relationship that was ended by the man I loved for someone else and almost died with his pregancy – but when it’s “over” for whatever reason it’s best to move on with life and without bitterness or a need to get even. Damita speaking up now seems personally directed to destroy Detrick’s happiness and taint his marriage to Dominique and in my opinion was shallow and selfish – and I’m sure it did nothing to relieve her own unhappiness. We have no choice but to live life as it comes and forgive those that have caused us pain to make it possible to move forward. To Damita I would say this “interview” may have accomplished the goal of providing publicity for her upcoming album however it made her appear bitter and shallow – and as a newlywed herself the focus should be on her new husband not the past.

      • blaster

        I do think is strange that she is speaking out now but I do believe they both cheated, what messy is that she is speaking out but not admitting to any wrong doing but she is ok with implying that he cheated. NOT COOL. Although, I’m not too impressed with Detrick’s representation either. Does anyone (Christian folk) find it strange that his new wife kept saying that he and his family are very religious. Only unsaved/unchurched people speak that way. Sounds as though Detrick married a heathen woman … lol .. no seriously at the very least he married a babe and now he’s gonna have to raise her up in Christ … but it is what it is. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson.. They are both remarried and based on how these relationships go people will be able to tell who did what in the first marriage…

        • tutttul

          Maybe you missed the episode but Detrick stated he first met Dominque as a choir member – in fact Dominique is a member of Biishop Noel Jones church – and choir. As far as “reigious” goes it’s an expression of faith in practice – many many people attend church regularly, know the Bible cover to cover – and claim themselves “saved” however that behavior does not signify Christianity any more than wearing green makes you a frog. Also many people that attend church regularly have a tendency to smugly view themselves as the epitome of good Christians yet on a personal level are backbiting, backstabbing, gossiping, mean-spirited selfish, dishonest users unable to comprehend the Spirit of God does not dwell in a dirty house. Faith without works is dead is the sad condition of 90% of those hiding behind “religion” and pointing their fingers in condemnation of another’s personal relationship with God. Life is a spiritual journey – not a closed book that begins and ends with a book conscribed by an English king.

      • Cyndi Perkins

        You are really Blind if you don’t think this show is fake and Dominique chased this man until she got pregnant she is not of GOD and they both should be ashamed of themselves I’ve never pursued a married man even when I was in the world.. She should have known better now I understand why his mom and family didn’t like her and the only reason he married Dominique is because I quote he was with her without fornicating or having SEX and then here comes BABY #2 without being married and he tried to cover this by getting married that’s why Bishop Jones refused to MARRY them.. PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES!!!SMH..

    • Name

      Aww you mad your baby daddy didn’t marry you?? sit….its over and him and Dom are married and expecting their 3rd child.

      • Kathi

        They can have as many children as they want, but trust and believe it will happen to her too She will be left out in the cold

  • hattie

    I don’t watch Preachers of LA because all of them are phony but especially Deitrick and his shady boo Wife. I urge the entire body of Christ to change channels this is of the Devil and Bishop Noel Jones and Especially Bishop Mcclendon, left his wife and said God told him to. Shadey and to much sinning on this show by the devils angels.

  • Gregory Davis

    I Surerly watch this Show every week, whether I’m watching it later after I had tapped it, but I never thought that this reality show was fake. But Now because of all of the media exposure, I truly think otherwise. I nlove Dietrik and his wife Dominique of how they carry themselves, and I hope the can careless about how the media and their fans view them. But I don’t think I would ever find out that this show is a fraud.

    • ChristX

      These people are making a living for their families. Real or not real their purpose is to make a living. I’m sure if people will jump at the chance to get paid and be on the show. Think about it like this… many of the pastors that was living reality TV shows in the pulpit until they got exposed. How is it any different? Watch the show for what it is… entertainment…. It’s the same thing you see when the Mega Pastors hit the TV every Sunday Morning… TV ratings!

      • Conchetta Harris

        The Church should not look like the world. These people should represent Christ. Living High on the Hog is not Jesus

  • Gregory Davis

    just as long as Dietrick and his wife Dominique forgive eachother, always love eachother, and both are willing to move on and build a strong relationship in GODS name, they both will be forgivened and loved in Jesus name.,AMEM.!!!

    • Kathi

      She needs to get a job because surely it will happen again

  • blaster

    I do think it is strange that she is speaking out now but I do believe they both cheated. What’s messy is that she is speaking out but not admitting to any wrong-doing but she is ok with implying that he cheated. NOT COOL. Although, I’m not too impressed with Detrick’s representation either. Does anyone (Christian folk) find it strange that his new wife kept saying that he and his family are very religious. Only unsaved/unchurched people speak that way. Sounds as though Detrick married a heathen woman … lol .. no seriously at the very least he married a babe and now he’s gonna have to raise her up in Christ … but it is what it is. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson.. They are both remarried and based on how these relationships go people will be able to tell who did what in the first marriage…

    • Conchetta Harris

      God is a Holy God, and now the Church looks like the world. I’m glad God has a remnant.

  • KsweetK

    Why does the woman who was having an affair with Haddon when he was still in his first marriage feel she has the right to judge anyone else? I truly believe that you reap what you sow, so we will see when her own evil and folly return to her.

  • Preacher


    • Bailey

      Its a lie I promise you……Dominique knew Deitrick before he even left Damita for LA. Go look on that’s man fb page. His brother tagged him in a picture from Apr 09 and the first person to comment on it after Deitrick was Dominique (yes Apr 2009)! Another thing is this man’s family including his own brother has a relationship and a close bond with the man Mr Haddon alleges of having an affair with his wife. Blood is always thicker than water. Would you continue a friendship or allegience with a purpose who is allegedly the cause behind a scandal and the end of 15yr marriage almost 25 yr relationship? Come on now @preacher everything that man told is a lie. And if you would like to see that picture go check it out, its a pic of them as toddlars sitting on the porch.

      • Bailey

        I meant person and not purpose, I apologize

      • Name

        Toddlers? oh gosh

    • ChristX

      I hope we know gossip is a sin as well. It’s is just as bad as murder. We know waaaaaaayyyyy too much about their business don’t yall think? We should put more thought an energy into the brother that is sitting next to us in church that needs a helping hand.

    • Lily

      Are you close to these people? How do you know he left the same day she cheated etc etc? I just looked at his life story on centric. He said both of them were cheating but what broke him was who she cheated with. You people are nuts speaking like you were a fly on their wall

      • Kathi


    • jessica

      ur wrong no mata how u twist it d are all wrong in having dat divorce. n d have to repent

    • Name

      Thank you!!

  • LadyLee

    Both have obviously moved on; so should you, people.

  • Cyndi Perkins

    What’s done in the DARK always come to LIGHT.. So sad all I can say is Detrick should be ashamed of himself and Dominique as well I have lost all RESPECT for her because she’s been a GROUPIE forever and I beli she INTENTIONALLY went after this man knowing he was MARRIED!!! SMH

    • Name

      girl bye…..this lady wants her 15 mins.

  • samuel denson

    we are on here making assumptions on who is to blame truth is divorce infidelity among the body of Christ is at an all time high people have taken their minds off the word of God and operating in their own selfish immoral behaviors chasing all the filthy lucre of this world and forsaking king dom principles and the black church is guilty of this bigtime marriage is a ministry not a a thing to play with God ordained this for belivers to honor and cherish to the glory of God before record deals reality shows and facebook boasting get back to kingdom business get away from self the world of unbelievers are watching and running away from truth due to so called people of God we as believers especially professing christians who are married

    • ChristX

      These things started when Pastors started looking for book deals instead of looking out for souls. Setting up conferences for recognition instead of looking at its own church conditions. These last 30 years are the results of our leaders seeking something other then Christ. Instead of a big heart they want a big church. I don’t blame them… the water was muddy before they became adults. Here is a bit of truth… the bible says that all unrighteousness is sin. Talking about each other is the just as bad as infidelity.

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  • Helen Garrett

    I am really at a point in life wondering is all pastor’s looking for fame and fortune, instead of guiding people closer to God. L.A. Preacher’s is just ridiculous. I wonder do these Pastor’s ever give back to the one’s that helped their pockets get fatter. This day and time. You have more gossip about Preacher’s, than you hear about a single man. It’s sad how man have used the Lord God our Father name as a money making business. You have Preacher’s standing in the pulpit with their muscle Silk Tees, that shows all his biceps and triceps. Where you thought you were going today? To Church, or to the strip club. I’ m not saying all, but the majority of Pastor’s in the game for the money. How can you lead a congregation, when you yourself the Pastor, doing everything know to a single man to do. Look around in church now day’s, all the older heads in church have throwned up their hands and don’t attend church any more. You have Pastor’s that will look you square in the face and tell you how much money he wants you to put in your tide and offer envelope. How you sound ? You don’t know what’s going on in have of the congregation home’s, but you can tell them to put their house hold need in a envelope for you, and your bills are paid. It’s sad
    Every time you hear the news. A Pastor some where has been showed up for his worth, and that’s too much of nothing. You have more men now than ever. Lying that the Lord called h to Preach. Tell the truth, God didn’t call you. You chose to be called. For the simple fact, there is a lot of money to be made in Church. I remember when I was growing up in the Church. Those Pastor’s had full time jobs, and Preached on Sundays was their part time jobs. Wake up people we are being mislead by a Wolf wearing Sheep clothings. If a man now days can preach and that is his only source of income, my oh my, he’s, thatmaking made money for himself and first lady. Malcome X said, “we been hoodwenched, bamboosled. Watch up God children’s. If we really believe in the Word the ” Bible”. We are willing to allow what we are ignoring is a bawl face LIE, that these lying Preacher’s telling us. Because 9 times out of 10, the Pastor has memorized Saturday night what he was going to speak on for meeting Sunday, and everything else his just pull out of a hat and talk about.Pastor’s today knows what some of his members are going through with marriage , finance, children going astray, etc. These pastor’s isn’t bothered about counseling anyome. Deep down, he know he need counseling himself. Sleeping with other women’s in the Church. Let’s not leave out the Deacon’s. These Pastor’s is being lead around by a sexual demon, money demon, etc. If many of us don’t save ourselves, we’re I’m major trouble with or Lord and Savior. Pastor’s have no convern about getting closer with God, because he’s not saving his own SOUL. LET’S WAKE UP GOD’S CHILDRENS. You know, we were all made in God image, but that don’t mean we are all God’s children. What do it look like ? A 36 year old man that Preaching he was called. How were called by God, and you still have wondering eye’s for women, other than your wife, and you was appointed Pastor of a Church, and you’re not where you should be with God. We are children of God, and we are being mislead on purpose. Know why ? Satan is more in the Church today, more than ever. He has many soul that he need to turn against God. He knows he has a short time to do.These so called Pastor’s are leading in the wrong direction. Look around the Church today. Society is forcing homosexuality on the people. President Obama is all for signing his name on the dotted line for same sex marriage. The world has far more important issues, than sitting in the Oval Room all day decussion same sex marriage. Come on, that:s too obvious. The USA have children’s that’s going for days not eaten any thing. Obama and Michelle are running buddies with Jay Z and Beyonce. How that look, you’re hanging with so- called Thugs. I don’t believe it. Another situation is how people worship Beyonce and Jay. That’s crazy. Satan’s world is keeping the both of them satisfied, because the two of them together, can detour thousand and thousand too look the other way. Selling your soul to be the most important two people in the Music Industry. It’sad, but true.

    • Love

      Dear hear you are correct according to the Holy Scriptures of our God. Of love and compassion I state that is needful for you to proof read anything/everything before posting online. It is clear your are intelligent and blessed with the wisdom to discern good from evil therefore dear please proof read – quote correctly and give time to research so that when making points it is clear concise and thus having full proof of your message it is received as intended. Nevertheless you are correct.

    • Kathi

      And let the Church say AMEN!!!

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  • A Brother

    Just because these involves Christians so many assumptions has risen, Church is suppose to be a place of succor; what is happening now does not speak well of this generation, but be that as it may Gods will must be done, please lets leave lagacies that our children will be proud of, also what will draw men to God rather than chase them away from God. God bless Deitrick and Damita and their families.

    • jo

      There is no way we can be judges over this matter …..what didn’t David do…yet God still calls him a man after His own heart…We cannot be judges …we can only learn from their experience and guard our lives from making same mistakes…That is why God provided these media platforms to broadcast such stories…it is not for us to pass secular comments…but to get the lessons God is trying to teach us through other people’s stories…..that is the direction if gospel journalism.

  • Dean

    Going back to God’s word, He hates divorce (Malachi 2:16). Marriage is a covenant between a man, a woman and GOD. In God’s eyes marriage is forever. God has told us that it is better not to make a vow, then to make a vow and dishonor it (Ecc. 5:5). In man and woman’s eyes, we feel that we can marry, divorce, remarry, divorce . . . until we are satisfied. But who does God say you are bound to? Read the scriptures. GOD DOESN’T TAKE DIVORCE LIGHTLY. And this isn’t a judgment statement, just the truth!

    • TM

      The covenant was broken. The marriage was dead. In death they do part.

  • MizZesJones

    I often wonder about you Damita to God be All the Glory! For rescuing and delivering you. Congratulations Woman of God on your marriage and “This New Thing” God has birthed into you.

  • DARYL fletcher

    A christian committing adultery, why wasn’t someone stoned to death? why is it that the only African Americans we see in the news are basketball player and religious idiots. This is shameful, these people are nothing more than car salesman selling make-believe.LOOK FOLKS, god does not exist!! so stop selling this stupidity.

    • dsada

      How STUPID are you?

    • LadyMe

      Thank you! I just discovered these preacher shows, and I’m watching aghast. Who knows if there is something bigger then us; I’m a mere human and have no idea. But what I do know is that “ultimate truth” is not found in some Bronze Age book. We need to wake up as a community. All the judging these people do, based on an ancient desert fairy tale is what is truly shameful.

    • JA6180

      Proverbs 18:2

    • Tanya

      Daryl Fletcher…GOD is very, very real and may u come to know him. Ask him to reveal himself so that u may know the truth! # read the bible and search the scriptures. R u willing to take the chance of your view “there is no GOD”? That chance will cost u a lifetine in HELL!

    • Cmo

      If you knew the scriptures, stoning has been done away with with our LORD Jesus! If you don’t believe, first read the scriptures before making certain comments. There’s some things in there that I’m sure you don’t know are in there that would cause you to believe!

  • jessica dung

    im so hurt by this cos both of them are my pips. i luv them so much but ryt now i cry for dammy cos i feel her pain as a woman. is hurting i wish it can just be a movie not reality. dammy n detric are the best match. so stop deceiving your selfs n find the ryt tract n stop discouraging others faith in God.

  • diamond wright

    derrick haddon didnt cheat on you girl you cheated on him

    • Kathi

      Right, Because you were there, GIRL BEGONE

  • diamond wright

    you a dirty girl damita haddon
    leave him alone he dont wont you nomore

  • diamond wright

    ugly self fatty

  • diamond wright

    dont text my brother derrick haddon is my brother

  • diamond wright

    dont call him either

  • diamond wright

    or text

  • diamond wright

    im done bye dirty girl

    • Kathi

      Are you 5150?

  • Lisa Nyemkuna

    this is really disheartening but am glad that both have move on with their lives and deitrick is expecting baby number three that’s cool. am happy for ya.

  • Whitney Henry

    This is a strong. May the Lord continue to bless u. Deitrick is not the first man I kno run off in a situation like that. So glad to know u guys have moved on with your lives. May God continue to bless guys and your families.

  • Whitney Henry

    She is a strong woman.

    • Oke

      That’s a ridiculous comment, a strong woman? She, Dedrick and Isaac obviously all committed adultery. I am not trying to withhold forgiveness from anyone but don’t bring that she’s a strong woman nonsense!

      • me

        What happened to Isiah Carey, she does say they had resolved it and then she came back to find he had moved on, so maybe he was right , IDK, she went on to marry her photographer…God will allow the good and bad, IJS

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  • kim jackson

    I have always said if a con the church would be the easy way to make tons of
    money without facing jail time. Not all pastors are phony but deitrick is always
    too full of himself. Whenever someone would bring up the topic he would
    always cop a attitude, yes people make mistakes all the time but don’t act
    so know it all. In my opinion the new wife doesn’t have much to begin with.

  • stephanie

    Hey guys may I come to your notice that we here are all christians, come on why all these insults, all I just want to let everyone know is that deitrick and damita as christians and pastors and gospel singers all this shouldn’t be expected from them. I mean out there, they are people’s role model but with all this it kind of gets very discouraging. Am just DISAPPOINTED that’s all I have to say

    • Katrina Praiseiswhatido Owens

      I totally agree!!! Christians and all human beings fall short from grace somewhere. There’s always trials and tribulations, but also there was sin from several role models in the bible itself down to the disciples no one is perfect. Seems like a lot of people really forget who the judge really is. I bet not one person quoting scriptures is free from sin to judge anyone else’s situation. Nobody had to go through that trial for a testimony they did and I’m almost certain an example taken and lessons learned several people go through the same situations in or out of the spotlight. Deitrick is Deitrick, Damita is Damita why should they have to continuously justify this situation to people in which could careless about them or their well being …I’m disappointed as well to see all this negativity anywhere there is a forum to bash yet another talented anointed black man whom God has chosen same people criticize the cops for the wrongful deaths of black men and women what about all the great things he has done and is continuing to do!!!! It’s not negative so I guess it’s not worth talking about ……..same people talking about cons in church same people that haven’t even labored or sown a seed before God!!!! However they qualified to judge tuhhhh…..please………Help us Most High some are clueless ..These people are now happy and moved on and have both received major blessings for their storm!!!!!

  • Christyle

    What happened to Marriage being a sanctified union between a man and women where they cherish one another and the vowels which they recite to one another before the almighty GOD!! Marriage is binding until death…If you don’t intend to be with that person for ever until the Lord ends it all then DON’T get married. You should know someone and who they are in good times and bad before you say “I DO” if you don’t know them then….mmm God is the one that keeps a marriage together so you really should make sure they know the Lord…The RIGHT, and I do mean the RIGHT way (Repent of all sins, be Baptized in Jesus Name and Filled with the Holyghost) What has this world come to… People just switch spouses like shoes or wardrobes in this day and time. GOD CAN’T BE PLEASED… If you divorce your spouse and take another, you commit adultery and that’s a SIN!!! If you separate for horrible circumstances that’s understandable ( who wants to be in an abusive or terrible marriage for ever) but it’s when you take another spouse that’s when your wrong. Oh and P.S. Marriage is for the union of man and women not MM or WW….You know…that’s another topic though…

  • John X

    The Christian community was not shaken by this, let’s be serious. Most Christians I know don’t even know who these people are. The true church isn’t following this stuff, because they’re too busy following Christ. These people are not born again and they are certainly not followers of Jesus. The church isn’t some social club. It’s a living organism, made up of born again-spirit-filled followers of Christ. Jesus is coming for a bride without spots, blemishes or wrinkles.

    • Katrina Praiseiswhatido Owens


    • Patrina Robinson

      I agree with that!

    • Mellisa

      as much as he is coming for a bride without spot or blemish it is not you who makes yourself righteous lets not judge 1 Cor 4 vs 5-7 but wait for Him to reveal what is light and darkness

  • Dallas

    I wouldn’t sit under any of the. Watchman for my soul? Absolutely a NO!

    • Dallas

      * any of them.

  • Indiana

    wow there are a lot of judgmental people in the blog. We forget they are also human and because there are they can fail. That’s why i’m glad that Jesus saves and not people because no one would make it. Talking and not taking into consideration themselves. He among you that is without sin cast the first stone. John said with you have no you lie and the truth is not in you. Look at the man in the mirror before casting judgement on anybody.

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  • Majorette

    Sorry I am just reading this but “A HIT DOG HOLLOWS EVERYTIME”. I hate men that talk about women when the relationship is over. It makes u look at them sideways. A real man does not do that. Relationships and marriage should be initimate and private. She kept silent and prayed and Deitrick and his private area is all over the internet. Keep praying and remember GOD IS. Now no one believes anything that comes out of his mouth. He did that not you. God fought your battle.

  • Kim Wade

    This whole situation is so disheartening, I want to weep for both parties…but mainly for the body of Christ. Are we so blinded now like the children of Israel? How is Christ being glorified in any of this? Christ does and can come into our mess and make beauty out of ashes. But for grace to abound, we as a church need to repent. Repentance is good for our soul and conscience. What are we showing the world? They’re looking for answers, the truth, life. We have Christ, the solution. We need to to glorify Christ and live holy, truly repentant lives. Yes we make messes….but we also need to humbly turn to Christ…for forgiveness. We are in this world but we should not be of it. Not judging, this is not what my heart wants to do….we all get into some kind of mess….but in the end, do we desire to glorify Christ? Psalm 51, 1Cor 5, 1 Cor. 12:21-26, 2 Cor. 7:8-13, Gal 6:1-5.

  • QzNuMWxPo80