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Pastor Steve Blanchard “The Defeat of Satan: How to Kick the Hell Out of Jezebel”


[Pastor Steve Blanchard – 4 Winds International]

 Pastor Steve Blanchard is the senior pastor of 4 Winds International Church in Katy, Texas. The Pastor tackles the popular label “The Jezebel Spirit,” and its root demonic grasps that have in-slaved the people of God for centuries.

The sermon here is Part 8 of a series Blanchard calls “The Defeat of Satan: How to Kick the Hell Out of Jezebel.”

maxresdefault-3Jezebel of the old testament was a seductive Phoenician woman that introduced demonic ways that became the foundation for a number of evil curses that still affect mankind today.

One myth Blanchard dispels is the labeling of women with the term. “A Jezebel spirit is gender-less. It can inhabit male or females.” (18:30 mark)

Blanchard goes deeper into the Jezebel spirit with a number of characteristics.

“The Jezebel spirit dislikes accountability, and coverings.” “The Jezebel spirit is seductive. (fornication, pornography etc.)” “The Jezebel spirit manipulates.” A Jezebel spirit is also known as witchcraft (white magic, dark magic, wicca) among other characteristics Blanchard outlines.

Take a listen to Pastor Steve Blanchard tell you how to loose yourself from a Jezebel spirit. You can donate to his wonderful ministry online by clicking here. Listen to all of Pastor Steve Blanchard’s YouTube sermons here.

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  • Kenny

    Powerful word.

    • Ashley S.

      Great word. I think often we want to characterize this spirit as a spirit that overtakes women. Good word.

      • Kris Patrick

        Very true

  • AAVrORyoGW8