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Passengers on Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship Turned to Bible Study for Courage

Passengers on Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship Turned to Bible Study for CourageThe Carnival cruise ship Triumph made national headlines last week after it was stranded in the Gulf of Mexico without power.  One by one CNN and other news outlets captured the testimonies of passengers on the cruise, and many of them said they turned to prayer in their time of stress and concern.

One of those passengers on-board the ship was Mega-Church Pastor Gregg Patrick, who described the experience to his son Path MEGAzine publisher Kris Patrick in great detail.  In the first of a series of texts Pastor Patrick said, “Sewage was everywhere.” and upon reaching land in Alabama, he said he encouraged many people, and participated in bible studies on board the ship to help with morale.

Joseph Alvarez, who was another one of the 4,200 passengers who began their cruise on Feb. 7. “We did it for four days. … It put our minds and our hearts at ease. We felt peace the whole time. We knew that there was a Mighty Power out there that would get us home and keep us safe so we could get home and see our children.”

The 893-foot ship was left stranded in the Gulf of Mexico after an engine room fire, leading to a four-day delay with passengers having to endure less than ideal conditions before the ship was towed. Alvarez, who witnessed the firefighters responding to the fire that broke out inside the ship, revealed that the improvised Bible study sessions brought together different passengers who found courage and faith, the Billy Graham Evangelical Association noted.

“What if I don’t go home?” Cecilia Alvarez, his wife, remembered thinking. “What if I don’t see my kids anymore?” The couple, who have four children back home in San Antonio, Texas, had taken the cruise to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

One Bible verse that particularly stood out for Alvarez was Joshua 1:9: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Passengers on Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship Turned to Bible Study for CourageThe couple told the Christian Post that they came up with the idea of a Bible study to lift up other Christians on the ship, which was announced on the intercom. The sessions started small, with about 25 people, but another 20 or so passengers joined in the following day.

“Whenever two or more are gathered in His name, He’s there,” Joseph Alvarez, who was suffering from back problems, reminded readers. Besides reading from the Bible, believers on board the ship also shared testimonies, prayed, and sang songs like “Amazing Grace” and “How Great is Our God.“

“It uplifted them,” Alvarez affirmed. “You could see it. You could feel it.”

Pastor Gregg Patrick participated in the shows on-board the ship.  Attended by thousands Patrick sung Gospel and Motown songs with no electricity.

Many on-board the cruise raved about the ships crew, who did everything possible to contain a bad situation.

Passengers were given the option to receive $500, a full refund, and a free cruise that includes vouchers for on-shore excursions.  Unfortunately, this is not enough for many passengers who plan to sue the cruise-line for negligence.

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Peggy Tatum

We do gospel cruises on Carnival for TCP Magazine’s Connecting Ministries. We have always had a great time and extend our gospel concerts to the other passengers. I know that Pastor Patrick was a binding force of comfort for those on the cruise whose faith was shaken. What a great experience to write about. I’m sure there is a forthcoming applicable sermon.

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