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Kirk Cameron’s New Book about Spiritual Comeback in America

Kirk Cameron’s New Book about Spiritual Comeback in America

Actor and outspoken Christian Kirk Cameron is set to publish his latest nonfiction book, titled ‘Born To Be Brave,’ through Post Hill Press this October.

As reported by Fox News, Cameron called the book a “guidebook for America’s spiritual comeback — a practical and inspiring look at how we can change our culture.”

“Certainly, there’s concern about politics and crime and the economy, but I’m finding California refugees all over Tennessee and Texas and Florida — there’s been a flood of talent and creatives who have left California, frustrated that their values haven’t been reflected in the projects they’re working on,” Cameron told “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Saturday, July 6. 

The “Growing Pains” actor elaborated further on the book in a text message to Fox News Digital on Sunday afternoon. 

“Dark and evil forces have devastated American culture, and the family of faith is feeling intimidated and fearful. Many even think nothing can be done about it,” he added. 

“But I say, God has given us a birthright of courage — and if we choose to live in this bravery, the Army of Compassion will realign the nation with its Christian roots.”

“If we’re going to change the nation and the world, we need to move beyond paralyzed outrage and start acting with courage and confidence,” he said. “God is always on the move — and we can keep up with Him because He has given us the ability to do so. We were born to be brave.”

Regarding his new book, Cameron said, “I really want readers to feel equipped to overcome our opponents and start seeing culture as something we are called to create.”

The book “contains biblical insights and true stories of people who acted bravely out of love for God and others,” he added.

His prayer for all readers is that ‘Born to Be Brave’ will “encourage you to boldly engage friends, family, and your community with gospel truths that positively transform all of society.” 

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