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Ministry Etiquette 101 By: Lynette Harrison

Ministry Etiquette 101 By: Lynette Harrison“Let It Go” God spoke to me asking me why was I upset and trying to get in touch with people who have long since been removed from my life? He said, to stop trying to give them access, they are not in your life because they have no place. There is no place for them where you are nor where you’re going.

He further stated, that everyone presently in my life is supposed to be there…they have a purpose for being there and that he has not allowed some past friends to be in my life because simply they aren’t connected to my destiny and to let it go.  

What is it? The fun times, the good times, the support, the fellowship…all of that let it go, if you don’t you’ll be hindered from making your destination on time or at all.

The truth is my memories are one thing but the truth is absolutely another!  When we go back down memory lane we always choose to remember the good but when you live life on purpose truth is the only way to go…its past, present, and future – it doesn’t lie.

The Holy Spirit through Paul encouraged us to forget those things which are behind, and look toward those things which are before…he means the good, the bad, and the ugly that we may gain Christ Jesus the Lord, he is the goal.  That my friend is your destiny.

Let it go, get your branches pruned, your ground weeded and fertilized that you may bear more fruit.  Let it go!  God bless~

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About Lynette Harrison

Lynette is the President/Founder of WOMAN, INC (Women of God On the Move Making a Difference Achieving Greatness Now), non-profit- 2007 to present. Small group Facilitator, Workshop Facilitator/Speaker, Conference Organizer/Facilitator/Speaker. She is also the President/Founder of Lynette Harrison Enterprises. Author Of: Reduce Me to Christ, W.O.M.A.N. Lessons, and Baby I Didn’t Marry You for Your Feet! President/Founder: The W.O.M.A.N. INSTITUTE. To purchase products or to get Lynette to speak at your engagement visit www.LHEnterprises.org
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