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PRODUCER KRIS PATRICK BREAKS NEW GROUND IN THE GOSPEL INDUSTRY: New Website Debuts Two New Christian ShowsProducer and Publisher Kris Patrick possesses a rare blend of talents that’s allowed him to put his stamp on the Gospel industry.  With a background in film and video production, Patrick produces Path MEGAzine, the debate show The Gospel View, Path Wear Clothing, and leads a full service video production company called Parallel Path Entertainment.  Patrick is also a nationally syndicated on-air radio personality impacting over 50 markets weekly.

Known world-wide for the online Gospel music news publication Path MEGAzine, Patrick is set to release another ground-breaking version of the website this week.  Dubbed “PATH 4.0” the BETA version of the site has industry execs, and subscribers buzzing over a custom video platform the magazine calls Path-TV.

To commemorate the new Path MEGAzine website, the publication is gearing up for the release of some highly anticipated cover stories.  Gospel phenomenon Le’Andria Johnson lets loose on the critics that scorned her out of wedlock pregnancy.  Multi-Dove Award Winning singer Jason Crabb  sits down with PATH, and don’t miss PATH’s exclusives with rising stars Vincent Tharpe and Eric Carrington.

It was February 2006 when God spoke to Kris Patrick giving him the name Path MEGAzine in a profound dream, he likens to being in a state of trans.

Patrick spoke recently to Comedian Akintunde, radio host of the nationally syndicated “Akintunde Show.”

“In the case of Path MEGAzine, God spoke to me in the form of a vision and it was an exciting thing.  I guess you could say that you’re motivated at first to do whatever it takes to see the vision come to pass.  But as the dust clears, you begin to battle with yourself as the reality of what you’re trying to achieve gives way to every form of doubt and procrastination.  All of this happened with me in the pursuit to keep people informed and minister online in a positive and unique way.  But it was that profound vision that forever haunted me to keep pressing forward.”

Patrick goes on to say, “Pastors and ministers often describe it as giving birth.  Without giving birth to your vision it will eat you up inside, it literally physically hurts in your loins when you sit on your destiny.”

Akintunde asks, so where did “MEGA” come from?

“We called it Path MEGAzine because immediately after getting the vision, I shot up out of bed and wrote down the concept for 4 hours in the middle of the night.  I wanted it to be more than a magazine and noticed I consistently miss- spelled magazine, so I said to myself God must have gave me that too.  So I kept the name,” says Patrick.

Success with the PATH network hasn’t come quick for Kris Patrick.  The video magazine concept took people a second to grasp.  At the time Path MEGAzine was the only ones in Gospel making original programming in an online format.  The magazine quickly built a reputation for television style interviews, documentary shorts, and even a cooking show.

“We’re bringing back that cooking show,” Patrick emphatically states.  Patrick is set to bring back the cooking show with the new version of the website debuting this week.  The new show called “Spirit Food” featuring Christian cook Rebecca Eaglin, covers delicious recipes for family dinners.

Another new show announced this week is “Musician’s Spotlight.”  On-air personality Christin Gordon and Kris Patrick will spotlight some of the most coveted musicians, producers, and writers in Gospel/Christian music.  The season debuts its first episodes with Dove Award winning writer/producer Fred Jerkins, and continues with songwriter Chris Byrd.  

Celebrating 6 years of being online and 7 years since the vision, Kris Patrick is definitely a man on the move for Christ.  Visit the website and join the newsletter to hear about additional releases and services coming from Producer Kris Patrick.

For interviews and information: 

CALL:  Christin Gordon – 713-516-6555

WEBSITE: www.pathmegazine.com

EMAIL: kris@pathmagazine.com

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