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Redemption Praise Unveils New Single

Redemption Praise Unveils New Single

The vibrant and spirit-filled sounds of Redemption Praise are set to inspire and uplift as their latest single, “God Is In The House,” is officially released to Gospel radio today.

This dynamic track, penned by the visionary Leanette Lopez, recorded live, and produced at Gaither Studio by Jerroll Lehman, promises to bring a fresh wave of spiritual revival and praise to listeners everywhere.

“God Is In The House” is a testament to Leanette Lopez’s enduring faith and musical journey, which began at the tender age of six. Her early experiences singing in church and writing songs by thirteen laid the foundation for a life dedicated to music and ministry. Leanette’s profound ability to connect with diverse audiences is evident in this powerful new single, which seamlessly blends Gospel and Praise & Worship genres to create an atmosphere of spiritual awakening.

Inspired by a moment of spiritual revival during a church service, Leanette Lopez’s heartfelt composition captures the essence of Pentecostal fire and charismatic worship. The song’s infectious chorus, “GOD IS IN THE HOUSE, I FEEL THE FIRE, FIRE, HE’S IN THE HOUSE,” resonates with an anthemic fervor that has already ignited congregations and youth services across various communities. Translated into Spanish, the song continues to touch hearts, showcasing Leanette’s versatility and passion for spreading the message of God’s presence.

“Releasing ‘God Is In The House’ to Christian radio is a significant milestone for Redemption Praise,” says Leanette Lopez. “This song has been a source of encouragement and renewal for many, and I am thrilled to share its uplifting message with a wider audience. It’s a different kind of revival now, focusing on the message of the song and the move of the spirit. I pray it moves you as much as it has many others.”

Leanette Lopez’s journey, marked by personal loss and triumphs, is reflected in the authenticity and depth of her music. With over 50 songs in her repertoire, Leanette’s influences range from the soulful Ashely Cleveland and CeCe Winans to the transformative Bethel Music and Lauren Daigle. This rich tapestry of inspiration, combined with Leanette’s own unique voice, defines the sound of Redemption Praise.

As Redemption Praise continues to carve out a significant place within the Christian music landscape, “God Is In The House” stands as a beacon of hope and a call to worship for all who listen. This release is a reminder of the enduring power of faith and the profound impact of music to unite and heal.


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