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Sheilah Belle’s Faith Journey Chronicled in Her New Book

Sheilah Belle’s Faith Journey Chronicled in Her New Book

 Keep living!  In time you will eventually go through something that will require you to think differently, step outside of your comfort zone and have enough courage to challenge and overcome whatever you are facing.

Journey In The Journey delivers many of these illustrations through personal experiences, visions from God and miraculous healings.  Within the ten chapters of Journey In The Journey, it is also explained why, understanding the necessity of purpose for one’s life and fighting through extremely difficult time lines, will take determination, the will to live, faith in God, and everything you have learned along your life journey.

Sheilah Belle’s Faith Journey Chronicled in Her New Book

In this book, Sheilah Belle, affectionally known as The Belle, one of today’s most respected multi-media personalities in the music industry, Music Director and Mid-Day radio personality, and inspirational speaker, shares several personal and in-depth moments of reflection about her journey before, during and while overcoming Breast Cancer and the many lessons learned along the way. 

 While her story is centered around five years that will take you on a journey within her journey, you will also experience how life, even as a teenager and the tribe you surround yourself with, can play a major role in your adult life.

Thoughtfully, passionately, and courageously written, Journey In The Journey, will remind you, that you are stronger than you think, regardless of how you may feel.

Sheilah Belle is a proven leader, strategist, and an influential phenomenal communicator with a compassionate heart. She has lived the title of this book as she shares her strategic approach and wealth of knowledge through a compelling journey that was far from easy, with not giving up, an option. As one of the most influential and well-respected Gospel media personalities and communicators in the music industry, Sheilah shares powerful life changing information, that we must not ignore. This book’s unique approach to hitting hard issues, while telling a personal and heartfelt story, is a must-read.” – Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Grammy Award Winner, Artist and Senior Pastor, Love Fellowship Tabernacle, Brooklyn, New York

“Sheilah Belle is more than a survivor, she’s a thriver! Her story is inspiring and hopeful. Her writing is heartfelt, genuine, and candid. Tackling this subject with such clarity is a gift, and something that can benefit everyone. People always want to help when family or friends are diagnosed with cancer, this book is an excellent place to start! Sheilah’s experiences and insights are spot on, and she lays it all out in a way that is easy and moving to read for such a difficult topic. This book is a must read for anybody navigating a cancer battle, and those that surround them.” – Dr. Lance Watson, Senior Pastor, Saint Paul’s Baptist Church, Richmond, VA

“Journey In The Journey is an impressive, important, and moving book, as Sheilah Belle, who is as wise as she is bold, sets the stage for an eye-opening ride from her journey in fighting breast cancer, Visions of Heaven and her thought provoking questions about Cancer. She addresses many tough issues with ease while simultaneously reminding you to never give up on life, regardless of what you may be facing. Regardless of where you are in life, this book is a MUST read! Easy!Fred Hammond, Multi-Award Winner, Vocalist, Songwriter, Musician & Producer

Sheilah Belle has been firmly established as one of the most outspoken, bold voices and leaders of our time.  As a Minister, Preacher, Inspirational Speaker, Radio personality, Executive Producer, Promoter, Facilitator, Event planner, and now author, she is respected for her innovative thinking, leadership, wisdom and connection to people.


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