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Popular Gospel Group Alvin Campbell & Total Praise Encourages Saints To “Believe” With New Single

Popular Gospel Group Alvin Campbell & Total Praise Encourages Saints To “Believe” With New SingleContemporary Gospel Artist Alvin Campbell and his vocally-gifted ensemble, Total Praise, are favorites in their home base of Washington, DC. However, their first single, “Forever Worship You”, caught the attention of the entire Gospel music community with a #22 charting on iTunes Christian & Gospel chart.

Now the group follows up the impressive debut with a second single, “Believe”. Penned by the group’s leader, the track is Gospel music at its finest. “Believe” is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other digital outlets. The full album, Believe, is scheduled for release on November 18th.

“Believe” was penned by Campbell and he feels it’s his most personal record to date. “I wrote the song at a time when I pondered continuing music ministry,” shares Alvin. “I had gone through a lot of disappointment and stepped away from ministry for a while. I went back to school for music and sort of put music ministry to the side for a minute. But one day I was in my room and the song, “Believe” came to me. It was God was telling me that He wanted me to believe again. Now I am sharing that same message with others.”

The song is Gospel music at its finest. The ballad is beautifully executed and features the unmatched vocal talents of his group, Total Praise. Music lovers will appreciate the unique and exceptional songwriting skills of Alvin Campbell. It’s one of many moving tracks on the forthcoming project. Songs like “Just For Me” convey the group leader’s conviction. Deonte Gray, known for his background vocal work with top artists and 7 Sons of Soul, takes the lead mic on the powerful track. The project is produced by Pete Chatmon for HungryBoi Productions and Alvin Campbell for Kimian Music and mixed by Dave Lindsey of 7 Sons of Soul and Soul World Entertainment. Lindsey was thrilled about his involvement in the project. He said, “This new record is bringing back the sound of the gospel choir! A sound that has been missing for a while now in gospel music!”. Passionate about church music, Campbell was deliberate in making sure that each song on the project could be sung from church choir stands.

A graduate of the University of District of Columbia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a concentration in Gospel music and the Minister of Music at Little Rock Bibleway Church in Washington, DC, Campbell’s expertise as a songwriter, choir director and arranger is second to none. His hand-picked group, Total Praise, deliver soaring harmonies throughout with breathtaking execution peppering each inspiring track. Excited about the new project, which drops on November 18th, Alvin says there is one over-arching theme he wants believers to understand: there is nothing too hard for God. He says, “I want people to believe God, even when it’s difficult. For those who have given up on God, I want to encourage them that now is the time to start believing again.” Connect with Alvin Campbell & Total Praise on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Listen Here:

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