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HILLSONG CHURCH CHAMPIONS THE CAUSE OF THE LOCAL CHURCH WITH NEW CHAPEL RELEASE AND RESOURCES Hillsong Church endeavors to champion the cause of the local Church, and their latest release is no exception. The second installment in their Chapel series titled Forever Reign is a collection of some of their most popular songs with an intimate, personal feel, which many believe will continue to break down cultural and denominational barriers. The album spent much of its first week at No. 1 on the iTunes Christian Albums U.S. chart and remains solid in the Top Ten. In addition to the Hillsong Chapel release, the church launched a range of free small group studies.

“Many people and churches express worship in a more reflective, intimate manner. There is no right or wrong way to love God, and I think this album helps people understand that,” Hillsong worship leader Reuben Morgan explained. “The album and the accompanying resources will also help smaller churches who don’t have large music teams. Our message is simple – worshipping God transcends size, culture and tradition.”

Hillsong Chapel is an organic collection of favorite Hillsong worship songs best described as a contemplative expression of praise and worship. Recorded live in February 2012, Forever Reign is comprised of 12 carefully rearranged songs perfect for smaller gatherings and a resource for smaller congregations. Such favorites included on this release are: “With Everything,” “Desert Song”, “Cornerstone” and “Beautiful Exchange.” Also included is a companion DVD included featuring seven live performances of songs from the album.

The album caps off a big year of music for Hillsong, with their annual live worship project Cornerstone released in July and a new Christmas album We have a Savior currently available.

While Hillsong is best known for its music, Hillsong also produces resources for church leaders. They just released a range of free small group studies, which are inspired by the impact of the most recent Hilsong LIVE album, Cornerstone.

Morgan revealed that the new studies are based on helping Christians hold fast to God as life’s anchor, as only He is strong enough to hold us.

“When we are pushed to our limit, there is only one source of hope, there is only one cornerstone,” shares Morgan. “This is about inspiring people, challenging them and facilitating discussion so we better understand the need to put Christ at the very center of everything.”

The studies are based on the songs from the Cornerstone album and are available for download by anyone or any church. The ‘Cornerstone’ small group studies from Hillsong Church are available for free download at http://au.hillsongmusic.com.

In August 1983, Brian and Bobbie Houston founded the Hills Christian Life Centre in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia. It has grown from a congregation of 45 to what is said to be the largest local church in Australian history. It has now expanded to be a global church with local expressions in significant cities; with churches in Australia, London, New York, Paris, Cape Town, Stockholm, Germany, Kiev, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Each week, tens of thousands of people across the globe call Hillsong Church ‘home’ and the reach, impact and influence of this local congregation is seen across many nations.

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