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Thi’sl set to release full-length album and autobiography november 20th

Thi’sl set to release full-length album and autobiography november 20thMany times in mainstream hip-hop drugs, violence, and sex are promoted as objects to be treasured and lived for. However, Thi’sl offers something completely different in his upcoming album and autobiography, Free From the Trap. Thi’sl offers an authentic, positive, and very personal account of how his life changed from being a gangster in St. Louis to a husband, father, and businessman.Since his 2011 release of Beautiful Monster (which debuted #4 on iTunes Hip-hop, #11 on Billboard Rap Albums), Thi’sl has experienced a surge in mainstream endorsement and fan support, and is more than excited about delivering this intensely transparent view into his life through the “Free From the Trap” album and autobiography. Musically, the LP will be something that Thi’sl’s fans are sure to appreciate as it will include a wide variety of sounds and the work of monster producers such as, J.R., Black Knight, Tony Esterly, G. Roc, and Geeda.

On top of the dynamic musical styling of the album, “Free From the Trap” also serves as a screenplay of Thi’sl’s life. “As I wrote the album I thought about what songs I would want to come in if I were doing a movie of my life,” Thi’sl says. “As for the autobiography, I’ve been working on it for a while now and it’s been a real journey for me emotionally. I am going to share as much as I can without sending anyone to jail,” he jokes.

Full Ride Music Group plans to release the “Free From the Trap” album following the 31-city Unashamed Tour, which Thi’sl is featured on with Lecrae and Reach Records. The official release date for the album is the November 20th, Thanksgiving week, and the autobiography is scheduled to be released mid December or early January stay tuned. Visit www.iamthisl.com today to download Thi’sl’s new single “Snap Off,” for FREE!

For more information of upcoming events for Thi’sl, visit www.iamthisl.com and follow Thi’sl on twitter at www.twitter.com/thisl.

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