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About Bernice Dickey

Bernice Bright Dickey is a retired bilingual school administrator, minister, educator, and entrepreneur. She has been busy with book signings and speaking engagements since the release of her new book “My #1 Is Still My #1!” The book details her journey from tragedy to triumph and serves as a blueprint for those who are grieving, giving them hope and inspiration that they will come through their test and trial of faith. Her awesome testimony was featured on Bishop TD Jakes’ The Potter’s Touch. The website address for more information on how to contact her is www.BerniceBrightDickey.com or you can reach her by email at BerniceDickey@gmail.com

Why we all feel a significant loss in the death of Whitney Houston By Bernice Dickey

Bernice DickeyWe will all remember where we were and what we were doing the moment we learned of Ms. Houston’s death. It will be indelibly etched into our collective memories as was the news of Michael Jackson’s death and President Obama’s historic win for The White House.Everyone has a Whitney song that is their favorite that brings back sweet memories of a former time. All of the media outlets asked what was our favorite Whitney tune and we all rushed to answer the polls along with the reason why it was significant to us.  Continue reading

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