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SERMON: Pastor Brandon Hill “Get To The Other Side”

[Pastor Brandon Hill]

Pastor Brandon Hill is the senior pastor of Transformation Christian Fellowship, a life giving church plant in the Columbia, Maryland/DC region where it exists to connect lives to the transforming power and love of Jesus Christ.  In the message Get to the Other Side, Pastor Brandon Hill spoke from Exodus chapter 14. Pastor Brandon encourages us to press through life’s adversity because on the other side of it is your promise land.

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Pastor Steve Blanchard “The Defeat of Satan: How to Kick the Hell Out of Jezebel”


[Pastor Steve Blanchard – 4 Winds International]

 Pastor Steve Blanchard is the senior pastor of 4 Winds International Church in Katy, Texas. The Pastor tackles the popular label “The Jezebel Spirit,” and its root demonic grasps that have in-slaved the people of God for centuries.

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Pastor John Gray – “Leave the Door Open”

John_GrayPastor John Gray speaks at Lakewood Church in Houston Texas, and speaks about leaving the door open for God.

During the sermon Gray reminds us that, “God loved us even when we were enemies.” Says Gray, “Leave the door open, God’s love leaves the door open no matter who you are…shame and guilt got you? Leave the door open…Still angry at God because of something that happened, you lost a loved one…leave the door open for the love of God to overtake you.”

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Bishop Charles Blake – “Let it Go”

Bishop Charles BlakeBishop Charles E. Blake the presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, speaks about letting things go.  Often times we hold on to past hurt, pain, successes, and events that have long since passed.  These events that happen in our life can hender our progress in life and in our Christian walk.  Watch this powerful sermon below.

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Pastor Creflo Dollar – “Clean Living by God’s Power”

creflo-dollarTelevangelist Pastor Creflo Dollar teaches that there is a connection between holiness and grace. It is by God’s grace that we are forgiven of our sins and saved from eternal death. His grace also gives us the ability to live a life that pleases Him.

Many Christians today have accepted the norms and values of society, including the world’s stance on sexual immorality. However, as Believers, we must uphold God’s standards of purity in order to live a life that pleases Him.  “Christian people have become so influenced by society, that the church has become the sub-culture,” says Dollar.

In Creflo Dollar’s eye-opening message Clean Living by God’s Power, you will discover how to overcome your flesh through the grace of God.

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Pastor Joel Osteen – “God Will Bring You To A Flourishing Finish”

joel-osteen-ministries-260x195Pastor Joel Osteen preaches a powerful message on overcoming your trials to get to a flourishing finish.

Osteen shows how God never ends in a negative.  “In your future God has a victorious finish.”

The head of America’s largest congregation, Joel Osteen demonstrates how Christians already know the outcome.  “We’re in a fixed fight,” says Osteen.

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Dr. Myles Munroe – The King, The Keys, and The Kingdom

Dr. Myles MunroeThe world renown Dr. Myles Munroe continues his life work teaching the people of God about Kingdom living.  In this affluent message you’ll learn what Munroe calls the three most important components in the bible.

You’ll find out why the Bible is not a religious book.  You’ll gain understanding of the original message God left us in the Bible.

Don’t miss the inspirational message by best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe.

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