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EDITORIAL: “Leaving the Chain Behind”

His-love-breaks-chainsLast night as I lay in bed with my husband, there was a “scene” that began to play in my mind.  This is nothing unusual because I experience this often.  This scene involved my husband causing me emotional, mental, and physical pain, and the end of the scene involved a rape.  Again, nothing unusual for me.  However, at the part where my husband was raping me, I realized this is not something I wanted to continue doing.  So, I prayed, “Lord, rewrite the script”.  Immediately upon saying those words, I heard myself praying, “Lord, remove the imprint from my brain”.  This is when I realized that my past experiences were continuing to live within my brain, my memory.  I continued to play the events of my life over and over again, nightly. Read the full post »

This post was written by Paula Bibbs-Samuels | April 7, 2015

The Truth About Surrendering

copy-of-the_cross_16Most times when we think of surrendering, it is viewed as a bad thing, a bitter taste in your mouth. However, when we consider surrendering in the eyes of God, our view should be changed. Read the full post »

This post was written by Paula Bibbs-Samuels | October 30, 2013

EDITORIAL: If you seek the Lord, you will find Him – Never Too Late to Turn Back

Wrong-Way-Turn-Back-Sign-K-7427Let us be moved with compassion to turn towards the Lord of Lords realizing that His desire is not to hold our faults, mistakes, downfalls, and sins over our heads. He is the Lord who forgives all who will repent. He is the Lord that loves us unconditionally, regardless of our past, our mistakes, our hang-ups, and our mess-ups. Read the full post »

This post was written by Paula Bibbs-Samuels | September 13, 2013

EDITORIAL: “He Wants It All” – By: Paula Bibbs

KJV_Mark_12-30As I was listening to a song by Forever Jones, “He Wants It All”, I was reminded of a conversation I had with someone.  I was asked to do something and I avoided the assignment siting many reasons for my resistance.  In the end, I indicated I would think about it and how to go about doing what was asked of me. Read the full post »

This post was written by Paula Bibbs-Samuels | August 19, 2013

Destroy the Structure By: Calvin Walker

Calvin WalkerThere’s a very popular game by the name of “Angry Birds.” I must confess that I am addicted. At first glance, it is mindless fun. However, when you begin getting into the deeper levels you see that this is a game of strategy. I will do my best to describe the game to those of you who are not familiar with it. Basically, you have a structure with little green figures sitting on top of it. The object of the game is to make sure that you destroy all of the little green figures. The ammunition that you have at your disposal is a sling shot and various types of birds. You must sling the birds into the structure in order to destroy the little figures. The only way to progress to the next level is to kill all the little figures.

Now, that you kind of have the gist of the game, let me explain to you its relevance in our spiritual walk. When I started the game, it was relatively easy to move through the levels. As I started to get to the higher levels, I found it was becoming more complicated. The main reasons for the complication were the structures. In the earlier levels, the structures had been pretty open and gave a straight shot to your opponent. However, the higher levels came with structures that made it difficult for you to get to your opponent. On top of all that, they seemed to be adding more opponents. The little green foes started to outnumber the number of birds that I had. And, I began to get extremely frustrated because I couldn’t seem to figure out how in the world to get to my foe.  Read the full post »

This post was written by Calvin Walker | August 8, 2012

He Expects a Profit By: Calvin Walker

Calvin WalkerI think it is imperative that we understand that God expects us to do something with what He has given us. There are things that the Lord had entrusted us with and he desires a return on His investment. The word over your life is not something that will simply fulfill itself but something that you must work towards. I am not saying that the prophecy needs you to help it along. However, I am stating that the prophecy, the assignment, the word that God has entrusted you with does come with actions on your behalf. So, what are you doing with what God has given you?  Read the full post »

This post was written by Calvin Walker | July 25, 2012