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Manny Pacquiao Loses Fight to Floyd Mayweather But Jesus is the Real Winner

Manny_PacquiaoAs Manny Pacquiao squared off with the undefeated Floyd Mayweather in the ring Saturday night, he wasn’t about to let an opportunity to share the name of  Jesus go by.

As Pacquiao walked to the ring he sported a shirt that read “Jesus is the name of the Lord” boldly on the front. Although Pacquiao lost the fight to unanimous decision, the filipino boxer acknowledged that more was at stake then whether he one or lost.

Says Pacquiao, “After the fight if I have a chance, I can share the gospel. I can share the Word of God.”


[Pacquiao walks to the ring wearing Jesus Shirt]

Pacquiao a devout Christian, has never shied away from his faith and has frequently used his platform to spread the Gospel.

Promoters for the fight marketed the historic bout as good vs. bad. An advertising tactic that Mayweather didn’t want to entertain saying to Fox Sports, “A lot of people tried to turn this fight into good vs. evil, and I didn’t really wanna entertain that.”

Critics of Mayweather have said that the now 48-0 boxer brought the good vs. bad criticism on himself. With reports of domestic violence and arrogant behavior becoming his calling card.

It was no secret that Pacquiao wasn’t a fan of Mayweather from a reputation standpoint, telling the media that he wanted to teach Mayweather a lesson.

“To be a good person, to be an example for everybody. To let him know that there is God and we should humble ourselves before God,” says Pacquiao in reference to Mayweather.


[Pre-Fight Press Conference]

Mayweather, an American professional boxer who remains undefeated as a professional and is a five-division world champion, said Pacquiao wasn’t perfect either as “nobody’s perfect.”

In the aftermath of everything, even though Manny Pacquiao lost, Jesus definitely won. Millions around the world read or heard his name, as Manny often got the chance to share his testimony.

Says the former champion, “Everything I have accomplished, God has given me this strength,” Pacquiao told reporters at a pre-fight press conference. “I used to sleep in the street, hungry, and I cannot imagine that the Lord raised me to this level of life.”

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