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Rihanna Takes Heat for use of Catholic Imagery

The article below is not the opinion of Path MEGAzine or its affiliates. The article was submitted by Bill Donohue, President, Catholic League.
Rihanna Takes Heat for use of Catholic Imagery

On the cover of the most recent edition of Interview magazine, Rihanna is depicted as a provocative nun, sporting bright red lipstick and adorned in a black and white habit. This is not her first instance of incorporating Catholic attire.

In 2018, she appeared as a bishop in the “Heavenly Bodies” exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. A reviewer provided a detailed account of her outfit. “The lavishly embroidered and jeweled robes matched the garments’ accompanying ‘mitre,’ a kind of headdress for bishops.” The Vatican provided the mitres and other items.

Although Rihanna’s attendance at the New York event was regarded as respectful—earning applause from Cardinal Timothy Dolan—the photo on the Interview cover is deliberately provocative and edgy. The rationale behind her portrayal as a provocative-looking nun is unclear.

Mel Ottenberg conducted the interview for the magazine, and much of their conversation exhibited typical banter one might expect from candid individuals. He made a particular remark toward the conclusion, “This is such a sick interview, by the way.” She replied, “I love it.”

However, there is a profound and uplifting side to Rihanna. She expresses deep concern for her two children, stating, “The well-being of your kids, you worry about that constantly. Nobody warns you that having kids means you’re going to worry every second of your life.” Importantly, she brought up her children spontaneously during the conversation; she was not prompted to discuss them.

Later, when asked about the possibility of having more children, Rihanna responded, “As many as God wants me to have. I don’t know what God wants, but I would be open to having more than two. I would try for a girl. But, of course, if it’s another boy, then it’s another boy.”

God is clearly on Rihanna’s mind.

In an interview she gave last year to Relevant magazine, Rihanna shared, “I have been in a place where I felt like maybe I had disappointed God so much that we weren’t as close.” She also understands the significance of surrendering to God. “When you give God complete control, it’s very hard not to be fearless.”

Rihanna also acknowledges the influence of the devil.

“The devil has a way of making you feel like you’re not good enough and that you’re not worthy of God being close to you. It’s really not the truth, but you end up feeling like that.”

Rihanna is far from being a saint, but her exploration of Catholicism reveals redeeming qualities. Let’s hope she continues on this path.

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