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Televangelist Preacher Jerry Savelle Dies at 76

Televangelist Preacher Jerry Savelle Dies at 76

Jerry Savelle, a prominent televangelist known for advocating the prosperity gospel—teaching that believers will experience improved wealth and well-being in this life—has passed away at the age of 76.

Jerry Savelle Ministries International announced on Facebook that the preacher passed away on Monday, describing him as “a beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, pastor, mentor, and steadfast friend.”

“Brother Jerry’s journey on earth was one of immense impact, rooted in the powerful love of Jesus Christ. His life testified to the beauty of grace and power of faith,” stated the ministry. “As he often reminded us, through God’s hands, ‘nobodies’ are turned into champions, and today, he himself has received the crown of righteousness laid up for all who are called according to His purpose.”

JSMI requested supporters to pray for “Mrs. Savelle, Jerriann, Terri, and the entire family” and encouraged everyone to celebrate his life, honoring the legacy of character, faith, and integrity that Dr. Jerry Savelle exemplified so gracefully. Details regarding Dr. Savelle’s celebration of life will be announced once confirmed within the next week. Updates will be shared publicly at the appropriate time, as concluded in the announcement.

As per the JSMI website, Savelle commenced his ministry in 1969 and has reportedly preached at approximately 3,500 churches across over 40 countries. His official ministry group is headquartered in Crowley, Texas, with additional offices in Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Savelle was an advocate of the prosperity gospel, a contentious belief asserting that faith in God results in enhanced health and financial well-being, as demonstrated in his 2014 book titled Why God Wants You to Prosper.”

Televangelist Preacher Jerry Savelle Dies at 76

“In this book, Jerry Savelle establishes a biblical foundation for understanding the principles of divine prosperity, with a special focus on the reasons why so many of God’s people are in financial bondage,” noted the book’s official synopsis.

“Based on more than forty years of ministry experience, he then provides a step-by-step explanation of what it takes to walk out of financial bondage and receive God’s promised prosperity.”

Describing that some individuals have mistakenly viewed biblical prosperity as a quick-fix get-rich scheme, the synopsis emphasized that God has already provided a path out of financial bondage and into a lifestyle of prosperity for those willing to obey His instructions and apply His principles to their lives.

In a 2015 article for The Gospel Coalition, Russell S. Woodbridge critically examined the origins of the prosperity gospel, using Savelle as an example of this theology. Woodbridge wrote, “The prosperity gospel is based on a quasi-Christian heresy, prevalent in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the United States, known as New Thought. This philosophy teaches that the key to health and wealth acquisition is thinking, visualizing, and speaking the right words.”

He continued, “The prosperity gospel suggests that you are inherently good and possess the ability to manipulate circumstances to your advantage. By simply altering your thoughts and words, believing, and then invoking God — akin to your personal cosmic servant — you will receive a boost on the path to success.”

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