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TBN Embarks on Record-Setting Tour of Israel and Holy Land

TBN Embarks on Record-Setting Tour of Israel and Holy LandIn April 1975 Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest religious broadcaster and America’s most-watched faith channel, sponsored its first tour of Israel and the Holy Land. On September 4 — 37 years and over 25 tours later — TBN’s Matt and Laurie Crouch will join renowned Bible teacher and TBN ministry partner Joseph Prince, along with over 1,800 participants from all over the world, for the largest and most memorable of TBN’s many trips to the land of the Bible.

“When my parents, TBN founders Paul and Jan Crouch, began escorting groups to the Holy Land nearly 40 years ago, its wasn’t just for a great vacation,” explained Matt Crouch, TBN’s Vice President of Administration. “They were taking seriously God’s promise that He would bless those who bless His people Israel. And every group TBN has taken over the years has gone, not just to experience the land God promised to His people, but to actively support, pray for, and bless the land of Israel and its people.”

Participants on this TBN trip, thought to be one of the largest single tours to visit the Holy Land in recent history, will not only visit many sites memorialized in both Old and New Testament Scripture, but will also take part in several Praise the Lord programs broadcast live from various historic locales throughout Jerusalem and Israel. “These special Praise programs will give TBN viewers all over the world an opportunity to share in the miracle that is Israel,” explained Matt Crouch, “as well as to join us in blessing this great land through which God has blessed all of humanity.”

Dr. David Clark, adviser to the Israel Government Tourist Office and former chairman of the National Religious Broadcasters, noted TBN’s nearly 40-year support for Israel. “The years I served as both an adviser to the Israel Ministry of Tourism and board chairman for the National Religious Broadcasters confirmed how special the Holy Land is to the hearts of the Crouches — as recently evidenced by the upcoming record breaking tour they have made happen” said Dr. Clark.

TBN founder Paul Crouch emphasized that supporting, blessing, and praying for Israel is not optional for those who love Jesus and know God’s Word. “I am absolutely certain that the reason God has blessed this network so mightily over the years is because we have made it a priority to bless His people and to ‘pray for the peace of Jerusalem,'” he said. “And that is something we will continue to do until Jesus returns.”

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