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Marvin Sapp Thinks He Knows Why His Reality Show Hasn’t Been Picked Up by TV Networks

Marvin Sapp Thinks He Knows Why His Reality Show Hasn’t Been Picked Up by TV NetworksGospel great Marvin Sapp was prepared to let the world in on his life as a Gospel artist and family man after the death of his wife.  

In a recent interview Sapp unleashes the reason he feels his reality show hasn’t been picked up by TV networks.

“It’s not the type of show that has a whole lot of tension,” he says. “There’s not a lot of foolishness and debauchery.”

He was advised to add a love interest to the show to make it more interesting.

“I don’t believe the church is ready for that,” says Sapp, a pastor at Lighthouse FLC church in Grand Rapids, Mich. “A man of God dating publicly — some things should remain private.”

Sapp may be right.  I have yet to see one reality show without a heated argument or two.

Sapp continues to push his reality show, and  is currently busy spreading awareness of strokes, the No. 3 killer of African-Americans and the third leading cause of death in Missouri and Illinois, according to the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association.

Sapp is headlining the Most Powerful Voices Tour, which will provide free health screenings amoung other things.

“Stroke and heart disease is major in the black community because of our diet, how we eat and what we eat and how it’s prepared,” he says. “I’ve been blessed not to have diabetes or high blood pressure. I am overweight, but I’m working on it.”

Sapp says it’s always better to either give out food or provide entertainment when giving out information to the black community.

“We’re not gonna give them food, but we will give them entertainment,” he says. “And hopefully we’ll save some lives.”

What do you think PATH?  Would you watch Sapp’s reality show?  You can view the video trailer here.

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Ed Varfley

I would watch it. People need to have those behind the music type stories. MaybE TVOne should pick it up. Plus with all the money and connects they have maybe it’s time for pastor sapp and a few other well known very wealthy pastors get together and buy and launch a network


Why do people think folks need to see how they live. When your life is being aired of course you will live differently. Give me a break and take them off the air. If they spend time doing the Lord for real, they won’t have time for such nuisance.

Vernetta R. Freeney

I would love to watch a show without the unnecessary drama. Sometimes it’s nice to just watch people live their own lives.

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