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Woman Claims She is Bishop Paul S. Morton’s Daughter; Bishop Morton Responds with Statement

Woman Claims She is Bishop Paul S. Morton’s Daughter; Bishop Morton Responds with StatementLast week a story was released by a secular media outlet concerning Bishop Paul S. Morton. In short, there is a 40 year old woman that states that Bishop Morton is her father from a previous relationship BEFORE he was married to his current wife Dr. Debra B. Morton.

The young lady allegedly decided to go public because she wants a relationship with Bishop Morton… Seems like if she wanted a relationship, going public would be a bad way to establish it.

Bishop Paul S. Morton’s office released this statement yesterday Sunday, June 21, 2013:

— Being a man of integrity and honor, Bishop Paul S. Morton is publicly addressing a story being circulated about a previous relationship that occurred prior to his marriage to Dr. Debra B. Morton.

Woman Claims She is Bishop Paul S. Morton’s Daughter; Bishop Morton Responds with StatementBishop Morton has always strived to live a life that would be pleasing to God. As most of us that have lived any length of time, he has experienced some highs and some lows and the aforementioned relationship is one of them.

“I wish I could tell you that I did right all my life, but I can’t. I have made some major mistakes and this is one of them.”

While in his early 20’s, prior to Pastoring and being married, he did have a very short-lived relationship with a Ms. Elaine Hawkins. A few months after the relationship, she informed him she was expecting a child.

Being an honorable gentleman, he never questioned paternity and provided consistent monthly financial support for the first 15 years of the child’s life without any legal filings. Subsequently, as financial demands increased from Ms. Hawkins, he requested and Ms. Hawkins supported, a legal agreement was reached through the courts establishing financial support the next 3 years of the child’s life.

As additional financial requests were made and threats of public exposure, he asked to legally establish paternity (DNA test) so he could with assurance claim paternity of the child. To his dismay, Ms. Hawkins denied the request. All contact and financial support ended at that time.

Bishop Morton has done his best to be honorable in this situation. Out of respect for Ms. Hawkins memory, who died of cancer this past January, he will continue to handle this as a private family matter as he has done for the past 40 years.

There will be no further comments.

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Louise Ford

Praise God, for Pastor Morton.

Bridgette Cotton

I really respect the integrity and character of Bishop Paul S. Morton. I takes a noble man to first of all, to provide financial support for a child that may not even be his in the first place. Paternity was never ever established, and in the midst of all that, this woman wants to come forth after 40 years. Really? Sounds to me like somebody is desperate for money;but God bless Bishop Morton and his entire family for the way it is being handled. I especially respect and admire Dr. Debra Morton for how she continually supports her husband through all the obstacles and struggles that he has endured. #Just another test that God will see you through.


This guy sounds like a bomb.

So this creep feels the need to explain to his congregation how he ended up sleeping with this women 40 yrs ago.. calling it a mistake. But what he should be more worried about explaining is how, after 15 yrs of maturing in the Lord, did he see it fit and proper to walk out on his own child, (come on people, do you really wanna allow someone like that to lead a church)?

For 15 yrs. he was the only father she knew (biological or not) and b/c the mother didn’t agree to a paternity test, he cut off all support
and association with the child, as if the child did something wrong. There’s no integrity in that. That’s something an unregenerate BOY would do, not a “so called” MAN of god.

That child didn’t ask for any of this foolishness. Mom’s either looney or Dad’s a dead beat. Either way, why should the child have to
suffer repeatedly for the parents mistakes. Paternity should’ve been established 15 yrs earlier (his mistake), but since it didn’t, he
should’ve stayed the course. What’s interesting is that when he was running up on momma, there was no doubt that he was dad. All of a
sudden, put a little time in between them and he got amnesia….. typical little boy stuff.


Shut up. I hope man do you or some close to you the same way.


Shut up. I hope a man do you or some close to you the same way.


From Pimps to Pastors, fleecing Black America.

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