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You’re Going to Win! By: Calvin Walker

You’re Going to Win! By: Calvin WalkerThere is a story in Numbers 13 that may be familiar to most of you. It is the story of Moses sending the 12 scouts into the land Canaan to explore the land which the Lord had given them. When the men explored it they found that the land was good. Upon returning to Moses, ten of the men said that they couldn’t do it because those who dwelt in the land were too big for them to defeat. However, two of the men said that they could. As I was looking at this story, the Lord began to speak to me. 


My father is a coach. So, there were many times that he’d have to go on scouting trips. He didn’t go on scouting trips to see if his team wanted to play the team he was watching. No, he went on scouting trips because his team had to play the team he was watching. So, it was his job to study the other team in an effort to find out how his team could defeat them. The ten men that came back with the negative report didn’t understand their assignment. They were not going into Canaan to see if they could take it. They’d been sent to see how they could take it. They’d been sent to strategize how to set up their colony once they got there. They’d been sent to get a feel for the land. Why? God had already given them the Land!
What in your life has God sent you to scout out? What business venture has He put on your heart? What ministry call has He spoken to you about? What things has God promised? Whatever they are, no matter how daunting they may seem, you must learn how to say “I can!” You must get your mind off the opposition and start surveying the land. I feel like the Lord had given me a call to film. This past season of life I had to scout out that industry. The giant that I encountered was named finances. Film investing is one of the riskier investments that people can make. So, I found myself with a lavish budget and plenty of hope with no people willing to put up the money for my film. So, I went back and gave the report that I couldn’t do it. I gave the report that the obstacles were too great and that the hurdles were too big. But, I thank God for something inside of me that saw the potential for success. I bless God for His spirit that rose up in me and began to testify that He had given me this land and I would possess it. It was in that moment that I began to see different ways that I could infiltrate the land and defeat the giants that I’d been so afraid of. See, He had not sent me to figure out if I could do it or not. He’d sent me to gather a strategy.
He’s given you the victory. He’s not asked you if you can, He’s told you to possess it! Get rid of this mindset that you are too small, too uneducated, or too inadequate! You are God’s chosen and He has commanded you to possess the Land. No matter what it looks like or how hard it seems, it has been decided that you are going to win! Stay on The Path!

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About Calvin Walker

Path contributing writer Calvin Walker has been writing editorial content for Path MEGAzine since 2007. Calvin’s ability to break down the word of God with thought provoking analogies and real life analysis makes an impact on Christians seeking a closer walk with God. An accomplished author, Walker released his debut book titled “The Gallery” early 2010.
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