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Planetboom Launches ‘Sound of Victory’ Album Live

Group Achieves 80% Streaming Surge, Scores Top 10 Radio Hit in Australia with ‘L O V E’
Planetboom Launches ‘Sound of Victory’ Album Live

The dynamic, multicultural youth ministry of Planetshakers Church, planetboom, releases its full-length live album Sound of Victory today (May 17) from Venture3Media (V3M). Available at all major digital and streaming outlets globally, the album was created to capture the ‘sound of victory’ shared by a generation of young worshippers.

Passionate about encountering God, seeking His Presence and bringing positive, God-honoring change to its culture, planetboom has received significant streaming growth. Over the last year, streams have grown by 80-percent on Spotify alone while monthly listeners have grown to over 171,000 people.

Sound of Victory’s lead single, “L O V E,” has not only gathered more than 242,000 Spotify streams, but the studio version of the song featured on the album has also hit No. 7 on the Australian Christian radio chart, TCM Top 30.

The full Sound of Victory track listing follows:
01)  Till The Walls Come Down – Live
02)  L O V E (feat. Planetshakers) – Live
03)  Sound of Victory – Live
04)  Arriba! – Live
05)  Found You – Live
06)  Pour It Out – Live
07)  First Love Fire – Live
08)  Lord Of My Life – Live
09)  Powerful Peace – Live
10) L O V E – Studio Version

Taking the new music on tour, planetboom brings its “The Sound of Victory Tour” to South Africa and Botswana beginning today in Cape Town at Grand Arena as a part of Planetshakers Conference.


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