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Sonya Curry and Lucille O’Neal as Host of ‘Raising Fame’

Sonya Curry and Lucille O’Neal as Host of ‘Raising Fame’

When we think of monumental icons and superstars, we see them dazzling as they share their larger-than-life talents with the world. But before they were “supers,” before they could sing, jump, dance, act, or shoot a basketball, who witnessed their first smile? Who recognized their potential for greatness before the world knew such a talent existed? Who taught them to stand, so they could reach the stars? “Raising Fame” will premiere Sunday, July 7th at 10p/9c on TV One.

Danielle Brooks and her parents (Premiere)
– Chance the Rapper and his parents
– Kevin Durant and his mom
– Billy Porter and his mom
– Fantasia and her mom
– Magic Johnson and his mom
– John Legend and his parents
– Shaquille O’Neal and his parents
– Jon Batiste and his parents
– The late Chadwick Boseman’s parents
– Usher and his mom

The series Raising Fame is based on the Raising Fame: Sports Edition podcast that ended in 2020 which revealed the amazing childhood backstories of the most popular sports icons and shared the highs and lows on their path to glory. In the new TV ONE series, Raising Fame hosts Sonya Curry and Lucille O’Neal will visit the home and local community of each superstar’s parents.

They’ll sit down for a taste of the superstar’s favorite meal before delving into an intimate conversation with the parents. The superstar will make an appearance in person or on a video chat. From the funny family stories to first heartbreaks, nothing will be off-limits. The show will conclude with a “Lessons Learned” segment where Sonya and Lucille will relate what they’ve learned from their guests and how it applies to the raising of their own children.


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