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TD Jakes Stalker Not Mentally Competent, Charges Dropped

TD Jakes Stalker Not Mentally Competent, Charges DroppedA lawsuit against a former member of The Potter House in Texas, has been dropped by T.D. Jakes’ attorney, after a plea from the court appointed lawyer of the woman concerned, Karleisha Tarver, may be mentally unable to understand the charges against her.

The 31-year-old young woman has allegedly been harassing Jakes and his congregation for nearly three years, even though she had been excommunicated from the church previously for disrupting services and using inappropriate language.

Tarver’s legal representative, Tom Hall, contacted Johnson with the request to drop the lawsuit after a hearing on a temporary injunction placed against his client this week. He added that Tarver was obviously mentally incompetent to even understand why she was in court.

During the hearing, District Judge Susan McCoy had asked Tarver her name and date of birth and if she was aware of the questions she was being asked. Tarver only replied that she could hear the questions and then said “Blasphemy.”

When Judge McCoy further asked Tarver if she understood that Jakes and his family wished her to stay away from them, their house and their church, the troubled young woman did not respond.

Reportedly, Tarver, has also served 15 days in jail on conviction of criminal trespass in 2012 and she was also sentenced for six months in a mental institution that same year, according to Tarrant County criminal records.

However, the trouble between the former member of Jakes church and himself escalated on January 26th this year when she was arrested and held on bail of $1,000 for trying to enter Jakes church again. Allegedly, Tarver had also been escorted from the church earlier in January by security for trying to approach Jakes at the altar.

According to court documents, during the last three years, Tarver had frequently showed up at Jake’s home and his church, despite warnings of the consequences of her actions. Furthermore, a security guard who had spotted Tarver outside Jakes church and approached her, narrowly escaped injury when she attempted to hit him with her car as she drove off.

If Tarver is found to be mentally competent to stand trial, she will be prosecuted for the criminal trespass in January, according to Debbie Denmon, spokeswoman for the Dallas County District Attorney’s office.

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