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Casting Crowns Lead Singer Reports Cancer Miracle

Casting Crowns Lead Singer Reports Cancer MiracleMillions of fans worldwide have been praying for Mark Hall, the lead singer of Christian worship band Casting Crowns, who underwent surgery last week to have a cancerous tumor removed from his kidney. The singer is now home where he will continued to heal from the procedure; Hall’s wife Melanie said it is a miracle that the singer will be okay.

Melanie Hall wrote on the band’s Facebook page that Hall has been fully cleared from cancer after the surgery.

“The pathology report is in and the news is just as we expected and also an answer to the prayers we have all prayed. The pathology report confirms that the tumor was indeed kidney cancer but it was fully encased. The findings of the report confirm that the cancer had not spread to the kidney or anywhere else. Glory Hallelujah!!”

She continued to write that Hall’s healing is a miracle from God.

“This just makes all of this even more of a miracle,” Melanie said. “I wish that I could explain in words how much of a miracle it was, but it would take too many words.”

According to Melanie Hall, three factors led to her husband’s miracle recovery from cancer. First, the band is not typically off in March as they were this year. Second, the singer did not go to the doctor for symptoms relating to the tumor, but for gastric issues. Finally, doctors do not normally order CT scans for the symptoms Hall was experiencing.

“God was at work in this before we had any idea,” she wrote. “He is good that way. We are thankful for His mercy and grace. We are thankful that He chose to answer our requests in this way.”


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