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“Sleep for Dreaming’s” debut EP, Memories, was released today

“Sleep for Dreaming’s” debut EP, Memories, was released todayNew band Sleep for Dreaming debuts their music with a new EP this week.  Learn about this new Christian band.

In just two years time, Sleep for Dreaming has blossomed from a burgeoning upstart to one of the southwest’s brightest buzz bands. With the upcoming release of their debut EP, “Memories,” they are poised to expand their audience to a national level. “Memories” will be available June 18th at all major digital retailers including iTunes.

Hailing from Amarillo, Texas, lead vocalist Zoe Bohlen, drummer Bryan Singer, bassist Calvin Barker and lead guitarist Ismael Armendariz have crafted a sound that is equal parts pop, punk and modern rock. Fans of Jimmy Eat World, MXPX, Paramore, Taking Back Sunday and Anberlin will find Sleep for Dreaming to be a welcome addition to the current music scene.

Not only did the foursome all feel the calling to deliver an authentic, heartfelt brand of songwriting to the church and beyond, but they’ve quite literally sold many of their possessions to make music ministry life’s ultimate priority. Their band name, Sleep for Dreaming, is a nod to both the sacrifices and the convictions that led him here.

“It partially comes from Hamlet’s monologue ‘to sleep, perchance to dream,’ but Sleep for Dreaming has a lot of different meanings to us,” says Zoe. “To us, the name is a bit ironic as it suggests that you are only dreaming when you sleep and not actively pursuing your dreams, but in actuality, that’s what we are doing every second of every day. Dreams take more than a night’s sleep to make happen, at least, those dreams that you want to see come true.”

“Sleep for Dreaming’s” debut EP, Memories, was released today

On their debut project, the band tackles a wide variety subjects from spiritual matters to personal observations about love and loss. The title track is a great example, as the lyrics point to God reworking a relationship according to His plan, resulting in something better than either party ever imagined. A music video will be released later this month in support of the single, which is being promoted to radio by Nashville-based Shamrock Media Group.

“We write from the heart and we want to affect people in a positive way,” sums up Zoe. “We want to make people think about life and what they can really do if they put their mind to it. We’re just musicians doing what we love to do, but above all, we hope to build a bridge from the church to the world and bring everyone together.”

In support of “Memories,” the band will kick off a West Coast tour later this month, with stops in many major markets including Hollywood, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and more.

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