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GIANO Releases New Radio Single “Balance”

GIANO Releases New Radio Single “Balance”The song “Balance” by Giano is a song about honesty – recognizing one’s moral highs and lows, viewing ourselves through the lens of our contradictions, and embracing the balance between the two.

It’s a song that people can relate to. You think you know what is right from wrong, but sometimes you may question those thoughts – the plight of the purist hip hop artist trying to ‘stay real’ but wants to make a full-time living doing music; the conscious-minded intellectual who turns the nose up to the perceived frivolity of the night club but finds an uncanny attraction to it; the romantic who desires the ultimate mate, who is both intellectually and sexually stimulating, with “a body and the body of a mind with volumes like a spry librarian”.

“Balance” does not attempt to define; what it means to have balance varies depending on people’s lived experiences. The concept of the song can be applied to all people because at the end of the day, no matter how together we think we are, we’re all just trying to find balance.

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