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Group 1 Crew’s Blanca Leaves To Pursue Solo Career

Group 1 Crew’s Blanca Leaves To Pursue Solo CareerToday, Blanca Callahan, one-half of Group 1 Crew, has announced that she is leaving the hip hop/pop group to pursue her own solo career. Manwell will be continuing Group 1 Crew without Blanca, while she prepares for her first solo project. You can follow Blanca on Facebook at Facebook.com/OfficialBlanca.

On Group1Crew.com, Blanca made the following announcement, and shared an announcement video:

Dear Group 1 Crew Family,
As many of you know, in July of this year, my husband and I welcomed a new member to our family – our baby boy London. I never thought someone so small could affect my life so much, but he has done just that. Our whole world has changed in so many ways. Prior to him arriving, I felt a transition coming in my life. It was as if the Lord had been preparing me not only for the birth of my child, but also for the birth of a brand new season. As I’ve wholeheartedly welcomed my son, I welcome this new season. No matter how scary it all may feel, I’ve never been more excited to trust the Lord with whatever he has in store for my life. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamt of the moment when I’d get to fully share my heart and voice with the world, and I’m humbled that moment has finally arrived. So with that said, this letter is to announce that I will be stepping down from Group 1 Crew.

This decision did not come easy, but after months of prayer, we knew that it was the right one. It will be sad for me to leave the Group 1 Crew family, but I am confidant God is in this transition. Looking back, Group 1 Crew has been ten of the most amazing years of my life. When I first started with the group, I was a 17 year old new believer in Christ who was terrified of the stage. I will forever be grateful to the Lord for placing Manny and Pablo in my life at that time. They taught me so much about my identity in Christ and encouraged me to be confident in the voice that He has given me. We have so many great memories of everything God has done over this last decade. Having been given the privilege of making music, touring all over the world, and changing lives for Christ, was more than I could have ever dreamed of! I am SO THANKFUL for Group 1 Crew and all of you who have loved and supported us since the very beginning!

Though I am leaving the group, a beautiful part in all of this is that Group 1 Crew will be continuing on. Manwell will be leading the group into their new season, and will keep giving you that great music that we all love so much. The vision that we carried together for years, remains the same today, and I know Manwell is going to give his all in keeping that vision alive. I too will be making new music of my own, and cannot wait to share it with you. So many of you have been a part of my journey thus far. Whether it’s been me, as the “new girl” in Christian Music, the death of my Father, marrying my best friend, or the birth of my son, you all have been there to walk through it with me. This new season will just be the next chapter in our book together. I pray that you will continue to support Manwell and I in our new endeavors.

As I reflect on my time in Group 1 Crew, I’m at peace knowing that if I’ve ever touched a life, brought someone hope, or turned someone to Jesus, I’ve done my part. I have given you the best that I have, and can promise that I will continue to do the same in this next chapter. If I’ve learned anything in this process, it’s that life is all about walking out of what’s comfortable and into the unknown. When God has called you to something you can’t be afraid to step out. It’s in those moments that you are challenged the most, God can use you the most and you truly understand the meaning of trusting Him. I love you all so very much, and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continual love, prayers and support!


Blanca E. Callahan

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