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Whosoever South Teams UP with Hit TV Series “Bulloch Family Ranch”

Whosoever South Teams UP with Hit TV Series “Bulloch Family Ranch”Whosoever South, one of the most talked-about new acts in Christian music, has partnered with UP’s hit original series, “Bulloch Family Ranch.” The band teamed up with the uplifting family entertainment network for a new music video, set to the band’s new single, “All the Time.”

UP masterminded the creative pairing of the Georgia band’s music with footage from the hit unscripted series for a new video. The video can be viewed on UPtv.com at http://www.uptv.com/videos/watch-bullochs-let-their-light-shine-in-new-music-video.

“Bulloch Family Ranch” chronicles the dramatic everyday adventures of Julie and Rusty Bulloch, a fun-loving working class couple that juggles multiple jobs to make ends meet. Together, they are the proud “parents” of more than 25 kids. Only two, Amanda and Brodie, are biological. The rest are teens who have lived at the Bulloch Ranch during various times of dire need. For almost two decades, the Ranch has served as a place where troubled teens are welcomed with open arms and given a chance to get back on the right track. Rusty and Julie are committed to giving all their “kids” a stable, caring, nurturing environment along with the tools they need to become productive adults. The July 17th premiere of the series was the highest-rated series premiere in the network’s nine-year history, according to Nielsen data released by UP, America’s favorite channel for uplifting family entertainment. New episodes of “Bulloch Family Ranch” will run on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. EDT through Aug. 28.

“We feel like we know the Bulloch Family,” says Whosoever South’s Rowdy Eunice. “These are the kind of people you will find just up the dirt road from us, our neighbors. A family like this lives out many of the lyrics we write in our songs. They obviously know what we’re talking about. We are excited about being a part of this family.”

Whosoever South released their debut album, “Goin’ Home” (Pitbull Productions / Elevate Entertainment), on May 14th to rave reviews. Critics cited the band’s genre-bending blend of country and hip-hop, leading CCM Magazine to give “Goin’ Home” five stars, and CrossRhythms UK to declare, “I’ve been waiting years for an album like this one. This band from Southern Georgia have emerged with what is, for me, the most exciting, satisfying and downright daring album I’ve heard for a long while.” TheAntidoteRadio.com said that the album “has to be considered one of the outstanding albums released in 2013,” with BlackGospelBlog.com calling it “an impressive debut and a likely contender for top album of 2013.” UP TV previously named the album as one of the “Five Under-the-Radar Albums You Need to Hear.”

Whosoever South Teams UP with Hit TV Series “Bulloch Family Ranch”UP, (www.UPtv.com) based in Atlanta, is America’s favorite network for uplifting family entertainment. The network presents original and acquired movies, series, stage plays and music specials along with gMovies, the first faith-friendly streaming movie service. The UP brand is reflected in “Uplift Someone,” the network’s successful pro-social initiative. UP can be seen in more than 61 million homes on major cable systems including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Charter Communications, as well as DIRECTV on channel 338, DISH Network on channel 188, and Verizon FiOS on channel 224. Follow UP on Facebook & Twitter http://facebook.com/UPtv & @UPtv.

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