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Deitrick Haddon & LXW Live in Concert on Oxygen Network This Good Friday

Deitrick Haddon & LXW Live in Concert on Oxygen Network This Good FridayDeitrick Haddon’s LXW wowed the audience as the opener of this year’s, “Celebration of Gospel”, and for those who wanted to see more, here’s your chance. Oxygen viewers will be in for a treat on Good Friday this year.

The network has just announced that they will be airing the entire LXW concert on Friday, April 18th, at 8:30 A.M. EST. The concert was taped at the City of Refuge Church in LA. Deitrick wanted to bring together the BEST of the BEST in choir music to help propel the movement. Featured acts include: Jessica Reedy, Hezekiah Walker, Ricky Dillard, and Donald Lawrence.

Deitrick Haddon is best known for his role on “The Preachers of LA” which also aired on Oxygen. He grew up in the church as the son of a Bishop and Evangelist, and he recalls being called to spread the gospel at 10 years old. As a pastor, singer, and actor, Deitrick Haddon is a force for change. The 3-time Grammy nominee is already claiming victory for his new project dropping this month. His group, LXW (League of Extraordinary Worshippers), is based in Los Angeles, CA.

When we asked Haddon how he felt about Oxygen airing his choir on Good Friday, this is what he said, “Wow! This is amazing! Oxygen is not afraid to go where no other network has gone just to encourage their viewers…and it’s the perfect day, it’s Good Friday. This is groundbreaking for the Kingdom.”

Viewers will just have to tune in for themselves to see this extraordinary choir do what they do best, taking audiences back to choirs in church.

Deitrick Haddon has answered the question asked by choir directors around the world; will there be new material for my choir to sing? The answer is yes. Innovative thinker, Deitrick Haddon has gone back to the basics and combined his cutting-edge style with the classic sound to form…. Deitrick Haddon’s LXW (League of Xtraordinary Worshippers). Solving the problem facing the youth of today, by creating music for youth choirs, LXW is “resurrecting the youth choir movement”, and creating a voice for young people.

Deitrick Haddon & LXW Live in Concert on Oxygen Network This Good FridayAbout Deitrick Haddon’s LXW:

The LXW project is an amazing project that has brought together 150 voices in LA. Representing West Coast Gospel, Deitrick and LXW are filling a void in Gospel music. While praise groups and individual singers have enjoyed a larger presence, choir music has taken a back seat. This, Deitrick believes, is a mistake. “Young people are the lifeline of the church”, he says. Tune in to the Oxygen Network, Good Friday, April18, 2014, at 8:30 A.M. EST. To refuel your soul with wonderful music, performed by a musical genius and his choir.

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