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Introducing: D’Mott A Higher Calling In Urban Gospel Music

Introducing: D’Mott A Higher Calling In Urban Gospel Music
The music industry is a continually evolving machine birthing musical prodigies and superstar talents who create music that idyllically entertains us, provokes us to tap into our inner most personal emotions and even motivates us to make life altering decisions. There is a new artist in music who is achieving this with a soulful approach to the Gospel.

Pastor, singer and songwriter De’juaine G. Motley, known in music as D’Mott, carries an anointing that is necessary for this day and time in ministry and in music. Because of his life experiences he is able to relate to the struggles of what most young teens or young adults are going through while trying to find peace in their pursuit of Christianity. D’Mott is keenly aware that the enemy has a way of whispering in our ear and getting us to do what the Most High says not to do. Therefore, when God chose him for ministry he did not hesitate.

D’Mott has been Pastor of The Remnant House Outreach Church (The R.H.O.C.) in Buffalo, NY for three years. He is also a professional drummer and has worked with Christian and mainstream artists: Darwin Hobbs, Beverly Crawford, The Gospel Keynotes, John P. Kee, Ben Tankard, Earth, Wind & Fire, Osjai and Darrin Simpson of Black City Music Group, Chauncey Northington, Joseph Wooten, David Cruz, Robie Takac of the Goo-Goo Dolls, Shawny Mack of Kool and the Gang and many other notable artists.

Introducing: D’Mott A Higher Calling In Urban Gospel MusicD’Mott’s is now preparing for his forthcoming debut fall 2013 release ROMANCE IN THE GRAY. “I chose this title for my album to teach believers and non-believers that God’s love is here for all of us whether we can see it or not,” D’Mott explains. ROMANCE IN THE GRAY took over seven months to complete with producer credits going to Jessie Miller (JM Prynt Entertainment) as D’Mott co-produced and penned the album.

R&B and soul music enthusiasts will be sure to gravitate to the D’Mott sound. Groove-laced musical production, silky vocals and contemporary beats will move listeners while delivering an unequivocal message of the hope and love of God. “I feel that the R&B and soul influences of my music appeal to those who don’t just want to hear traditional gospel, but also like contemporary and soul inspired music,” says D’Mott.

The first single “Friend” is a smooth laid back R&B groove that speaks of the unconditional love and friendship that God provides. “No Maybe” is a simple yet impactful track that confirms there is no doubt or question about the victorious life you can have in Jesus. ROMANCE IN THE GRAY also features the song “God Is The Way” which is featured in the award winning film THE SCROLL, starring some of today’s most progressive and revered spiritual leaders: Bishop T.D. Jakes, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Pastor Jamal Bryant, and many others.

With ROMANCE IN THE GRAY, D’Mott embarks on this new chapter of his life in music ministry, his desires are to encourage men and women in the gospel by showing them that God’s grace and mercies are real and they really are brand new every day. Every song he sings has a testimony to the fact that no matter what we’ve done, the love God has for us never changes toward us. We can’t quit, we can’t deny, we can’t fold, we gotta try. God is the way, that’s no lie. He’s the Truth and the Light!

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