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KARLOS NICHOLS Presents Highly Acclaimed Debut Album LIVE IN MEMPHIS: HOPE!

KARLOS NICHOLS Presents Highly Acclaimed Debut Album LIVE IN MEMPHIS: HOPE!Karlos Nichols is a young, multi-talented preacher, singer, director, musician, songwriter, educator and clinician.

Born in Memphis, TN, Karlos is an Alumnus of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City and holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from The New School University of New York City. With years training and experience, Karlos is now the Pastor of Children and Students at Christ Missionary Baptist Church a K-5 Dance Educator for Shelby County Schools in Memphis and has released his first album LIVE IN MEMPHIS: HOPE!LIVE IN MEMPHIS: HOPE! released on Karlos’ indie label The Kane Group on August 16, 2016. His project features the worship single “Here I Am” and the churchy and lyrically savvy ballad “I Am Changed” featuring The Covenant singers Freddie Quimbley, Jeffrey Jenifer and Britne’ Brown-Lauderdale.

“Even though this was my first project, I knew that a live experience could capture pure moments of worship, praise, and storytelling that couldn’t be authentically captured on a studio album,” Karlos shares. “There is heavy musical theatre influence in the way that I story tell on this album. I have a knack for hymn melodies, too, such as ‘I Love To Call Your Name’. This album represents the sounds of my life.”

Also appearing on the album are special guests Ashley Mackey on “I Made It” and Martez Higgins on “Running Back To You”. All artists on the project are from Memphis, TN.

Listen To “Here I Am” below:

“As a classically trained pianist and singer who grew up in the church, I noticed the exciting experience that live moments provide when conveying message and ministry. It is the live experience that I have seen change people in the moment and experience moments of vulnerability in order for God to move. Real time moments are worth gold!”

KARLOS NICHOLS Presents Highly Acclaimed Debut Album LIVE IN MEMPHIS: HOPE!

[Karlos Nichols]

LIVE IN MEMPHIS: HOPE! recorded with his group The Covenant:

“The Covenant is a group of singers that were formed because of an engagement that our High School Gospel choir could not fulfill during the summer of 2003. After being choir director of Craigmont High School Gospel Choir, I had to keep word on this major opportunity for the late Bishop David Grayson. I called up a few friends and we went to sing, and after that engagement we decided to stay together and make music. The “Final 12”, as I like to call them, are my lifelong friends that have been together consistently for the past 10 years. We are a family. We’ve been through everything with each other and we continue to uphold one other.”

Karlos creatively shares LIVE IN MEMPHIS: HOPE!:

“This album is a storybook that chronicles the past 10 years of my life and The Covenant’s life experiences with me. Songs were written at moments of deep depression, hopelessness, and even moments of perseverance. After all of that, “Here I Am” still standing ready to do Gods work. This album is a way to expose the story of many millennials just like me. Just because I grew up in the church doesn’t mean I haven’t struggled, cried or experienced brokenness. But, through it all, I MADE IT!”

Karlos in the Music Industry:

“My goal is to present complete authenticity and boldness for who I am as an artist, preacher, educator. I think too often we box ourselves into trends and force ourselves to evolve in someone that we no longer know, which can cause us to hit a creative block. As I studied the character of God, I realized that God is a multi-faceted, creative God. We are made in His image. I want to present that to others through the Gospel via singing, songwriting, and preaching. Every part of me is valuable to God and able to be used. The same is with every person because everyone is created for a special purpose.”

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