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Le’Andria Johnson is Getting Married

Le’Andria Johnson is Getting Married“I said yes,” was the simple tweet that Le’Andria Johnson shared on Twitter.  Then a series of congratulations from her fan club was to follow.

It appears that the Sunday Best Alum is getting married, and all the people upset about her having so many children out-of-wedlock can finally get off her back.

In my recent interview with Le’Andria, she was visually upset by the comments people had made over the years.  Now it seems the ‘Jesus’ singer is on her way to being happily married.

You can view some of the tweets below, and watch PATH’s exclusive interview with Le’Andria below.

Le’Andria Johnson is Getting Married

Le’Andria Johnson is Getting Married

Le’Andria Johnson is Getting Married

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I wish they would stop lying on this lady saying ‘3 kids out of wedlock’. She was married when she had her 3 kids. Only the 4th was she single. Congratulations LE’Andria!! I wish you all the happinest and peace & love!! Yall be blessed!


Amen, you don’t give up but you keep on keeping on after asking for forgiveness and purpose not to do it again.

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a prov.31 women

Religion vs. Christian living.
Your stereotyped opinions are hurtful Sir to our race. Maybe, you need to find a better church if that’s all your seeing in your black women. Wow! don’t you know that some women in other race just (kill) abort babies while others face the side effects of that sin to keep from committing another sin to cover the first one. Yes, fornication is still a sin but Religion covers it. I proud to know she didn’t abort the child to keep us from knowing she fornicated.
That’s why God hates religion though. Religion tries to make dirt clean when it’s still dirt to God and his people.
Please note that Jesus is Real and Righteous living is being done by more black women than you realize. I am over 35, single and still a virgin because I live for God and not the only one living righteously in my circles that are of our race.
Dear Sir, I hear you, I feel you, but come on easy on the race hate. I agree with how some cover up sin and still yell Jesus is Lord but the bible tells us how to spot a real Christian to know them by the fruit they bear meaning look at how are they living. The bible also states that gifts and calling are without repentance meaning that just because someone can move you with a gift to sing or something doesn’t mean that person is of God, only of use of him, not necessarily in HIM. Act 2:38.
The Holy Ghost gives men power to overcome sin not being a gospel contest winner. She is a gifted singer who gives praise to God for it Good thing it’s not for satan. All gifts should honor God in my opinion but some artist only give Satan all the glory. Enjoy the gift not the giver and pray the come clean before God before it’s to late.
She may not know romans 6:20 from the bible applies to us all who profess Jesus Christ in our lives. Yes, God does forgive but still does not permit Sinning to continue. I am praying for these artist who think that they should preach too, mainly because it hurts people like you and I who know God is NOT pleased with how they live. A preacher is a office of honor and must be a Callings from GOD to minister.

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