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Legendary R&B/Disco Queen GLORIA GAYNOR Prepares For First Gospel CD

Legendary R&B/Disco Queen GLORIA GAYNOR Prepares For First Gospel CDGrammy Award-winning singer GLORIA GAYNOR took the music world by storm in the 1970s, striking platinum with her disco hit “I Will Survive”. “I Will Survive” was the only song to earn a Grammy for Best Disco Recording and was one of only twenty-five songs inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2012.

On September 19, 2005 Gaynor, along with her hit song “I Will Survive” were inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame during a ceremony that took place in New York City. “I Will Survive”, has been featured on the soundtrack of more than a half dozen major motion picture releases, and VH-1 honored Ms. Gaynor with the number one spot during their countdown of the Top 100 Dance Records of All Time.

Over the years, the disco legend has received thousands of personal messages from adoring fans whose lives have been transformed by this timeless song. Their remarkable stories reveal that “I Will Survive” has reached people from all walks of life who have faced life altering moments. From individuals triumphing over illness, to those suffering from the painful loss of a loved one, or those piecing their lives together after bearing witness to a national tragedy, “I Will Survive” has become an emotional anthem of hope and resilience.

“I Will Survive – a timeless anthem empowering those reaching for positive change in their lives, a sing-along sound track supporting those in a period of change, often from a dark place to somewhere brighter” – Tina Turner

The legendary singer has added another milestone to her career. Gloria Gaynor will release her first Gospel album exclusively on AMAZON.COM on November 26 appropriately titled WE WILL SURVIVE. “Recording a Gospel album was something I’ve wanted to do for years, but my manager and husband kept putting me off,” Gaynor shares. “Now that I’m in control of my own career, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and combine the four things I believe I was created to do – sing, write, teach, and share my faith.”

In 2011, Gaynor traveled to Nashville to begin recording her Gospel CD. “You’re Right On Time” is her first radio single, which is a beautifully fashioned ballad with a sincere and powerful message of reassurance. “While in Nashville, I wrote the single with Chris Tompkins who already had the first line of the song – ‘I’ve been down without a prayer’, then we prayed before we began working together,” she continues. “He started with the melody and music, and the rest of the lyrics just flowed out of me.”

Legendary R&B/Disco Queen GLORIA GAYNOR Prepares For First Gospel CDIn the book WE WILL SURVIVE, Gaynor shares forty of these inspirational, true stories about survivors of all kinds—individuals who have found comfort, hope, and courage through the power of this one song.

WE WILL SURVIVE is both heart-wrenching and uplifting – a book that illustrates the unifying and healing powers of music. It also eloquently expresses Gloria Gaynor’s unique style – her fierce love of life, her devotion to faith and her enduring love for the song that has become the soundtrack of a million lives. “I still love singing it in concert, and on tour I save it for last,” says Gaynor. “I sing the song to myself every time I face a problem. It always works.”


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