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Vincent Tharpe and Kenosis Announce SUPER EXCITED Album and Summer Tour

Vincent Tharpe and Kenosis Announce SUPER EXCITED Album and Summer Tour

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Over the past 10 years an assembly of young, vibrant voices from Memphis, TN have been making their imprint in Gospel music. With dynamic showmanship, ardent praise and dazzling vocal abilities, Vincent Tharpe and Kenosis (VTK) has marked their position as a group with mass appeal and permanency in music ministry and music entertainment.

With hard work to continue polishing their talent and maturing growth in their faith and servitude to Christ, VTK is making big announcements – they are releasing a sophomore album, gearing up for a summer tour which has generated tremendous excitement for their ministry and global impact, and have a new management partnership.

In follow up to their debut 2014 Stellar Award nominated album VINCENT THARPE AND KENOSIS: LIVE IN MEMPHIS, VTK announces their forthcoming sophomore release SUPER EXCITED. Holding true to VTK’s signature energetic performances and outrageous vocal skills, SUPER EXCITED will showcase even more of the group’s electrifying delivery and a matured level of songwriting.  “I’m #SuperExcited about this album because it truly does describe how I feel about Jesus,” says Vincent. “Every song that God gave me was specifically for this album. It is my privilege and honor to sing about and for Him.”

SUPER EXCITED is available for pre-order now on iTunes and Amazon and will release July 20. In preparation for their album release, VTK will embark on a “SUPER EXCITED SUMMER TOUR”. Vincent and his singers will kick off their tour in Memphis, TN on July 20 and crisscross the country through September. So far, the group will be headed to Atlanta, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Southbend, Chicago, Durham, Huntsville and Washington, DC. More dates are being added.

Front man and founder Vincent Tharpe has been purposefully developing his ensemble and brand for a decade and will expand even further with more new initiatives. Vincent has signed an artist branding and management partnership with the multiple award winning Nashville, TN based marketing firm The Bellamy Group. Founder and CEO Benita Bellamy Kelley will direct the advanced development of VTK’s music ministry and oversee the strategic enterprising of Vincent’s personal brand which includes hosting a new radio show. Vincent recently launched The Choir Stand radio show on Ugospel Radio. The Choir Stand radio show, produced by Benita and her husband Kevin Kelley for The Bellamy Group, airs every Wednesday from 1-3PM Eastern on Ugospel.com.

“I met Vincent several years ago and I’ve had the privilege of watching him and his group grow,” Benita shares. “I’ve been a fan and a mentor to VTK and now I get to officially welcome them to #TeamBellamyGroup. I’m thrilled to be able to assist Vincent with his career goals and help take his brand to heightened levels and his ministry to global platforms.”

With their territories expanding and music ministry growing, Vincent Tharpe and Kenosis are focused and dedicated to sharing their zealous praise and worship as according to Philippians 2:5-8 in which Christ emptied out himself to become totally receptive to God and His most perfect will. VTK’s group synergy is like family and their desire to empty themselves through music ministry is their predestined assignment.

“Kenosis is my backbone and I’m so grateful to do ministry with them,” Vincent expresses. “We’re 10 years strong and God has favored us to travel everywhere spreading what He has gifted us to do. The future is BRIGHT for VTK!! We have many more albums to release, which creates even more opportunities to minister.”


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