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Christian Leaders and Artists React to Donald Trump’s Victory

Christian Leaders and Artists React to Donald Trump’s Victory

[As Hillary Clinton concedes victory to Donald Trump, a nation is left divided]

Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly cling to her faith as she comes to grips with what’s happened in America. She’s lost her bid for president, and a pop-culture influenced Donald Trump will now ascend to the highest level of government.

Clinton was raised in the Methodist church, and is known to carry a bible with her as she travels. Now as the religious community comes to grips with the news, we have a few statements by the Christian/Gospel community.

It seems like most of them voted democratic.  Let’s keep our country and world in prayer.

John P. Kee: I Can, I Will, I Must, I Shall Survive.. Philippians 4:19

Marvin Sapp: Father, Today I ask that you would heal this nation, because it’s clear that we are divided and that racism is no longer asleep in our country but has awaken and is alive and well. Cause our new president to understand the pain that words have caused, and use words to repair the breach quickly. Allow those who are feeling disenfranchised and fearful after last evening results to hold fast to Jer 30:17 CEB which declares I will restore your health, and I will heal your wounds, declares the Lord, because you were labeled an outcast, “Zion, the lost cause.” In Jesus name #Restoration2017 #Prepare4It

Kirk Franklin: Our division should be an embarrassment…

Natalie Grant: Today we elect a new president. But we already have a King, who is far above any ruler, or authority or power or leader. #kingoftheworld

Bishop Paul S. Morton: If u woke up feeling Hopeless because of the election it means you have Elected to put your trust in man not God God is still on the Throne

Earnest Pugh: Unmanageable disappointment. God help us! Is this really what America wants?… Sorry family I lost it for a minute but I got it back together real quick. Let’s look unto Jesus the author

Pastor Gregg Patrick: We have a new President, Donald Trump. We are one nation under God, and His will has been done. Many are happy, but many are angry, hurt, suffering, and afraid this morning. But we must let these feelings go, and embrace God’s will. Father, deliver us from our fears; heal our hearts; and heal our nation! #Romans828 #trustGod

Pastor Jason Nelson: Men should always #PRAY and NOT faint. Luke 18:1

Mandisa: Something for followers of Jesus to keep in mind. -Colossians 3:12-14

James Fortune: The American people have spoke loud and clear..smh

Myron Butler: Heartbroke [emoji]

Bishop Hezekiah Walker: This presidential race was evident that there’s a difference between the Kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of God. Let the kingdoms of this world have BARABBAS! The Kingdom of God reigns because we have JESUS! We are his people and the sheep of his pasture. One thing this election has done was expose many people who have been silently racist in this world and unfortunately in the church. Making America great again is a racist terminology that refers back to the days of Jim Crow. Some white Americans will never allow black Americans to be equal with them even within the church. Everything we do is wrong from the way we worship, praise, sing, preach, dress, even our music is not worthy to be played on white Christian stations unless we sound like them. Get ready because racism is going to show its head like never before. White supremacy is alive and well as of 11/9/16. I refuse to allow this election to damage my faith God is going to make all this BETTER! God Help Us!

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