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Egypt’s Interim President Promises to Protect Christian Churches During Christmas

Egypt’s Interim President Promises to Protect Christian Churches During ChristmasChristmas is supposed to be a time for giving and love. But all too often it’s a time for mourning for Christians that are persecuted around the world for their faith.  (In picture left, Over thirty-five churches were attacked, damaged or destroyed during violence and protests that rocked Egypt earlier this month).

Mid-East Christian News reports today that Egypt’s Interim President Adli Mansour has promised he would secure churches during the upcoming holidays and during the time of the referendum and elections.

Mina Magdi, coordinator of the Maspero Youth Union (MYU), revealed the comments came as the president spoke during a meeting of 50 members of revolutionary and party movements. The president also discussed the future vision of holding the presidential election before the parliamentary election and how the parliamentary elections will be held.

Mansour listened to reports on the suffering of Copts due to sectarian attacks and delays in building and restoration of churches that were destroyed on August 14, following the dispersal of the Brotherhood’s sit-ins.

Magdi told Mideast Christian News that he presented the president with three Coptic issues, including the sectarian attacks on Copts, and demanded ending the customary reconciliation meetings that he said undermine the prestige of the state and the rule of law.

Magdi also called for the need to bring perpetrators to trial and to deter instigators and also noted the delay in the restoration and construction of the churches destroyed in August.

Magdi noted that the president listened to the views of the young people on the road map and about 60 percent of the attendees supported holding the presidential election first, while the majority agreed that the mixed system of the individual and the list systems would be ideal for parliamentary elections with the need to ensure the best representation for marginalized groups, as stated by the constitution.

The president stressed that he listens to all classes of people through such meetings to reach a final drafting of the roadmap and the parliamentary elections, and he is expected to hold meetings with party.



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