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Shirley Caesar Tackles Acting in New Bounce TV Drama “Family Time”

Shirley Caesar Tackles Acting in New Bounce TV Drama “Family Time”

[BounceTV continues to expand into the scripted television market with two new shows]

About “Family Time”

“Family Time” follows the lives of the Stallworth family who relocated to the suburbs after hitting the lottery. High school sweethearts Tony (Omar Gooding) and Lisa (Angell Conwell) lovingly quarrel with each other and their mischievous children, Devin and Ebony, as they make up their own rules for love, marriage and family along the way.

About “Grown Folks”

Meet Gary and Jillian Thompson and James and Brenda Finley. Gary is frugal and short-tempered. James is neighborly and unassuming. Jillian is Gary’s level-headed counterpart, while Brenda is the cheerful homemaker. Their lives may not be typical, but they have each other’s back

Upcoming Episodes Include:

November 13th:

Family Time

“Stalking for Love”

Mon. Nov. 13 at 9:00pm/ET

Tony (Omar Gooding) prepares for Lisa’s aunt (Shirley Caesar) to visit; Donnie (Clayton Thomas) discovers that he has a stalker. Katherine Shaw (The Transplanters), Donovan Carter and gospel singer Shirley Caesar (The Fighting Temptations) guest star.

Grown Folks

“Cousin Leon”

Mon. Nov. 13 at 9:30pm/ET

Life takes a turn for the worst when Gary’s (Gary ‘G Thang’ Johnson) successful and mischievous cousin Leon comes to town. Brian Hooks (The Ropes) andAmberley Shaw (Like Family) guest star.

November 20th:

Family Time

“No Thanksgiving”

Mon. Nov. 20 at 9:00pm/ET

With Thanksgiving approaching, Tony (Omar Gooding), Lisa (Angell Conwell) and their children are forced to rearrange their plans after their family and friends decide not to celebrate with them. Rodney Perry (Madea’s Big Happy Family) and Virgil Fairely (My Life Over the Top) guest star.

Grown Folks

“Snitches Get Stiches”

Mon. Nov. 20 at 9:30pm/ET

Gary (Gary ‘G Thang’ Johnson) and James (Jay Phillips) are on a high following their heroic efforts during a bank robbery. Hilarity ensues when Gary discovers that a few bank robbers have escaped jail and are now looking for him. Chanel Downey (This Indie Thing), Glenn Plummer (Suits), Dana Michael Woods (Bones), Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones (Empire), Ricardo “Kurupt” Brown (From Tha Bottom 2 Tha Top), Damon Williams (Def Comedy Jam) and Esau McGraw (Idlewild) guest star.

November 27th:

Family Time

“Cheer Up”

Mon. Nov. 27 at 9:00pm/ET

As Lisa (Angell Conwell) coaches Ebony’s (Jayla Calhoun) cheerleading team, Tony (Omar Gooding) and Donnie (Clayton Thomas) track down a mouse in the Stallworth house.

Grown Folks

“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

Mon. Nov. 27 at 9:30pm/ET

Things take a turn for the worst after Bryon (Oren Williams) brings his new girlfriend to James’ (Jay Phillips) birthday dinner. Oren Williams (ER), Chelsea Tavares (CSI: Miami) and three-time GRAMMY nominated singer Durrell “Tank” Babbs guest star.

December 4th:

Family Time

“Cold Feet”

Mon. Dec. 4 at 9:00pm/ET

Chaos erupts after both Tony (Omar Gooding) and Lisa (Angell Conwell) get caught in a lie. Rodney Perry (Madea’s Big Happy Family) and Wesley Jonathan (The Soul Man) guest star.

Grown Folks

“Pay to Play”

Mon. Dec. 4 at 9:30pm/ET

Gary (Gary ‘G Thang’ Johnson) creates a new game called “Poke-A-Roach” and decides to cash in by charging neighborhood kids to play. Three-time GRAMMY nominated singer Durrell “Tank” Babbs (The New Edition Story), Oren Williams (ER), Glenn Bond (Like Family), Kylee Evans (Good Witch) and Tayvonne Evans guest star.

December 11th:

Family Time

“Love Tat”

Mon. Dec. 11 at 9:00pm/ET

As their anniversary approaches, both Tony (Omar Gooding) and Lisa (Angell Conwell) struggle to find the perfect gift for each other. Karlous Miller (Wild ‘N on Tour) and La’Myia Good (ER) guest star.

Grown Folks

“Four Can Play That Game”

Mon. Dec. 11 at 9:30pm/ET

Gary (Gary ‘G Thang’ Johnson), Jillian (Tracey Cherelle Jones), James (Jay Phillips) and Brenda (Caryn Ward) go head-to-head in the most intense arguments their relationships have experience. The lovers begin to wonder if they’ll ever be able to truly mend their relationships. Ken Patterson, Kevin Palafox (Criminal Minds), Kashuna Perfected (The Eric Andre Show) and Liesl Ritts (Illicit) guest star.

December 18th:

Family Time

“College Bound”

Mon. Dec. 18 at 9:00pm/ET

When Devin gets accepted into college Lisa (Angell Conwell) and Tony (Omar Gooding) do everything they can to persuade him to go. Meanwhile, Lisa’s friend (Melissa De Sousa) makes an unexpected visit. Richard Gant (The Game) and Melissa De Sousa (Shameless) guest star.

Grown Folks

“Love Has No Boundaries”

Mon. Dec. 18 at 9:30pm/ET

When Gary’s niece brings Patrick, her new boyfriend to town, everything goes awry. Patrick tries to charm the family, but Gary (Gary ‘G Thang’ Johnson) begins to suspect that not everything is as it seems. Andrea Covington (Laid in America), Keith Cherry (Star Wars: Destroyer) and three-time GRAMMY nominated singer Durrell “Tank” Babbs (The New Edition Story) guest star.

December 25th:

Family Time

“Secret Stallworth”

Mon. Dec. 25 at 9:00pm/ET

Christmas is officially here and both Tony (Omar Gooding) and Lisa (Angell Conwell) are struggling to find the perfect Secret Santa gift for their loved ones. Richard Gant (The Game) and Rodney Perry (Madea’s Big Happy Family) guest star.

Grown Folks

“Twisted Sorority Sister”

Mon. Dec. 25 at 9:30pm/ET

Gary’s (Gary ‘G Thang’ Johnson) loyalty is tested when Donna, Jillian’s beautiful sorority sister comes for a visit. Christina Webber (Beyond the Lights) guest stars.

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