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A Mississippi Woman Says She Saw Heaven and Spoke to God – Spirited Testimony

mississippi-woman-died-and-saw-heaven-300x198A Mississippi woman of God says she actually died and went to heaven. Allison got tired of seeing all the sin in the world and asked God to take her away.

After fasting and praying, she lost a lot of weight. One day she repented for her sins, after reading the book of Revelation, continuously. After 11 chapters, she laid in a fetal position on her bed an God took her to heaven, instantly.

Allison shares how she saw glorious heaven and spoke with God. She passed a galaxy up in the sky and saw many angels guarding heaven. God had took Allison out of her body and she experienced an instant transformation. Eventually, she traveled through a glorious light and spoke with Jesus Christ.

The idea of seeing heaven is unrealistic to some, but ones thing for sure. Allison tells her testimony with otter conviction.

Allison’s testimony reminds us of many other testimonies we’ve heard, except hers is very distinct. Hear her testimony in the video below.

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  • Great testimony.

  • testimony

    Oh yes heaven is real……repentance is what the world is lacking now…..

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