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Backlash Coming for Pastor’s Taylor Swift-Themed Service

Backlash Coming for Pastor’s Taylor Swift-Themed Service
Taylor Swift at the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2019 – Photo by Glenn Francis

A historic church in Heidelberg, Germany, conducted worship services featuring the music of pop artist Taylor Swift.

Backlash Coming for Pastor’s Taylor Swift-Themed Service

As reported by Deutsche Welle (DW), the Church of the Holy Spirit, a renowned church in Heidelberg that meets in a 600-year-old building, organized a service titled “Anti-Hero — Taylor Swift Church Service” over the weekend to attract young people. The service attracted more than 1,200 attendees.

“The Church of the Holy Spirit has always been a place of encounter and exchange,” Pastor Christof Ellsiepen explained to the outlet. “That’s why a pop-music religious service fits so perfectly. With it, we are giving space to the questions and issues that occupy the younger generation.”

Backlash Coming for Pastor’s Taylor Swift-Themed Service

According to The Christian Post, the pastor also emphasized that the service delved into the seemingly Christian themes in Swift’s music to address contested topics, such as women’s rights, racism, and gender equality.

Parish Pastor Vincenzo Petracca acknowledged that Swift recently faced criticism from evangelical leaders due to the lyrical content of her latest album.

“Theologically speaking, she points to the justness of God,” Petracca remarked, noting that Swift’s “faith knows doubt and inner-conflict.”

“For her, faith and action are inseparable,” he added.

The church hosted two Sunday services featuring Swift’s music, which predominantly attracted a young, female audience. A rainbow banner behind the musicians proclaimed the church’s inclusive stance, welcoming “all sizes, all colors, all cultures, all sexes, all beliefs, all religions, all ages, all types, all people.”

Although Petracca acknowledged that the church’s architectural design was originally intended for Gregorian liturgical music rather than Taylor Swift, he expressed gratitude for the warm reception of the modern-pop service.

“I saw beaming faces — and during the rendition of Taylor’s song dedicated to her mother battling cancer, many were moved to tears,” he shared, referring to “Soon You’ll Get Better.”

Following the release of Swift’s album last month, some Christians criticized the lyrics, claiming they mocked God and Christians.

As Crosswalk Headlines previously reported, evangelist Shane Pruitt advised parents to exercise discernment and reconsider allowing their children to listen to Swift’s music.

“I certainly don’t take the stance of prohibiting secular music as a minister or parent,” Pruitt, who serves as the National Next Gen director for the Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board and co-author of Calling Out the Called, stated in a Facebook post. “Moreover, I understand that unbelievers will behave as unbelievers do. HOWEVER, there’s a distinction between secular and ANTI-CHRISTIAN.”

Meanwhile, former Boyzone star Shane Lynch recently accused Swift of participating in satanic rituals during her live performances.

“I believe that when you observe many artists’ stage shows, a lot of them are live satanic rituals in front of 20,000 people without their awareness or recognition,” Lynch told Ireland’s Sunday World.

Read the complete story on ChristianHeadlines.com.


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