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Gospel Artist Conrad Miller Encourages Believers To Hold On And “Keep Pressing”

Conrad_MillerWith the beginning of fall, 2013 is beginning its wind-down. Many of us had hopes and dreams for the year that haven’t come to pass yet. Maybe we received a word from God that hasn’t manifested yet and we’re tempted to give up and give in. Maybe it’s a New Year’s Resolution that we forgot about in February. Or maybe it’s something heartbreaking like the loss of someone special. Whatever it may be, Gospel artist Conrad Miller has a word for you: Keep Pressing. Continue reading

Apostle Veryl Howard Presents God’s Women In Ministry & Entertainment Conference October 11th – 13th


Veryl_HowardBy Apostle Veryl Howard

Years ago in the wee hours, God spoke to me and expressed the need to connect kingdom minded women. God is raising up awesome women to take over the Gospel industry, that has been spiritually polluted by the enemy. Continue reading

EDITORIAL: If you seek the Lord, you will find Him – Never Too Late to Turn Back

Wrong-Way-Turn-Back-Sign-K-7427Let us be moved with compassion to turn towards the Lord of Lords realizing that His desire is not to hold our faults, mistakes, downfalls, and sins over our heads. He is the Lord who forgives all who will repent. He is the Lord that loves us unconditionally, regardless of our past, our mistakes, our hang-ups, and our mess-ups. Continue reading

EDITORIAL: “He Wants It All” – By: Paula Bibbs

KJV_Mark_12-30As I was listening to a song by Forever Jones, “He Wants It All”, I was reminded of a conversation I had with someone.  I was asked to do something and I avoided the assignment siting many reasons for my resistance.  In the end, I indicated I would think about it and how to go about doing what was asked of me. Continue reading

Alone Time With God: Rob Mercer’s Story

Rob MercerLife can be a rat race. Job, family, church and other responsibilities can fill our days, and sometimes, even the most dedicated Christian can skip time with God. But what are we missing when we miss our time with God? Gospel artist Rob Mercer understands the value of being alone with God. It’s during those times that he senses the presence of God the most. Continue reading

Why we should fear the Lord – By: Paula Bibbs

Paula-BibbsPsalm 115:11 ~ Ye that fear the Lord, trust in the Lord; he is their help and their shield.

When I first read this scripture I wanted to focus on who the Lord is to us in our lives.  However, as I continued to read and reread this scripture, I was convicted, because I realized how little I actually feared, reverenced and acknowledged the power of the Lord.  Continue reading

NBA Player Jason Collins Says He’s Gay; Are Christians now the ones being forced in the closet?

Jason CollinsThe times as we know it are changing.  Lifestyle choices are changing and the acceptance of those lifestyle choices are growing.  It’s not just an American dilemma, but the one debate that the world is struggling to adapt as acceptable in today’s times.  Continue reading