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Boycott of TONEX’s Gospel Comeback Concert Gaining Supporters

Boycott of TONEX’s Gospel Comeback Concert Gaining SupportersThe artist formerly known as Tonex, also going by the alias B-Slade announced in bold fashion that he was back performing Gospel music two weeks ago.

Tonex’s comeback concert promoted as “Where’s TONEX?” was supposed to be a celebration of sorts for Tonex to come back to his first love, Gospel music. But if a few Howard University students have their way, no one will show up!

The concert is scheduled to take place September 15 at The Howard Theatre, and the slated performance is causing many students at the school to become quite upset. With a Facebook page created entitled “Don’t support Tonex concert” and a Twitter handle, @BoycottTonex (which as of this morning has been removed). Fans have not forgot the manner in which Tonex left Gospel. To call it going out in a blaze of glory would be an understatement.

In 2008, Tonex announced on PATH MEGAzine that he was no longer a Gospel artist and that he was leaving his record label Verity for good. In 2011, Tonex told PATH exclusively that he is changing his name to B-Slade. It was that controversial interview that Tonex said he was gay, and that he believed that people were born homosexual. Stating that homosexuality is a ‘genetic predisposition’, and not a sin. Then the madness came soon after. Erotic performances at gay night clubs were taped and aired on YouTube. And explicit lyrics flowed from his lips using his new B-Slade identity.

Boycott of TONEX’s Gospel Comeback Concert Gaining SupportersHoward student Angela Powell said, “He’s confused. One second he says he’s not gay then does a tour and says he is. He said he quit gospel but then comes out and says he’s not finished with Christian music yet. He needs to sit down somewhere.”

Curtis Montgomery, a second-year biology major, told AmericaPreachers.com, ”As a Christian, homosexuality is wrong. I don’t support it and I’m glad so many students are standing up and rejecting this concert also.”

Students have posted signs throughout Howard University asking people not to support the concert and to return their tickets for a full refund.

Curtis and Angela are two of many undergraduate and graduate students who will be located outside the concert protesting and handing out Christian music.

Below is the exclusive viral interview Tonex did with PATH publisher Kris Patrick back in 2011.

Boycott of TONEX’s Gospel Comeback Concert Gaining Supporters

[Official Flyer marked up by Boycotters]

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Pastor Gregory W. Covington II

it seems as of lately, I have been dealing with causes, and I usually try
to stay out of things, but here’s another one for you. Recently, the
Gospel artist, or whatever you prefer to call him, Tonex, has decided to
rejoin the Gospel community by reigniting his career with a concert at
Howard University. So many “CHRISTIANS” are up in arms over this. Hmm,
I’m honestly not trying to fight the power on this one, I’m a bit tired,
but I forget – should I be for his return to the cross, or against it? I
am trying to go with the CHRISTIAN flow here, but it changes so much. I
mean, we don’t like him anymore because he’s gay, or was gay, but we
support with our dollars, other Gospel artists who are gay, repeatedly
having kids out of wedlock, have cheated on their wives, and then some.
So again, can someone in the CHRISTIAN community please direct me in the
current flow of “Love thy neighbor as thyself” or “judge not lest ye be
judged” or “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

I agree with you. We as Christians, must learn to Love and Let the past be the past. Even if Tonex is Gay, I respect him for being honest instead of down low like a lot of Church men and women are. It’s Christians who always hold the past against someone that always have the most stuff going on in their life.

Grd Peter

i hope he’s willingly coming back and stay because i love him but not as gay

Musique P

Doesn’t the Bible teach us to love our neighbor even as ourselves. What if He is Gay, you still wouldn’t love him?


The Bible teaches the church not to communicate with those who are sinful, know it, and refuse to take correction. Do we still love? OF course. Do we still associate, support and defend? Absolutely NOT. The past is the past when it is the past. When it is not the past, deal with it and be humble enough to walk in and receive the love of God, not try to think others have to support you as you take front stage as you are when you are the one who put yourself out there as you have.

Dr. Mariea E. Watkins

Very well said Pastor. We should embrace, love and support him, and allow God to continue to deal with his heart. If he wants to come home, we should let him! Only the pure in heart will see God anyway. If he’s repentant his fruit will show that, if not, we will all know it! Still, there’s another soul at stake here. I for one, would want to be restored if I lost my way. Where else is there to go if the body of Christ turns their back. Shame on all of you who have closed your hearts. That is NOT the loving Christ who died for ALL of our sins! Give the man a chance! Rev. Watkins

Richard Williams

You are not a true shepherd of God’s people if you believe that is okay for someone who will not confess their sin to try to lead people in Christian ministry. That is the issue here – it is not about whether everyone has sinned or not. It is about whether or not everyone is able to confess their sin!

Patricia Williams

I love what you are saying, and it is sad to see that ppl do not understand the things of God (his word). We cannot take God’s word to justify our lifestyle. this is all what all this foolishness is about. I pray that the wrath of God does not show up this day or any day because of our sinful thoughts/ways. Speak Truth!!


Sure. Go and sin no more, not sin and tell everybody receive me as I am (LET he who is w/out sin…that is not where the mind of Christ ends. There is salvation, not justification of what God has denounced. She did not run and tell that she is still running with men. Love thy neighbor as thyself…Not thy sin and public life of confusion and contradiction to the Bible of thy neighbor. LOVING the neighbor does not mean AGREE with neighbor. It means the kind of stuff that is found where if a man loves God, He will keep His commandments. If you see your brother in sin, warn him or the blood is on your hands. That is part of this “love”. “Judge not lest ye be judged” and by the same measure, you will be judged. Regardless of what we do or say, we will all be judged and how we handle others when we judge is precisely how we will be handled. Again, keep on reading. Everyone has our own life and that is well understood. When you want people to pay to sit down and listen to you sing out of the same mouth that justifies what is abominable, that is where we will stand up.

Patricia Williams

I know this is a few years ago, but I loved Tonex songs and most of all “Lord make me over”. When I first heard this song I knew he was speaking about his sexuality and making his confession to God. A carnal minded man do not understand the things of God. As a woman who has had the same issues being sexually assaulted by a family member; I have to say it does have a mental stress on ones mind. The Devil will play on that thing…I know. However, the sad part about what I am reading of everyone disturbs me; why it is easy to use and take scriptures (the word of God) to justify our life style (trying to make it fit into scriptures). As a Christian we know this war is not against flesh or blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. You know the word….We have to pray for Tonex, blade, whatever he calls himself, because he is in a spiritual warfare that only God can help him out of. As a Christian we can stand with him in prayer; we are to stand together fighting and submitting petition to God for his soul. The word says the Angel’s rejoice when a sinner comes to Christ; he is no different; which is why I am against what we are doing. I am not saying I agree with Tonex…Oh no!, but if he has repented of his sins to God; we must embrace him as a brother. We are to allow God to do the rest in him. I cannot/will not change Tonex; I do not have that authority; if I did I have issues in myself (owe eye)that needs to be address, but I can love him not his sin. I have gay family members and I love them no less than those who are not gay, but I speak truth, I do not agree or promote their lifestyle. As many of you had said, sin is sin no matter what or who commits it. God hates sin but loves the sinner by repentance. Yes, Yes, we all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, but speak repentance daily because we sin daily. Beloved it, when we repent, asking God for forgiveness turn from evil ways; this is pleasing to God according to scriptures. Live by faith and not by sight; lets not condemn the man, but we can condemn the sin .

[…] CLICK HERE to Read Full Report […]


Im so over you Christians who are quick to condemn and judge…and yes sin is wrong..if you are going to boycott Tonex for his sin why don’t you boycott yourself for your sin!!!!! Are you kidding me…God didn’t say you were the eternal judge….This is why people who don’t know Jesus as their Lord and Savior will not even be compelled to come to him willingly…SMH…the prayer for him is God make him according to what you have fashioned Anthony to be…and don’t allow my judgement of his life be a hindrance from you being able to manifest deliverance not only in his life but in my life as well!!!! Pray and don’t judge

Richard Williams

Nobody is condemning him to hell. But you are judging just as much as Christians are. It is not boycotting for someone who sins – it is boycotting for someone who will not admit that he is sinning. There are a lot of people who do not understand judging. The apostle Paul clearly states that we are meant to judge those who claim to be a part of the church.


We didn’t fashion Anthony to be. He fashioned himself, put himself out there, and is holding onto what he believes. The believer who opposes what he purports b/c of what we believer is not a hypocrite b/c you say so. There is nothing to “pray” about on this matter. If a man says he is gay, wants to be gay, and people who oppose that on the basis of their belief in the Bible and what it says for us, we are to respond accordingly. If a man lies, don’t tell me I can’t judge because I fart. I a woman cheats, don’t tell me I can’t address that b/c I’m late for work, you are a hypocrite and pray. He is not a man going in and out of his house and people are harrassing him. He is a man who has a public life and been in and out of gospel music and has been very vocal about what many people do not support. There is entirely too much nonsense when it comes to this kind of stuff. Openly gay-sin-no gospel music-craziness on YouTube–boycott. Lead yourself in worship. That’s it.


His being gay is not the problem…we all sin. It’s that he does not want to be changed by Him. He is ignoring the word of God. Therefore, his Christian message is like hypocrisy. For that, his music is rightly boycotted.

Grd Peter

been gay, good but let him be conscious and drop the sinful way of been gay and he can be accepted

Sollo Narh

“…and he can be accepted” by YOU? (another sinner)? SMH.

Grd Peter

BY ME? who is ME? am a sinner like him(Tonex) if i say he will be accepted, i meant by GOD

Sollo Narh

Good. Quick question though.
1. Have you (Grd Peter) dropped ALL your sinful ways? I doubt.
2. Have you (Grd Peter) been accepted by God? Very likely.
Think on these.

Grd Peter

Thank you for asking me those questions, but according to my understanding in Christ, if someone is justified of all you mentioned in your question, i belief that such person would have been with God,

1- someone who has left all his/her sinful ways is with God because God will never let such person to see the corruption again
2- Been accepted by God can only be knwon through your worship and praise and that one is not enough, if someone needs to know if he is been accepted by God, sure that he has dead

Now we are all run to the perfection because no one is perfect, but him (Tonex) if he decided to continue be gay and sing for God, am I God to refuse his worship…? but can this character glorify God’s kingdom, can proud of him been gay and sing gospel?

otherwise am not against and am not judging him as i am not the person who receives his praises and worships
thank you

Joe Dessesseau Jr

this is the best answer I have seen on here real talk.. If I did not repent and ask God to change me I would still be fornicating. But after I repented I got into Gods word & I got an accountability partner that hold me up to the word.. plus my wife knows my past & now she holds me up also. I’m doing everything on my part to do Gods will, in return God keep me in all His ways.. Now I tell the devil ” I AIN’T GOING BACK THERE” HARD!!!


I just stumbled on this and had to say something. Being gay isn’t a decision you make – just like being straight isn’t. If it could be changed with a snap of the fingers nobody would be gay (who wants to go through the kind of ridicule as LBGT folks?). But it doesn’t work like that for most people and I don’t think church folks grasp that very well. At least Tonex is honest about his position instead of pretending to be something he’s not just to fit in. If he wants to sing gospel music, who is anybody to stop him? If that’s the case Paul with his thorn should’ve stopped being an apostle when God wouldn’t take the thorn out of his flesh. Tonex is doing something for the kingdom and believe it or not, he has the power to reach someone. God’s grace is sufficient for him just like it is for me and every other person in the world. However, if his singing gospel will cause more harm than good for people, then and only then should he not sing for their sake.


Being gay (a sin that God does address in the bible), like being drunk, fornicating, adultery and all of the rest of the sins, are all choices that we make. Of course you can be born gay. You were born in sin. You can born a liar, a thief, a rapist, but they’re all sin. They’re all a temptation. The fornicator wants to fornicate, the drunkard was to drink, the adultery wants to sleep with somebody else’s spouse. But as a Christian you don’t yield to the sin. Christ has shed his blood and saved us to give us power over sin. If we choose. Of course it’s a struggle. That’s the battle we fight. The battle against our flesh. Our sin.


I think the misunderstanding here is that being gay is a choice. What you’re attracted to sexually is very much not a choice. You either like the same sex or you don’t (unless you’re bisexual – a whole other ball game). It’s not like Tonex or any other homosexual can will themselves straight. The same goes for straight folks too. You can’t switch it on and off – which is the whole issue about this that most people don’t get.
Even if it was a choice, I highly doubt that Tonex or any other gay person would choose a lifestyle that leads to such ridicule and personal hardship – especially if they’re a Christian. It’s a situation that causes a lot of personal pain for folks.
By the way – being gay isn’t a sin. Biblically speaking, it’s the action one takes on their attraction that’s classified as sin.

Real Talk

The problem with your last sentence is you think sin only exist if you commit it or act on it…..the very thoughts of foolishness is sin…meaning your battle is in your mind first…it is the very reason that repentance is needed daily..because we don’t just wrestle with the flesh….but spirits that run through our mind daily…so 4 me I acknowledge my thoughts are sin…because your thoughts can carry you to many places that only you, the Lord and Satan know of…”the mind is the battle ground between two spirits”…..there isn’t but two spirits that exist…Good (God) and Evil (Satan = God of this world)….this why repentance is a favor from God..because many will seek it with tears and not be accepted…God knows when we’re sincere…can’t fool him…..So yes homosexuality is a sin…but so is everything in between…liar, backbiter, busybody, covetous, murderers, rapist ..etc…We can’t change the fact that all flesh was born in sin…


So if I understand you correctly, being tempted by something sinful is a sin in and of itself. That can’t be right because Jesus himself was tempted and he never sinned. Surely the thought crossed his mind to consider what Satan was proposing to him – or else it couldn’t be called temptation at all right? So one can draw the conclusion that being drawn to something or having a desire for something sinful isn’t sin until you act on it.

Patricia Williams

OMG!! I had to sign up just to say AMEN!!! don’t care if this is 4 yrs ago…

Marjorie Tabb

We create a campaign to boycott this boy but wont boycott Eddie Long? I dont get this. Let this boy sing.#HYPOCRITES

Musique P

SAY IT MARJORIE My sentiments exactly…At least Tonex didn’t bash the gays and get caught in it. He admitted his faults

Crystal Dash

you are right he needs to be ministered to again


With lovingkindness have I drawn thee. Hmmmm, those are the very words of Jesus yet here are CHRISTANS condemning a child of God. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We have not all been perfect and I know I have fallen many times but God is a God of forgiveness. Instead of using energy to boycott this brother, let’s pray for his soul and his return to the foot of the Cross and to the throne of mercy. I pray that God does not judge us as harshly as we judge our brothers and sisters in Christ. God help us all!


WIth lovingkindness have I drawn thee…speaking to a rebellious people…The point is, turn away and repent. Finish the passage. All have sinned and fallen short…and that is why we all need Jesus. We come by way of repentance, not justifying sin and holding onto it, and telling God and God’s people this is the way it is. The wages of sin is already given. It is up to us to receive the love of God and repent–turn away from–not enable, not endorse, not justify what God says he hates. We all have been born in sin and shaped in iniquity. Then we repent and live for Christ and uphold the banner of righteousness b/c of Jesus; it does exist and it is not mixed with all sorts of present day nonsense b/c everything goes.

Real Talk

Well said well said amen! It doesn’t matter how one (we) may feel we’re born…hetro or homo etc….in the end we all must repent and be born again of water and spirit……just 4 thought to those hyping Tonex/B-Slade’s gift ….gifts and callings are with out repentance…meaning simply that you can be talented but the Lord ain’t in it or with it…Lucifer..that old dragon…had the best pipes in heaven……it went to his head an he fell from the throne…

Grd Peter

TONEX please this time around come back and stay and praise God with the voice that God gave you… don’t corrupt the TEMPLE of God from which this beautiful is coming out


I don’t know. None of us can know what has transpired with the brother since that foolish interview he did. No one knows what God has or hasn’t laid on his heart. No one can know whether or not he now can embrace 1 Timothy 1:8-7 with the same or more conviction than he had when blasphemed against the tenets of the gospel. The real question is whether or not a for profit concert is even the place for that conversation? Also, what does it say about where his head is at and what his agenda is that he believes that such an event is the appropriate platform for him to demonstrate where he stands? I don’t know his heart, but something doesn’t smell right. IJS

Crystal Daniels

Boycotting a child of the King? How dare you. .whatever he has done right or wrong is not up for judgment. . You are not God..we dont know what God is doing. .we are supposed to hold up our brothers n sisters if they fall..but I bet Tonex has reached and will reach many souls..isnt that the point of it all?this is not ok..unless your listening to an album made by Jesus Christ straight from heaven then you are in support of artist who have sinned and come short of the glory..a bunch of self righteous, pious individuals..Its crazy because christianity is supposed to be a brotherhood..a family..and this is how we do our brother? This is not an example of the compelling love of the God I serve. .more like the judgmental Pharisees of the bible days..he who has no sin cast the first stone. .dont worry i’ll wait…………

Paul N

Wrong. This is emotionalism.

What people do wrong is up to judgement according to 1 Corinthians 5.

He did an interview saying he was gay, he needs to renounce it openly as he has endorsed it openly, that is what a “child of the King” ought to do. Has he has lead many in embracing homosexuality, should he not come out and apologize to them and let them know it is sin? It is not ONLY about reaching people for God, it is also about the individual. That is why Paul said he had to be careful lest he was disqualified.

Also casting stones is not about calling sin as it is, it is about Condemning someone, saying that one should die and go to hell. You are misusing that scripture(as so many do).

Crystal Daniels

Lol..emotionalism?ok..you feel I’m wrong..I think your wrong,so we can agree to disagree..whether or not he openly goes back and says anything is not my call..that’s between him and God..and you can’t lead anyone to embrace homosexuality..it’s a choice..how do you even know for a fact that he has..you don’t…anything we say is our opinion based on speculation..and it is ONLY about reaching people for God,at the end of the day that’s all that really matters..his personal struggles are his struggles,only God can judge him on that..its funny that sexual sins are categorized as the worst..but these church people do all this other underhanded stuff and don’t have the same harshness towards those sins..last I checked there were no categories..but maybe I’m wrong about that too..lol…who else can reach homosexuals?your probably not..but someone who has been where they are sure can..God is bigger than what we think we know and uses all types of people to reach the lost..he has methods you could never even fathom to call more people into the kingdom. Everything happens for a reason,and God knew it would all unfold however it does..so I’ll let him be the God he is,and have his way.As far as my reference to casting the first stone, that was not about calling sin as it is,but thanks for letting me know I used it out of context when clearly you just didn’t understand the context in which I used it..anywho this entire thread and situation is like a month old and over with..lol..typical know it all response tho..thanks for the chuckle and take care..lol.

Richard Williams

People who say we can agree to disagree are usually people who do not have any true justification for their point of view. He has said himself that he has embraced homosexuality – look it up. You are right though that sexuality is a choice. You can not reach people for God if you are not able to teach people what it means to know God. To know God is to be able to admit your sins. The artist formerly known as Tonex has said that he doesn’t believe homosexuality is a sin, so he does not have the ability to preach the truth to anyone. Crystal, you are judging people’s opinions as wrong so how can you say that only God can judge? You are being hypocritical. Christians are meant to make judgments about right and wrong obviously. All sins are equal – it is the unwillingness to admit sin that is at issue here. He can not reach homosexuals because He can not lead them to repentance, and repentance is a part of knowing God.

Richard Williams

By the way, I have been following this story about Anthony for a few years now because in the past I have appreciated his willingness to venture outside of the musical norm with songs about God, but the choices Anthony has made in his life have left his life in shambles and he seems to be wavering back and forth between whether or not he truly is willing to follow God or not. I hope one day he will truly repent and come to God for healing and cleansing of his heart.

Crystal Daniels

Omg…so i cant agree to disagree? Ok..thats fine..you are all right and im dead wrong..makes me no difference at all to me..this post is so old..and so far off my radar its not even up for discussion anymore…at the end of the day I’m not God so my opinion is just that..an opinion. .and last i checked opinions dont have to be the same..plus its pointless having dialogue with people who think they have God all figured out..smh..you don’t know who he can reach and neither do I..so again I will agree to disagree. .and you can put whatever assumption to that reasoning that you’d like…

Richard Williams

Actually, you can disagree, however, the Bible says Christians are supposed to agree in thought, and I am assuming that you confess to be a Christian. The Bible is where I want to look for answers because it is God’s Word.

Crystal Daniels

Still going..I said your right. .im not sure what else you are looking for..you made your point and i made mine. .so unless you are replying to tell me how I can remove my entire thread I’d appreciate it if you would not reply to me..it keeps coming to my phone..thanks


What’s up with this site ? Well I’m going to say something about the whole”gay gospel music guy”. If you’re claiming to be Christian an say that being gay is some sort of genetic disposition.what proof do you have? I think the person should be held accountable for their word’s they influenced many people. and to anyone that reads this post the Holy Ghost be in you.. that’s even if you believe in the power of the word.

Crystal Daniels

Really? The proof? Since when does proof matter..if we are born in sin and iniquity and are required to be born again why can’t that be a possibility??smh..this has nothing to do with accountability its about how unforgiving church people are..any way once again this is old and doesnt matter so don’t reply to me on what you don’t know. Simply post your comment and leave me alone.

samuel denson

you’re on a post where people are permitted to respond if you don’t want to reply simply exit don’t make a protest about it because a person biblical knowledge far exceeds yours smh the problem with those who don’t study the word 2 tim 2:15 read it embrace it

Real Talk

What you said is on point…we’re all sinners…but can we all acknowledge that we’re sinners? Probably not…Repentance is the first thing that needs to be preach…starting with the church…by church i mean saved souls not the building…..If we say we have no sin we basically call God a liar…and he can’t lie..


He’s not a child of Jesus Christ – the king! (I Corinthians 6:19) What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? (I Corinthians 2) 14But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 15But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. 16For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

Crystal Daniels

Well first of all Jesus has no children..God is our father..secondly.. you dont get to choose who a child of God is..just because the world knows his sin makes him any less his child. .if we knew your dirt you would still be his child wouldn’t you? My son does the opposite of what I tell him is right everyday. .I dont disown him tho..smh..same as our father. .
.and thirdly your scriptures don’t even back up what you said. .furthermore this is almost a year old..so stop commenting your ignorance on my shit..this is why I can’t stand church people.. you are the meanest..most pious, self righteous, judgmental group of individuals on the planet. .thinkin u know more than God..this is my opinion and u donthave to like it..but your so late and im so tired of ignorant people commenting on it with religious cud (you’ll get that one later..lol) so anyway that’s it..

samuel denson

you are blind and deceived you probably have no problem being a cheerful bridesmaid at a so called gay wedding the gay agenda is an epidemic

Crystal Daniels

Oh em gee..y’all still talkin about this??? Lol.. Look.. I’m glad you think you know something about me based on some comments but you are actually very wrong I wouldn’t even attend one but that doesn’t mean that I have to be hateful towards homosexuals..but your stupid comment confirms again why a good majority of people can’t stand church people..your judgemental and always assuming something you know nothing about..leave it alone it’s over and done with.


I am glad to see those students stand up!! As Christians we are suppose to Love unconditionally but that does not mean that we have to be receptive to what is wrong. He needs to get his life together before he can start preaching to others.

Crystal Dash

there is no document saying you r born gay


no document saying u are born straight

Richard Williams

Children are only discovering things about sexuality when they are younger and they are confused. It is a choice.


I don’t understand. I didn’t see anyone boycotting Eddie Long or Lil Wayne or other individuals out here sinning and going against God. That’s whats wrong with the black church goers and everyone with their own definitions of Christianity. Be the same ones drinking, partying, getting high, having unmarried sex, and everything else.


Father in the name of Jesus I pray for everyone on this post that we all speak life and not death. Peace and not harm. As a man think in his heart so is he.


Homosexuality is the one sin that Demands to be accepted in Church. Do not me mislead!


I agree with you. The church is a hospital, where GOD equipts his leaders and laypeople to minister to them in love. What if the hospital, refuses accept any Influenza patients, because that goes againt their policy?(FYI, the Influenza bacteria causes more deaths that many illnesses out there including Eboli). The church would rather see a homosexual die than to accept them and treat them in the way that GOD would want.

Alonzo foster

My name is Alonzo, I am Tonex/BSLADE/ANTHONY CHARLES WILLIAMS’ brother,and no matter what, he is my brother. I loved him before his announcement to the world. I have lived a life of protection for my family. And still, I will continue to do so. However, all the Tonex bashing BSLADE bashing is really doing no one any good. He has made a choice for his life, so regardless of the life he has chosen is his choice not anyone else’s. Let God decide his fate or judgement. It is not up to us to pass judgement on anyone. I may not agree with the life he has chosen for himself, but it is not for me to judge him less I be judged. He is my brother and always will be, we share the same blood. So does Allen,Phil, Kent, Kevin. He’s doing what he feels he must do to validate his sanity. We must remember, this guy went through a lot more than a lot of you.Some things that would break a weaker man. But the bottom line is this,”He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone…..” If anyone wishes to talk to me personally, please feel free to contact me at zboy1956@gmail.com. I am open to conversations about this comment. God bless all of you.And may God stay strong in your life. Continue to pray for my brother.


just want to say that I lov your brother very much and have great admiration for his courage. Being raised Baptist, when I first heard him I was like, what? but as I listened to him is talent and his love of Christ he changed everything that I felt about gospel music and it continues to influence me to this day. I think that a lot of people in the music industry hated on him and tried to set him up in a lot of ways because they feared what they couldn’t duplicate or control. There are many kinds of artists out there but they weren’t doing things like that. he’s versatile, old & new, doing stuff like the late Bishop Walter Hawkins was back in the day when people hated on him but he sung the “Hell” out of most of them & there was nothing they could do to touch him. I’m 42 years old and I know that if these kids rejecting him it’s because of what their parents are saying. Shame on them don’t they know that this man is a messenger for this generation and generations to follow. Some Christians are hypocrites. We have more gay teens than ever coming out and he’s not at fault but he might be a conduit for outreach. I will continue to pray for strength in his honesty, everybody in God’s house ain’t ready to out themselves.

Richard Williams

They know the Bible and homosexuality and belief in God don’t mix. Every human being is a hypocrite and so are those who say they believe in the Bible and are willing to except a sin as okay. You can’t reach out to anyone about freedom from sin if you don’t believe in freedom from sin yourself – Tonex is not ready to help anybody until he admits that he needs help himself.


You have to be in sin to believein GOD and the BIBLE. It is impossible for anything otherwise. The only SINLESS person on Earth was Jesus, and there was no BIBLE(other than the Septuigiant) in print, and God sent Jesus to fulfill that law. Also, if you believe in the Bible and what is written all sin that has been printed, all Christians have struggles in at least on area. The Bible does a great job in covering every sin that ever could be. The Bible also does a great job explaining that ALL have sinned and that No One will die SINLESS! So with your premis, you, yourself can not help anyone until you admit that you need help ypurself!

the unbiased

well. I didn’t read allllll the posts and what not, but…. I would like to say that I hope the Lord brings Tonex back to serving Him wholeheartedly as a man who seeks a wife. Homosexuality and lesbianism is tooooooo many places in the bible as a sin. Its an abomination. I’m not condemning them to hell, that’s not my job. God is having mercy on all of us in our various states, however, Homosexuality is exactly the opposite of Gods plan for men and Lesbianism is also the exact opposite for women. Gods plan for us is being fruitful and multiplying, not relationships that don’t naturally produce Godly families. I love people in all conditions. We all need to submit to Christ wholly. Get straight or die in destruction. Satan blinds the minds of them who can not see.

Mark Duncan

wow so if a man and a woman who dont produe a family are sinners as well….and why do so called christains always say that the bible is riddled with comments of homesexuality….its sad that we will forgive a person who takes anothers life something God created and is the first gift he gives but if a person comes out as gay or lesbian they are pitied have to be prayed for. As if they are perfect and dont need prayer themselves. My God dosent make mistakes and if you really think God is singling out gblt people as much as you are sourely mistaken. Tonex was out before he announced it.the way he used his gift and his style of dress gave that away long time ago and until he spoke it out loud people embraced him with some hesitation but still imbraced him and in gospel music gblt people are in the choirs in the front and background. People really need to stop all this and speak the truth. There are far too many more pressing things to pray about. There is no need to boycott this man just dont go to the concert and thats it. People are putting way to much energy into this. What is this saying to other students in Howard that are glbt that they will be pushed aside and rejected if they come out and live theur true selfs. Because God already knows their cirmcumstance and if he hasnt passed them by what should your judgement be more persuasive on any level above his. Be a real Christian and love thy neighbor!


I agree with you. I KNOW that the Bible has spoke on every sin that ever there was. But how many people stand up on their pedestals and talk abou the sin of cheating on their taxes to get more money or keep more money? Is this not the same? Sin is sin….period. But we can spend hours and months ane years fighting homosexuality. Wow…there is so many extremes with “Christians” if you get an extra $500.00 back on your tax returns we want to know how I can get it, if a person is in a same sex relationship, we want to quote scriptures. But did not the Bible say, Give unto Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser? Just a thought. Leave the man alone and let God handel HIS child, and think about this, What if YOUR dirt was under the microscope and in the limelight, how would you REALLY feel?


We as Christians are always willing to jump on the bandwagon when its a physical or public sin. This in more to do with showing the world our “beliefs” ans “convictions”. But what about those sins that can be covered up or not so obvious to the naked eye. What sins are you participating in that no one else but yu and God knows about? For we ALL have sinned, and we ALL will die IN SIN! if we where ever be delivered from all sins, we would be a product of something that could never exist again…that is JESUS! He is the ONLY sinless being that has ever before and ever again DIE SINLESS! The only other man that came close to Him (that we know) was Melchizedek! Obviously your still here. So love and not judge, let God do His work on Slade, and let God chose his destiny.


So I have read many of the posts and I would like to chime in as well. The “church” today has cause so much damage to both the believer and non-believers. Christianity is a walk and not the “Law”. (For Jesus came to fulfill the Law). Your walk is soley unique to you..and is day by day. So you may have yourself together today, but you don’t know what will face your tomorrow that may shake your faith and cause you to succumb to a dark place yourself. So that’s why we are warned not to judge. Also, God’s gifts and anointing is present in whatever vessel he chooses even if they are not “saved” (I use this term loosley since we as the church has made God’s business our business). But how many “saved” Christians are in their proper place in God? I will say very few, because for one, we are having this conversation. If God can use a rock to cry out, how much more can he use his chosen vessel? If Tonex/B. SLADE chooses to sing gospel again, and God uses him to save souls, what can we say? God has always chosen to use sin as his platform to show Himself and his power. It could be that YOU are keeping him from his deliverance. Who cares if deliverance happens now, our before he leaves this earth, just as long as it happens. Let God open and close his doors and for those who don’t feel lead to support him, do so quietly in prayer and love instead of loudly displaying lovelessness, faithlessness and with condemnation.

James Allen III

Jaguar….I agree with you.

I am actually honored to see this talented young man choose the Father in the very midst of his struggles and confusion. I have been praying for Tonex for a while now. I too, was extremely hurt and taken aback by his choice, but notice it was his choice to make and the Father allowed him to make it freely.

Our only choice in this situation is to choose to Freely Love and pray for this brother. Remember his struggles are on front street. Are yours?

Please pray for Tonex, that God’s will be done in his life and through his life.


GOD bless you for this enlightening comment. After all, we are all saved by grace, not by works(our own working/doing)


I feel the same. I don’t loke that we as Christian’s deal out condemnation on others. Simply becuase I see very few Christian’s show love. God said to chose the narrow road vs. the wide road. The narrow road is to show love, the wide road is to condem. The church has lost so much of it’s power becuase of its neglect to love each other. So much of “us” have been saved for soooo looong that we forgot that the church is a hospital as well, treating sin and helping those to overcome their “illnesses”. The Ceeryday Christian doesnt run up into a hospital and go straight to the cancer treatment unit and tell them that they are dying with cancer, but the same christian will run up to a sinner and tel them that they are dying in sin. Even Jesus went to the sinner and not only diagnosed them, but healed them of their sin.


Jacguar, if you were seated in the same room as me, I would get up and give you a big HUG for this comment! THANK YOU!


WoW what would Jesus really do in this situation?

samuel denson

Jesus would tell tonex to sit his behind down feast in his word stop feeding the wordly appetites Christ is all that matters not pleasing man


You cannot know the word of God, recite the word of God and totally go against it in your lifestyle. Period. If you have fully committed yourself to him, you will do all that you can to abide by his law and walk in the way of him and be holy. Homosexuality is not holy. It’s clearly stated in God’s word. I’m not saying I’m judging, I’m just stating facts. You can’t have it both ways. We are human we all have sinned and struggle with sin daily. But to say homosexuality is a genetic defect and boldly say God called you to be gay to reach out to that community doesn’t make sense and it’s actually blasphemous. Sorry that’s just what it is. I can say this because I used to live a lifestyle where I felt it was ok to have sexual relations with women until I found the word of God and understood for truth and reality and changed my ways for Christ Jesus who loved me more than myself. Helloooooo this isn’t ok. But God be with him and at least he does still have support for his troubling time.

Judge Not

This is Two-Faced. You reject Tonex, but accept the Gays in Gospel music who are in the closet.

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