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Church Members Recall Marvin Sapp Mentioning Stalker in Service, Believed to Be Missing Doctor Teleka Patrick

Church Members Recall Marvin Sapp Mentioning Stalker in Service, Believed to Be Missing Doctor Teleka PatrickFirst of all lets get this clear, Pastor Marvin Sapp did everything within his right to address inappropriate and un-wanted visits by now missing doctor Teleka Patrick. If you feel threatened by someone who visits and enters your home unannounced, speaks to your children, it’s well within your right to file a protection order against them.

It’s very unfortunate that the 30 year old accomplished doctor is missing, and every effort needs to be made to find her un-harmed. However, many feel some of the comments being made on social media have gone too far, by assuming the accomplished Pastor, award-winning Gospel singer, and public figure can’t be stalked. Some have even gone as far as to cast suspicion on the “Never Would Have Made It” singer.

One comment we received said that women only act a certain way when they’re mis-treated. As if the reported mental illness of the missing doctor couldn’t be a logical culprit for her actions.

Now another wrinkle to the national news story has just been reported.

According to Mlive.com, a woman believed to be Patrick was called out by Sapp at his church.  The pastor allegedly told his congregation that a woman had gone to his home the night before to talk to his three children and she wasn’t invited to be there.  At the time, Patrick was in the congregation and sat puzzled as Sapp went into his tirade.

“He was just really upset,” said an unidentified woman who spoke to the Kalamazoo Gazette.“… He asked, ‘How did you even know where I lived? Did you follow me?’ … He said he had been out of town, he was out of the state and he got back to find out that some woman had been in his house and he knew who it was.”

Sapp is the pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Michigan and didn’t identify the woman he was speaking of during the sermon.  But the source claims that Dr. Teleka Patrick was the woman to whom he was referring.  It was shortly afterward that Sapp was able to get a restraining order against her.

Patrick was a first-year medical resident in Psychiatry at the Western Michigan University School of Medicine at the time of her disappearance.   She has not been seen since December 5.

The source claims that the staff at the church had been given Patrick’s picture and told not to let her into the church for any reason.
“He said that she wasn’t welcome there, that he could not be her pastor anymore,” said the woman.

“(He said) she had joined the church … but he said, ‘I can’t help you anymore, I can’t be your pastor because you’ve overstepped your boundaries.”

Right before her disappearance, Patrick sent a series of tweets out that some believe to be about Sapp and the incident at the church.

Church Members Recall Marvin Sapp Mentioning Stalker in Service, Believed to Be Missing Doctor Teleka Patrick“ … I am so sorry to hear about the person who traumatized you,” she tweeted around the time of the church situation. “The weeks that I stayed away from you, and stopped messaging you, I actually was pondering this. I was like, well, if he hasn’t spoken to me, had a conversation with me, then regardless of what I feel in my spirit, I could be making trouble for myself.

“So that’s why I was like, please contact me because without contact from you, there’s no difference between me and one of those other women, I could be brought up on harassment just like the rest of them and, most likely, I have a lot more to lose than those other women … I do hope you won’t be turning over my pictures and videos to anyone. Today really kind of scared me. Should I be scared?”

There is a large demographic of women inside the church who yearn to be the first lady at a Mega-Church. These women will slip their number to single and married Pastors in the inconspicuous way, you don’t even have to be a singer. We’ve also seen killings of Pastors on the rise all across the country. Some killed right as they preach in the pulpit. This case resurrects a number of issues that the Christian community has debated for years. Issues like the need for Pastors to have protection Armor Bearers, and should women’s fascinations of men in power be addressed and limited when it comes to Pastors? Should Pastors have the legal right to keep non-violent trouble makers out of a public church? But the most important question is where is Dr. Teleka Patrick?

The FBI is now looking into her disappearance.

For Backstory Read: Marvin Sapp Filed Restraining Order on Missing Doctor Teleka Patrick

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This article has a lot of misinformation…please stop with the twisting of this story or do your own research instead of cutting and pasting wrong info from another newsfeed..this is someone’s child missing and in danger. #FindTeleka


I find the story spot on with what I’m hearing in the National media. Sorry to hear that she’s missing, but I agree some of the conversation has been silly in regards to Marvin Sapp.


I do believe with all my heart that Sapp knows more about this missing woman than he admit. I bet if you dig further into his past, you will find more women who he has placed an order of protection against, after the short lived romance has ended. I do not believe he is being truthful in his statement about his relationship with this woman. I just hope she is found safe and well.

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