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DEITRICK HADDON Responds Harshly to Ex-Wife DAMITA Breaking Her Silence on Divorce

DEITRICK HADDON Responds Harshly to Ex-Wife DAMITA Breaking Her Silence on DivorceDeitrick Haddon has now responded to the exclusive interview Path MEGAzine brought to you about a month ago with ex-wife Damita. Deitrick responded confidently to Damita finally breaking her silence on infidelity during their 15 year courtship and marriage.

Deitrick responded harshly in regards to his former wife. Says Deitrick, “Is this too tough to say? I’m gonna say it anyway. My one year of being married to Dominique has been better and more successful than 14 years in my last relationship. That’s real,” he continues, “It has been more successful than being married to my ex. If me and Dominique didn’t work today after one year I would still say I had a successful marriage that was better than my last situation. That’s tough, but it’s the truth. I’m gonna leave it at that.”

The viral interview done by Path MEGAzine’s Kris Patrick, let Damita tell her side for the first time in two years.

Says Deitrick, “She absolutely has a right to speak on her situation. We were married for years so she has a right to speak on it. I don’t necessarily agree with half of it but here it is. There are three sides to every story. There’s my side, your side, and there’s the actual truth. All I can say is that Deitrick does not lie,” he said.

“I realize I don’t have to tell anybody out there my business so if I speak something it’s flat out true. I really don’t speak on her. I let her talk and say what she wants to say. I congratulate on her marriage. I wish her well and wish her blessing in her new marriage and pray we don’t make the same mistakes. I know I’m working hard on not making the same mistakes. It could be because I’m older. We were too young. I’m older and I’m bringing in a lot of wisdom from bad decision making and a lot of stuff I did and I’m coming in more solid and more mature than I was before.”

“As far as all the stuff she said, at the end of the day, it’s her life and I have always spoken what I have spoken. We should move on. Everybody should move on. I knew she was going to speak. I wish she would have spoken way sooner. That would have kept me from having to speak,” he said.

“Before now, I have always been a very private person. I have been around a long time and people know me as an upstanding guy. The only reason I spoke out is because I had to because there was wrong information out there. There is still wrong information out there but who really gives a care? At this point, I’m married with two kids and a year into my new relationship. She can talk all she wants to, I don’t care.”

Now, he’s focused on his new life with his wife and two children as well as plans to start his own church next year.

“I got a bunch of kids and I was listening to that interview like, ‘Oh Lord!’ I’m so far removed from all that stuff,” he said. “I got these babies over here screaming and I got a whole new life. New wife and everything.”

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Please, Dietrick, just stop talking. How do you measure sucess? You have 2 kids right. Remember, your foundation with DEMONique, yes I said it DEMONIQUE, was faulty. It is not right in God’s sight. Remember, bread of deceit might be sweet at first, but at the end, it will turn to gravel in your mouth. In case you don’t know, I’m quoting the bible. There is no profit in unrighteousness. A house built on lies, deceit and falsehood has no choice but to fall. Repent while there is time, and for you DEMONique going after the wife on twitter, you will always be the mistress, if he cheats to get you, he will cheat to quit you. Be careful how you get him they say, cos you might lose him the same way you got him. It will be better if you guys do not claim to be Christians, but dragging the name of God in mud, God will forgive but your sin will not go unpunished, ask David. God is mo respecter of persons, if He us, then He is unjust.


Just like I said, sooner or later, he will cheat again. God’s way is always best.

Prophetess Rita B. Spann

Take the last part of her name (Demon)-Ique there it is.


Amen thats some good words that was spoken


SHUT UP! Clearly you feel the need to keep stirring the pot and to keep the drama coming. Stop bragging PLEASE! Can you look at your neighbor and say “stop stirring the pot”.

Prophetess Rita B. Spann

wow I can preach on this Stop stirring the pot or what’s in your pot. gloryy


This drama still going on WOW! God really put his new marriage together. God loves when marriages break up because of side chicks. Amen church.

Sandra Renee

HI –

I wonder if Dominique ever sought forgiveness from Damita for trespassing on her marriage to Detrick?


She won’t ever. She will tell you street that she know how to take care of a man better than you. Just wonder if Abraham ever thought about going to get young hagar cos she know how to take care of a man better than sarah.

A man who cannot respect God and stay faith in his marriage to one wife is a dangerous man and he aint going to be satisfied cos it’s not who is better at it but that he must have another one. watch out Dominique. If he serves God it is for your good, if he don’t he is probably already cheating on you, children or no children.

yeah I noticed the three times he mentioned children like God’s hand is too short to give Damita some. His gods hand may be shut but my God is able to put children in Damita’s womb. God has done some pretty awesome things for me that I didn’t deserve so I have no doubt that he can extend his hand of favor to Damita and I will be very glad to tell her congratulations when she puts to birth next year by God’s grace.


first off, you telling Damita to move on. Tell your husband stop taunting Damaita. Dominique needs to be quite and sit down. Dietrick was the one who always talk about Damita. And Damiaita the real chrisitan she is she was silent. Now when the truth is out you guys want to tell her to leave the past. Shut up. I lost respect for Dietrick.


DEETRICK has already hemmed and hawed so much, not many are taking his word as word anyway. Saying DEETRICK don’t lie? That was a LIE right there. There are more ‘twists’ to DEETRICK than ‘Twizzler and Red Vines’ combined. All eyes on Jesus, people. Keep your focus there, not on so called ‘leaders’.
He said “Look unto the hills, from whence cometh your help, my help cometh from The Lord, not The Preachers from LA., people are lowering their vision and are seeing only flesh.
This is more frightening than what is going on in the Middle East.


She has new everything too. Stop being nasty, you are acting like a child; it is not a competition.

All the 14 years you spent doing ministry was a loss. Hmmm. I would have said that I learnt a lot from those years.

You are downright nasty and un spirit filled.

I listened to the song you sang about when your wife almost died, you sounded like you loved her then, now I know it was all just lies since you say all the marriage was unsuccessful.

I know that you don’t believe in Jesus any more but I do and I pray for her that she would conceive and put you and the devil to shame. You are a sorry ass and the baddest husband I have ever heard about.

In Nigeria where I am from, we say something, the cane the husband used to beat the first wife is the cane he will use to beat the second.

You didn’t treat Damita badly because of the circumstances, you treated her that way because who you were and it is sad that you are still that person. As much as I hurt at what you said to her in public, you have obviously said worse in private, I will pray for you even though you are a very selfish man. I will pray for you because I am a Christian and I understand, love your enemy not fight your christian brother/sister.

You personally ask God to help you match the words of your mouth with the actions that you take. That is what integrity is!

I am not perfect but I do ask for God’s help before I do anything. That is what stopped me from cursing the s**t out of you.

Falease Lemon Anderson

Deitrick! ! That was a low and unnecssary blow!!! It takes two to have a marriage so if it was that bad what was your part in it? What were you doing to make it work? I’m still angry with you for using profanity in your interview with CentricTV. You say you are more mature now but you keep acting just like a child. Grow up!! And stop this going back and forth because it’s a disgrace to the ministry.


If it doesn’t matter then you would not respond. And for you to say you don’t lie, is a lie. But oh, trust and believe God’s word will not return to Him void. You are steady sowing seeds that will bring a harsh harvest upon you. I pray you go sit down somewhere and change from your backsliding ways. There are so many people who look up to you for guidance and you are constantly leading people astray from the Lord. Their blood will be upon your hands and you will give an account to God. In the Bible it says you never know a man is a fool until he opens his mouth; something you should think about.
If no one else will say it I will. I rebuke and bind your lying, hating, deceitful, unholy, back biting, mud slinging, astray leading, whoreish, adulterous, worldly, vow breaking, cheating, unruly, destructive, hypocritical, murderous, untruthful, false teaching, and evil spirit in the name of Jesus. Lord you said whatever we bind on earth you will bind in heaven and whatever we loose on earth you will loose in heaven. And God release a renewing of the right mind and body within Deitrick, so he can have life they way you called him to.

God, I release the spirit of total restoration, happiness, healing, Godly love, children, blessings, favor, prosperity, protection, uplifting, comforting, wisdom, knowledge, and your Perfect Peace unto Damita and her new husband. May God richly increase your life Damita. And I decree it is so and will be in Jesus name I pray amen!


He is such an arrogant fool. How can you be married to someone that long and talk like that about them? That’s a freaking shame. I know people who don’t go to church act better than that. What a FAKE!!!!!


He is too willing to drag her through the mud. This is sad and indicative of a lack of integrity and character. I have no respect left for this man. First this awful television show, then he marries his side chick, now he defames his first wife, on the sly. Sad

Pastor D

Looks like he decided to put his business out there and the very business he’s blasting is the business that causing people to not want anything to do with him or his ministry. Lord teach us how to let our imperfections be and how to close our mouths because good or bad divorce is still a sin.

Billy G williams

You guys should pray for both parties. From my understanding Damita cheated with Isaac Caree.


He finished with “I got a bunch of kids…” Damita isn’t able to conceive …. That was cruel. He consistently lashes out at her. He doesn’t wish her well, he wishes to hurt her. Smh.


I am totally appalled by this Deitrick. The first time I knew you guys was when I read a comment you wrote on the leaflets of one of Damitas CDs of how when the curtains are Down and the show is over, she should come back home where you will take care of her. Remember? So now you say all those 14 years are unsucessful? You should be ashamed. It would have been a better story if it was said that you got to know she cheated and you forgave her, your ministry would have been doing better. And then for your new wife to make that nasty comment on Twitter? I’m disgusted. Because you could nit forgive you rab further into sin and now you are trying to justify it. Thanks be to God who is merciful.


Deitrick seems to be one of those guys who is all about himself, cloaked in the glamour of the Lord.


I think Damita is a cheater cos she met her new husband 13 yrs ago at the time she was still marry to Dietrick, OMG, this lady is so bad!


One thing is real, Deitrick is still an immature. I love his songs, but don’t have a grain of likeness for his life. Let’s see how he works out with Dominique.


I agree 100% that he is so immature….A minister, who has been ministering almost half of his life should be ashamed to speak in a manner that breaks and disgraces another!!may the lord help him!!! ……. Can’t believe he even sung the song that had this phrase… ” ….they say, that couldn’t make it together…. And they say that we couldn’t stand, stormy weather…… “

Sophia Ashland

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if she really did cheat on him he has a right to move on


I’m sad for the both of them. I don’t care who is lying or who is telling the truth but what I do know is they both played parts in the demise of their marriage. They both cheated to my understanding. Dietrick just end up getting that little girl pregnant and had to figure on a good story to come up with, this playing the blame game and trying to pin it all all Damita. Way to go Deitrick. Praying for them both.


This guy is a liar and a loser. Obliviously bitter. If this is the Christ example, I wouldn’t follow. Then he boils it down to ‘being human’. smh. Whack. Liar and cheater, then turns to a verbal bully as if this lady had and has to value. Great christian example, fool. This guy is talented but he’s definitely no true and honest leader. A hypocrite at best who seeks fame, entertains and moves in an emotions but has no spiritual power, only what he thinks money and false happiness can bring. Weak. Very. ‘Fans’ would agree with this type of behavior. this is…beyond sad. I’m sick of these fake entertainers. Preach but the same thing you preach should change you. no one believes in accountability these days but rather the embellishments of creating fiction and reducing God down to fit their life or flaws, this guy being a prime example.


Man of God Deitrick, i thought God teach you to love.


Man of God Deitrick, I thought you Loved Damita. Love doesnt hate. They are too opposite. If you love no matter what the other person does, you still love. Thats what God does to us everyday. I’m imagining what if Dominique cheats now what will u do. Will u get another fiancé? May God teach you to love

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