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Deitrick Haddon’s Wife Dominique Blasts Ex-Wife Damita Over Tell All Interview

Deitrick Haddon’s Wife Dominique Blasts Ex-Wife Damita Over Tell All InterviewRecently, Damita spoke for the first time about her divorce with singer and ‘Preachers of LA’ reality star Deitrick Haddon.  In a tell all interview with Path MEGAzine publisher Kris Patrick, Damita gave elaborate insight never before told on why Deitrick Haddon left her for his new wife Dominique.

In the viral interview Damita tells Deitrick, “If two people’s hands are dirty it behoves you not to throw stones.” 

Now Deitrick Haddon’s new wife Dominique Haddon is responding back on social media, recently posting messages on twitter and instagram about Damita’s version of events.

Dominique blasts Damita saying, “Anyone who’s still talking about past events is as irrelevant as the event! Find something new to talk about! yesYOU”

Watch the interview below:

In the interview Damita insists that before Deitrick left her she was under the impression that their problems had been reconciled in June of 2011. Damita disclosed that Deitrick left her two days after she buried her mom, only to find out in December of 2011 that someone was pregnant. Damita wasn’t surprised when hearing about the baby, saying her intuition told her that someone was pregnant after Deitrick abruptly left her and his church behind.

Read the full story here: DAMITA, Ex-Wife of Preacher’s of LA Star DEITRICK HADDON Breaks Silence on Affairs in Their Marriage – Says Deitrick Did Not Tell The Whole Truth

Deitrick Haddon’s Wife Dominique Blasts Ex-Wife Damita Over Tell All Interview

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i dont think you all needs to start this game of words.its not healthy for both of you


I don’t feel Damita cares what you think and why should she. Let her tell her side of the story since we heard Min.Deitrick’s side. Please have several sits. It can’t be easy reliving your actions of adultery but I think everyone involved have moved on including Damita.


She acts sweet and innocent on their show but after her response she seems pure evil. Damita has the right to tell her side.

MarQuita Finley

She is very ignorant and childish and this post just proved to what degree!!!


Had to shake my head on this one. If Damita wants to speak out its her right to. Just remember Dominique that people in glass houses shouldn’t ever throw stones. And yes I am talking to Y O U


She knew he was married when she met him. Wish she would stop with the innocent act already. Now that she has him who is to say he won’t do it again. He sounds like a real man of God. SMH


@nikko Yes she knew and it was way before she claim to have known. Go look at a picture on fb of Mr Haddon and his brother on the porch as toddlers tagged from April 09 and Ms Dominique commented (and the comment was posted from April 09). The truth is there and its coming from the individuals who were not being honest.


I agree that damita has to move on. I belive her talking about it now is the right time to do just that. Shed that weight off girl. Good for you. As for Dominique, you should just be quite. Even though you were the one who had a relationship with a married man, You Are Irrelevant. Didrick and damita were the ones who were married at that time and this battle is between them, not yours to fight. It is your job as a Christian to make a mends and to apologies to damita for the hurt you caused her. In the reality show, preachers of LA, detrick did own up that he had someone pregnant and was in a relationship with someone but along with doing that he played the sympathy card to give the impression hat this happened because of what damita did. Dedrick yoi took it too far. How long do you expect damita to remain quiet while you destroy her in the public and now you have your neq wife speaking out. Sit small dominique. Stay in your lane. You tried to make damita to look like the bad person when both of you did far worse than her. None the less, sin is sin. It doesnt matter who did it. Everyone just simply owes an apology to each other. I pray that you can one day get to that point when you can do that. God bless


Damita, I truly commend you for showing what a true woman of God looks like and allowing Him to heal you and make you whole prior to telling your story and not speaking out of raw emotions and degrading yourself. I can only imagine your betrayal and your pain. My heart ached for you for a brief moment but trusting and knowing God does not make mistakes, your new life is where the Almighty destined you to be. Continue to keep God first, stay true to self; respect, love and cherish your man. I pray that your every day is filled will love, peace & joy. Continue to be blessed my sister in Christ!


Now that Damita has recounted her side of the story. I agree with Dominique. It’s time to move on. I think reliving the experience prevents her from healing. And. It’s also disrespectful to the new husband. I think this should’ve been brought out before she remarried. No one want to marry a person who is bringing old baggage into a new relationship. Damita should put a period at the end of it and start anew. Sound like a lot of drama. Geez!


she is. so freaking messy.


In order to move on you have to let things go that’s why she gave her versions of events now that she is remarried and and wants to have a better relationship, I’m sure her husband approves and appreciate her shedding her past in order to move on with their lives, it’s not bringing old baggage into a new relationship it’s starting a new relationship without the old baggage. You didn’t go through her pain so you have no right to make a stupid statement, obviously your husband didn’t leave you two days after you mother’s funeral and get someone else pregnant and she still had enough class to keep quiet and protect his career even though he tried to make a fool of her tp protect his image. Dominique needs to be quite and ask for forgiveness instead of running her mouth because she is an adulterer and by God’s law should be put to death. She is a child who doesn’t come off as too intelligent and won’t ever be truly happy because of her sins that’s why she had to make that comment because the truth stings. Damita has found a better man and in the end will be happier than them both because now Deitrick will be in a relationship not for love but for his image.




Sounds like she is going to be his next victim of scandal and betrayal. Get a clue lady. Cheaters always cheat. New babies and a new wife will get old. BOL


This lady has no remorse and can’t seem to stop bragging. Just shut up already.. praying that way. Better yet let all the real saints get together and pray for it. If you don’t want drama stop stirring the pot and that goes for Pastor Deitrick also. Let’s pray that the soap opera/saga ends.


first off, you telling Damita to move on. Tell your husband stop taunting Damaita. Dominique needs to be quite and sit down. Dietrick was the one who always talk about Damita. And Damiat the real chrisitan she is she was silent. Now when the truth is out you guys want to tell her leave the past. Shut up. I lost respect for Dietrick.


I wish she would be a lady and apologize to Damita for being a whore, instead of throwing stones


You, domonique, are irrelevant in the entire situation. You have no right to speak because everyone knows how you got Detrick. If things were done and over and if you and Detrick both were not feeling guilty about all that was done, once it came to the light, as demita brought it because she was tired of her name being dragged through the mud, you would not be commenting on what she said. It only makes you both look stupid. So, Sit back and shut up. Everyone knows you were pregnant before you married detrick. No man is going to put up with any woman for 15 years not being happy. He got caught up, messed up and had to marry you or else you were going to go public. Right? Just keep quiet and act pretty like you have been trying to do.


The next time you want to commit on Damita, don’t. It seems to everyone on the outside looking in that you and your husband have done enough damage. Praying for Damita that God’s blessings continue in her life.


Words coming from an unwise nonbeliever. If you’re in the right why are you sending a malicious messag to his ex-wife. Makes you look guilty of what she said.

Whatever lady

I only have two words for this comment. Bye Felicia!!!!!


I have to say that Felicia, should not throw not one stone, after all she and her new hubby has been shady and shyste enough. so Good bye.


Judging by the tone of these badly-spelled “comments” and the use of such poorly-worded sentencing and even worse grammar – it’s safe to say most of you should completely beignored. Shameful but many many people hide their jealousy and personal dirty laundry by pointing fingers at others desperately trying to feel better about themselves. No one has the right to judge another – no one – especially strangers – and real Christians know well Christ’s admonition to “Judge not lest ye be judged” – probably because He couldn’t stand fake, lying, foul-mouthed haters either.
Why try to tear down a woman that has done nothing to deserve it – is it because she’s a beautiful girl with two beautiful babies and a loving, wealthy, famous husband – oh and lives in a gorgeous new home? Shame shame shame these comments are nothing but spiteful jealous non-sense posted by pathetic mean-spirited low-lifes.


I’m not even interested in this story, but since you have full mastery of the English Language, I am wondering why your comment has some blunders, e.g. In your first sentence, remove the “and” after “comments” and replace it with a comma; put a comma after “Shameful” in the second sentence; remove one of “many”, you have it there twice; put a comma between “others” and “desperately” in that run-on sentence; all of those dashes in the last sentence, first paragraph, are so erroneous and unnecessary; replace the dash with a question mark in the first sentence, last paragraph. There are a lot more in the last sentence.”Judge not, lest ye be judged”, ok?


SMH! Grant it they have 2 beautiful daughters out but just stop it. I remember her saying she never even knew who he was nor had ever heard of him but I seen a picture of Deitrick from April 09 and guess who was one of the first people to comment………Ms.Dominique. She has already stated when she initially got pregnant they were not a couple and he didn’t even want to be in a relationship with her. I don’t have anything to say besides we reap what we sow regardless of who we are and God is not mocked. This situation will play itself out as publicly as it began and the truth will continue to come out…..I just pray for Dominique and Deitrick and the way this situation will end.


First off listening to her interview didnt sound one hundred at all..but it kills me how ppl are quick judge detrick and dominque in which they have accountabilty as well butr yall know damita cheated on him with someone known in the g andaospel cirle of theirs..?? she probably wouldnt said anything if they were not on a show.. if you was not going to saY anythi hng then why say something now.. listen to her interviewbut some ppl are always quick to go after men in situations like this and this is coma 9ingfrom a woman.. we on the outside looking in but keep in mind that when someone ask you a direct question in a interview answer it direct.. i watched a interview with deitrick and he was very straightforward and one thing i like about him he didnt sugarcoat his wrongdoings.. cause ppl need to know you are noy perfect cause you call yourself a Christian.. we all have sinned and fallen short its not why we fall its how you dust yourself off and get back up again and fight to stay up.. ! Their are no victims in this case cause two wrongs dont make it right..! God bless! 🙂


You obviously are a die hard fan of Deitrick and Dominique because if you listen to the interview you can logically understand that she may have cheated 15 years ago when they first got married but then he (Deitrick) used that as an excuse to go ahead and cheat on her some 15 years later, which is quite silly. If someone cheated over a decade ago, does that justify your spouse using that as an excuse to cheat on you 15 years later? Come on! That’s just ridiculous to me. I would understand if she cheated right before he cheated or even a year before but 15 years had passed. This is to even say that she cheated AT ALL. For all we know she could have kissed another man 15 years ago and then Deitrick decided to use that as his escape plan out of the marriage. Yet kissing doesn’t compare to knocking another woman up. The truth is that Deitrick met this new woman while he was very much married to Damita and wanted an escape plan out of the relationship after he knocked up his mistress. End of story. Please stop making excuses for Mr. Deitrick. What he did was inexcusable and to throw Damita under the bus just to hide his indiscretions is shameful and cowardly.

Tina Harris

Totally agree and his own words say it all and I quote, “I feel like God has given me a second chance at marriage, at life and at ministry. So now I’m determined to do it my way … Do it God’s way, but do it with my style,” Haddon said in an interview with Centric TV. “I’m solid. I’m sure about myself. I don’t need validation from people. I’ve got God. I’ve got my focus. I’ve got my babies, my wife, and I’m good.” -Deitrick Haddon
That speaks volumes because he wants to do things his style not God’s.


I think Damita has every right to speak. Even though both parties were wrong, she still handled it like a lady. She was married to Dietrick for over 20 years, and from the penis pictures he hasn’t been to faithful. In my opinion that gives her the right to speak, write a book, do a reality show, do as many interviews as she wants about the matter, until she gets the closure she needs. Dominique needs to be quiet. Let’s see if Dominique stays married that long. Remember how you got him boo. Clearly the gospel community is not to fund of Dominique….and in my opinion I don’t think they will be for awhile. #thatmeansyouboo


Preach! Can I get an Amen!


I think this is our fault as Christians! I think that WE worship the man of God and not the God in man to often and we put these people in a position where they are not allowed to be human sinners no different than the rest of us. I don’t care who cheated on who first and what happened in Deitricks personal life (that’s why it’s called a personal life) He is a man and is human and is entitled to his hurt over the break up of his 15 year marriage no matter who is at fault, him or her. I’ve been married for 23 years and it’s the hardest labor of life, but a blessing and labor of love. We read about David and sing his Psalms and pray to be “the apple” of Gods eye as David was, but David was a man and did far worse things than Deitrick, Damita, and Dominique why can’t we look at them with the same eyes we look at David with. People there was only ONE who was without sin and held the right to cast a stone and he (who is supposed to be our example) refused to throw it. Deitrick, Damita, Dominique they are our Brother and Sisters in Christ, let’s treat them as such with love and compassion and stop putting them on blast and crucifying them for their mistakes. The only people that know the truth were the ones in the rooms when the alleged affairs were going down, and the only other person (God) knows the truth went to the cross so this bickering and banter doesn’t have to happen at all. Let’s focus on the many gifts God has given Deitrick and Damita to bless and enrich our lives and not “sweat the small stuff.” Because in the end we ALL have fallen short and are not worthy of Him, in the end we are here to lift one another, support and encourage each other in love not come out guns blazing because someones made a mistake in their lives. WE ALL are on this journey of life to grow and learn, you don’t learn from your success you only learn from your mistakes, and if you fail the test God is always willing to retest you until you get it right. Please let’s give Deitrick, Damita, and Dominique or Prays, love, and support through this difficult thing and not judgement we don’t have the right or authority to dole out. If Deitrick didn’t sin how would he have written the beautiful song Sinners Prayer that touched so many. The whole Bible is filled with great men who had flaws that were just as great. God is not interested in your flaws he’s interested in your heart, mind, spirit, your love and capacity to love and forgive as he loves and forgives our follies. May The Almighty Living God lay his hand upon this situation and use it to bring us all to a greater understanding of ourselves and ultimately of Him. Let he who has an ear hear this day.


I agree, leave the judgment to God, they have already been forgiven & people are still judging, setting themselves up for their own condemnation & harsh judgment.
Those in Christ are not under condemnation. They are all human & fall short of their own mistakes. The key is repentance and I know they have already done that.
It’s the people still flapping their traps who need to repent & do God’s prophets no harm.
Ignore them and move on pastors.

Last edited 2 years ago by www

dang…the problem would b much easier if both party talk face to face

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