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Donnie McClurkin on Throat “It’s NOT Cancer” [VIDEO]

Donnie McClurkin on Throat “It’s NOT Cancer” [VIDEO]

[Donnie McClurkin speaks about throat problems]

Donnie McClurkin took to Facebook Live to address throat cancer rumors once and for all and confirmed: It’s not true (see video below).

Four years ago, McClurkin had throat surgery to remove precancerous scar tissue. He continued singing and such, but his voice was compromised. Fast forward to now, he says more issues have raised, however, cancer is not something he wishes people speak over his condition.

“It’s [still] not cancer,” he said. “It’s precancerous.”

Donnie Mac’s newer raspy voice is a byproduct of his health issues, but he’s confident God will show up again and so are we!

“Don’t let this fool you,” he said. “What God gave me to do I’m going to be able to do by His grace.”

The award-winning gospel singer is scheduled for tests on the tissue in his throat later this month and expects doctors to remove more tissue. In the meantime, he’s still slated to perform at his upcoming Festival of Praise tour dates this week.  He has a LIVE album recording in Orlando after that.

Keep Donnie McClurkin in your prayers!

Watch his video testimony:

SOURCE: Elev8.com


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